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Lethal Agent

Thanks Mod.

(I did not make this to be apart of W33 history forever :icon_wink:)
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Mitarashi Anko

thank you mod

first post

GDAY said:
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:05
roym33 today at 20:07
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:07
hey you new to the world
roym33 today at 20:08
ya just started this world
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:08
game what other worlds
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:09
i have advice for you restart and i will be your biggest friend for ever and help you through the world
roym33 today at 20:10
i was on 12 im on 29 32 26 but im just gonna stick with this one
roym33 today at 20:10
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:11
well this k is very competive and we need cookies and you dont have them :(
roym33 today at 20:11
what do u meen cookies
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:12
tasty cookies :(
roym33 today at 20:12
ok i will restart u owe mee
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:13
ok mate will do
roym33 today at 20:15
im in the the same k
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:15
roym33 today at 20:16
what tell me why u really wanted me to restart
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:16
o_O cookies
roym33 today at 20:17
what does cookies meen
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:17
cookies you eat them
roym33 today at 20:18
ok but u wanted me out of the k tho
Mitarashi Anko today at 20:19
roym33 today at 20:21

Mitarashi Anko

Ok then you show us a funny mail then we can all laugh hand in hand


bahtegavr4 today at 16:22
Why are you threatening my member ?

.Quantic Mephistos today at 16:24
Stop to be jealous!
I've just one heart, I can't love everyone.

.Quantic Mephistos today at 16:29
Do you want some threats? I've a free place in my heart right now.

bahtegavr4 today at 16:32
I added to ur village is my claim list!
Then he make a cabbalistic paranoïa...not really funny so...I keep it in my mailbox :icon_evil:

NOOD Alias

Anko, I agree with whoever commented before, restart mails can be funny, but with the cookies stuff... no. =/

Diet Coke

Started off well, tailed off towards the end.

Congratulations said:
Deepthroat1985 today at 16:22
On your new barracks.

Well Done.:D

Mazick today at 16:25
I suggest you restart.

Deepthroat1985 today at 16:28
You want me to molest a tart?!!!

What kind of sicko are you?

Mazick today at 16:29
Let me repeat it to you as your lack of knowledge is keeping you from processing what I just said to you.


While you can.

Deepthroat1985 today at 16:31
Surely you mean my lack of comprehension?

Besides, I didn't know there was a limit on restarting.

Anyway, back to comic ineptidue.

What does restart mean?

Mazick today at 16:33
Take a look at my profile. It explains it.

Deepthroat1985 today at 16:34
But then you'll be all lonely. :(

Mazick today at 16:36
Don't play games with me as I tend not to joke around.

Do yourself a favor, start over.

Deepthroat1985 today at 16:37
But I thought we could be fwiends. :(

Mazick today at 16:38
Only if you restart.

Deepthroat1985 today at 16:39
Then could we be pen pals? :D

Mazick today at 16:41
Only if you restart.

Deepthroat1985 today at 16:41
But I'm illiterate.

Mazick today at 16:43
Does it look like I care what you are?


Deepthroat1985 today at 16:46
You only care where I am.:p

I've got an idea.

Why don't you restart and we could still be pen pals?

Mazick today at 16:48
I actually lol'd when I saw your last sentence.

Good luck trying to survive beside me ;)

Deepthroat1985 today at 16:52

Thank you, likewise I wish you luck on trying to survive next to me.

Mazick today at 16:54
Rofl, I lol'd at that as well.

If you wish to know my experience, Clicky

Now, restart.

Deepthroat1985 today at 17:23
Meh, I've seen bigger. :)

Still not restarting. :p

Mazick today at 17:41
This shall be fun. ;)


lol haha id like to see what happens to this when nobles come out



sadder2 said:
I sound smart :D
sadder2 said:
be wary of your idiocy and leave me alone.
The Purple PaNDa said:
stop talking to me. :p you are a waste of life. lol.
wow, good one. that wasn't...5 minutes after i told you to.
The above message was blocked by the other player when i tried to replied to this message...
Purple PaNDaS said:
The Purple PaNDa on 27.01. at 23:01
I am [player]The Purple PaNDa[/player] from the awesome tribe [ally]PaNDaS[/ally].
You are being offered the opportunity to join us and participate in a new kind of tribe. A tribe dedicated to spreading panda love to tribes around the world!
I myself have played TW for many years and know what I am doing. If you are new to the game do not worry. As long as you are willing to learn I am willing to teach.
In about two days, if you choose to join us, we will be restarting on the SW rim in order to get a good start with a big farming area. Also, many of the already chosen members will be joining the world so we may all meet up and be in around the same starting area.
We will be taking around 10 to 15 new members into our group. After that I will be shutting the doors and nobody else will be allowed in. I hope you decide to accept this opportunity.
Thank you,
[player]The Purple PaNDa[/player]

sadder2 today at 01:07
If any members of your tribe do enter any area remotely Close to me, I WILL noble and fully rim them back to you.
you've broken an act of war against an extremely powerful enemy. Be warned.
The Purple PaNDa today at 01:10
HAHAHAHA! omg... i almost died laughing. :)
have fun my noobish little family tribe friend. rest in peace knowing the whole TW community hates your tribe. FAMILIES ARE NOOBS! YOU = FAILZZZ! hahahaha!
sadder2 today at 01:26
Hate and envy can be easily misplaced by people who wish to make a tribe by having all of it's members restart on a new world, merely because the players will come "near" the center of the tribe.
You don't understand the full problem this brings up, and i won't attempt to bring you into the light.
If you wish to make me afraid of the TW community, let me just say this.
it's much much common to see "speak proper english or be rimmed" on a high ranked profile, than... "if you're in a family tree, i'll rim your entire family"
The prior is much more able and can be effective. For there will always be family tribes, whilst people who speak like you do, are seeming to vanish from TribalWars. is always open though.
P.s i said "fully rim" knowing that players restart where they do now-a-days.
If you're stupid enough not to realise i was saying that you're always going to be at the rim (with your tribe) then be wary of your idiocy and leave me alone.
Look at my profile, understand that i won't forget about you...i won't bother you until i can do so succesfully. Actions speak a little more than words. (2k attacks in under 5minutes, compared to this message...)
The Purple PaNDa today at 01:31
hahah. i wont even have to rim you trust me. lol. the world will take care of that for me. ;)
but that was entertaining i must admit. now go take ur noob tribe and stop talking to me. :p you are a waste of life. lol.


In response to a mail like this...

hmm said:
Impending.Doom on 27.01. at 15:44

Word of advice, you should restart while you still can. I intend on farming this area dry and that includes you. For your sake, I suggest going to settings -> restart right now.


This conversation was born...

doom guy said:
Hottytoddy14 on 27.01. at 16:28
Unless you are his friend I would suggest we team up to crush the guy.

haimg on 27.01. at 16:29
He's not the only one sending restart mails.

[player].Quantic Mephistos[/player]
There's also [player]LastApparatus[/player] not far to our south.

The fact that I'm also a top-tier player makes your position a very bad one.

I would suggest restarting.

Hottytoddy14 on 27.01. at 16:33
you too? top tier player? HAHAHA THIS IS A COMPUTER GAME!!! You guys are lame. Maybe you should consider restarting, going out, and getting a real life. At least you're a "top tier player" in tribal wars. Congrats!!! Did you get a medal? I didn't see it in your profile.

(he blocked me)


doom guy said:
Hottytoddy14 on 27.01. at 16:28
Unless you are his friend I would suggest we team up to crush the guy.

haimg on 27.01. at 16:29
He's not the only one sending restart mails.

[player].Quantic Mephistos[/player]
There's also [player]LastApparatus[/player] not far to our south.

The fact that I'm also a top-tier player makes your position a very bad one.

I would suggest restarting.

haimg on 27.01. at 16:31
Making friends, I see ;)

This message has been forwarded by haimg.

Impending.Doom on 27.01. at 16:32
heh, you told him to restart too :p Everyone is being quite stubborn.

Impending.Doom on 27.01. at 16:35
Believe it or not, I'm going to bow out gracefully and try another area. It's obvious this is a little too competitive for my liking ;)

Then, I sent out a copy of Impending.Doom's mail to everyone left in my 7x7 (except the one that blocked me).

Hence, there are 6 barbs in my 7x7...


elite nite

Bunch of mails that I got :p

Allies said:
wrnewfy on 27.01. at 16:35
I would like to know who your leader or diplomat is. My tribe would like to become allies

elite nite on 27.01. at 16:41
Our tribe has no leader. Our leader left us :(

wrnewfy on 27.01. at 16:42
Oh, well sorry. I can see what i can do and extend invites to you.

elite nite on 27.01. at 16:44
I would like to stay in my tribe as of now. Thanks for being thoughtful ;)

wrnewfy on 27.01. at 16:46
Ok, well if you do get a leader contact me and we can become allies

hello ^^ said:
jcocca90 on 27.01. at 16:32
can i enter???

elite nite on 27.01. at 16:42
Nobody in our tribe has inviting priveleges...our leader left us :(

jcocca90 on 27.01. at 16:45
plz ask one of yor friend one have a invite power

elite nite on 27.01. at 16:46
I don't think you read correctly. Nobody can invite you.

allyes said:
CYrusmaster on 27.01. at 16:49
i dont know the tribe leader but we are searching for allyes and you could be 1 of them please contact me as soon as possible

Regards CYrusmaster

elite nite on 27.01. at 16:51
I don't like your name. Sorry :(

CYrusmaster on 27.01. at 16:56
is the alliance about the name??

elite nite on 27.01. at 16:59
Yes. I only pick allies with people with cool names. Your name sucks.

CYrusmaster on 27.01. at 17:00
why do you think so

and if you dont want to ally us we dont war right so i will put you as nap ok?

elite nite on 27.01. at 17:02
NO!!! Your name sucks and we don't want diplomatic relations. "CYrusmaster"? You sound like you actually want to bend over.

CYrusmaster on 27.01. at 17:12
well... i am pretty nervous about the new world lol

sorry about this one, don't have EVERYTHING since it went in between accounts

mojohogorojohobo today at 16:46
can i join your tribe plz. i have xperience. world 25,28 & world 30. i can help you. Send an invite soon plz. if you dont invite me i will join another tribe. so please just invite me

elite nite today at 16:50
You have to pass a few tasks first. Answer this riddle: Paul’s height is six feet, he’s an assistant at a butcher’s shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?

mojohogorojohobo today at 16:53
12 stonne ?????????????? (dont know) (give me another chance)

elite nite today at 16:54
One more chance. Think carefully.

mojohogorojohobo today at 16:57
15 stonne

elite nite today at 16:58
Wrong. The answer is "Meat"
But since I like you I'll send you to the next task and we'll see if you can complete it. Forward the entire mail to "thesilentninja"

mojohogorojohobo today at 17:00
i need next task.

This message has been forwarded by mojohogorojohobo.

thesilentninja today at 17:05
So, you failed at your last task. Well, it seems elite nite was gracious enough to let you move on. Next Task: What are all the ingredients inside a Pepsi?

mojohogorojohobo today at 17:07
the same as the ingredients in coca cola.

Sugar and that rubbish

thesilentninja today at 17:10
Correct!! Soda sucks!!!
Now, forward it to Iron Shiek.

mojohogorojohobo today at 17:11
next task please.

This message has been forwarded by mojohogorojohobo.

Iron Shiek today at 17:15
Ok, next task: What is the name of our tribe's leader?

mojohogorojohobo today at 17:18
unless this is some trick it is :

elite nite

(i hope he lets me join)

Iron Shiek today at 17:20
Wrong. Our leader's name is not elite nite, but due to security reasons I cannot reveal his name. You have been denied entry into our tribe.


In response to a mail like this...


This conversation was born...


(he blocked me)



Then, I sent out a copy of Impending.Doom's mail to everyone left in my 7x7 (except the one that blocked me).

Hence, there are 6 barbs in my 7x7...

I'd restart if i were you