Funny IG. Mails


I'm going to change my alias one day and you'll be completely lost. :)


Some people dont have any kind of brain activity. I think in an Intelligence test, that guy would even lose to a peanut.


Short one I found amusing.

Heh said:
Agent Incognito on 31.01. at 11:10

I was just being... y'know. A tool. I don't bother with 'TW Friends' things - I don't have premium, so it makes no frikken difference to me.


SkippyTKangaroo on 31.01. at 11:14
Awwh you sauk.

-blows air from mouth to hair to make hair rise- :D

Agent Incognito on 31.01. at 11:19
Yuz. I know. It makes me sad. :/

Rewr. >)


I think my name scares people or something....
Nobody talks to me:icon_neutral:


beware long post

hello said:
simplicius today at 21:20
i have just started on this world and was hoping to get closer to your tribe. I have seen your tribe in another world and i tried to get in there, but was told i couldnt join there, but maybe if you started another world i would be allowed to join. I ended up not eing very close, but please consider me and contact me soon.

Sorry if you are not leader, thanks, simplicius

drunk in the morning today at 21:22
first you will have to answer our questionaire and we will make our judgement based on your answers. Is this ok? With you

simplicius today at 21:23
yes, can i have it now?

drunk in the morning today at 21:24
ok here goes. Right back upon completion

frag recruitment questionaire
1) what other worlds do you play and what are your accomplishments there. Answer in 50 words or less. Anything over said 50 words will lead to the loss of you village.

2) what hours are you online each day? Answer in game server time and real time. Failure to comply will resuly in the loss of you village

3) who are the greatest players in tw of all time, not just w23? This is not and opininated question i want cold hard fakes. Failure to tell me the best will result inthe loss of you village

4) have you checked if you are in the continents we are recruiting in? (on tribe page)

5) why do you want to join frag? Answer in no lessthen 5,000 words. Failure to comply will resuly in the loss of your village

6) what ratio are your villages, offense:defense? Ie. How many offense villages do you have to defense villages.

7) what do you build in your normal offense nuke? (approximate) please include the total hours it takes/took you to achieve this build. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your village

8) what do you build in your normal defense nuke? (approximate)please include the total hours it takes/took you t oachieve this build. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your village

9) what are 5 reasons as to why you'd attack yourself? I expect answer your answer in full essay form including a begining, 3 middle, and a closing paragraph! Failure to comply will result in the loss of your village

10) what are 5 reasons to build heavy cavalry in an offense village?
I expect your answer in full essay form including a begining, 3 middle, and a closing paragraph! Failure to comply will result in the loss of your village

if you can meet all of our demands and we are satisfied with your answers you will not be recieving an invite to this tribe. Basically we will come to you if your wanted to frag

simplicius today at 22:23
i have basically written it all now, but the essay bit can i not write, coz i am dislexic and find it hard to write as it is, im improving but not completely good lol, but still have all my reasons? If no, ill write it still though.. (although my writing may seem good now, it is because i have a book to help me lol)

drunk in the morning today at 22:25
ok no worries about the essay you can give me a sumary paragraph.

Im sry for the dislexia

simplicius today at 22:27
thanks lol, i am good with some stuff not all, thats the only thing, i use a book to help. By the way, the only slang terms i know is lol so if i make it in may need help. Lol

drunk in the morning today at 22:28
ok just send answers when you havethem

simplicius today at 22:33
1) i have played on world 23, quit the other day, decided to come here and was in a tribe named esp, got to over 50,000 at one point before we were destroyed.

2) 9:00:00-22:30:00, game time, hour off both for my country time.

3) "you are", “god”, “ego filled wankers”, (speech marks to highlight them)
4) i had a look on the homepage and there wasn’t a part which said so, but i am guessing im not because i am k25, but am hoping i may still be able to.
5) well, i have seen frag and read their profile when i first began the game and found it was the tribe that fitted my game style the most. I found most of the people were from k45 though, i was left disappointed, but i contacted the tribe hoping they would consider taking me.
The fact that frag are one of the highest tribes, it was not the reason for me wanting to join. When i read the profile, it seems as if you have got what you want from this world sussed out and are ready to start taking over. I am not looking for one of these “wannabe” big tribes which ou get, i’ve already been invited to some, i want to be with the best of the best, that meaning wanting to join frag. My problem with being in a different continent im sure i could solve by later migrating over to k45 or something, although i could be a strength in this area.
6) my defensive to my attacking in normally 1:3, 1=attacking 3=defending, as i like to have a good defense to support other tribe members, stay alive and then use the attacking to obviously fight off others. I feel the bigger the defense, the stronger the attack.
7) 6k+ axe, 3k+ light cavalry for offensive and the time of which it took to make these depends on the world, world 23, not long after building up resources, hq and barracks, so around 4 weeks after conquering new villages. Meaning, around 13 hours each day (time im on), times 28 the amount of weeks, equalling around 364 hours.
8) even amount of spears + swords and as many as possible, when in defensive, although, i dod make some heavy cavalry, but a third of the amount of spears and swords. Same applies for time again.
9) attacking yourself if you've just nobled a village with a 5th noble to be sure, if farms full and need to kill of certain units in order to replace them with the 1s you need, build noble in wrong village and haven’t got enough coins for one in other village, so kill it off by attacking yourself and building again, handing village over to tribe mate to help them build near you, so begin to noble self and use it to degrade an item in the village if hq in it aren’t higher than 20.

10) wouldn't build heavy cavalry in an offence village unless it was to be mixed with defensive and offensive troops.

Please reply soon sorry for not having an essay at the end

drunk in the morning today at 22:39
ok after reading your resonse i regret to inform you no you may not join frag.

I mean comeone n comeone your in k25


"God," "You are," "ego filled wankers" would have been better. :'(


"God," "You are," "ego filled wankers" would have been better. :'(

heheh i didnt expect him to answer lol.

and im not the duke either hahaha. i dont even have mod priv's :lol:

just im smart enoughto know a k25 player wouldnt be accepted so i thought id have some fun


Lol, check this one:

hello said:
hello bradon today at 00:31
ello ^_^ this message is regarding hello bradon, and hello.jade. We wish to join FRAG. We are very active and acoplished players. We have played in world 14 and done very well so we do have some experince.Please tell me how you feel on this issue.
Best regards,
Hello Bradon
Deadly today at 00:39
Very well, but I must ask you a few questions.
They will follow.
hello bradon today at 00:39
kk tyvm completly understandable
Deadly today at 00:47
As you are probably aware we have a strong vetting process.
Some of the things we ask of you may seem strange, but they show your character, willingness, motivation and overall intelligence.
The game starts now.
Good luck.
1: Why is an alarm clock going "off" when it actually turns on?
2: If you mated a bull dog and a shitsu, would it be called a bullshit?
3: If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them?
4: If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?
5:Why are Softballs hard?
6:Why do they call it "getting your dog fixed" if afterwards it doesn't work anymore?
7: If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
8: Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
hello bradon today at 01:06
1: well if you want to get tecnical then its really on the whole time the the alarm is set off
2: hmm not much a dog person but if it were a cat then probbly.
3: naw keep driving for sure. :p have to stick to the plan
4: well jimmy is very arogent, and he is an atention whore so he published it himself.. (that explains why it failed)
5: idk its kind of ironic though when you get pelted with one its like wtf lol that hurts ^_^
6: why cant it be a cat.... and its not fixing the dog for the dog its fixing the dog for us ;p
7: at times morons can arouse a croud like you wouldnt belive ^_^
8: there is no awnser to that kill em all!!
Deadly today at 01:09
Okay, nice answers.
your next task will be to answer my questions:
1.Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours?
2.Where in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty is an egg?
3.Why do banks leave the door wide open but the pens chained to the counter?
4.Are marbles made of marble? How do you know this?
5.If the handicapped bathrooms are for people who cant walk why do they put them at the end of the bathrooms? Explain your opinion in full detail.
6.Can you blow a balloon up under water?
7.How do they get the air inside the bubble wrap?
8.What are your true feelings about the tribe FRAG
Explain all of your answers to these questions in detail. I want you to explain why you got those answers and where you got your answers from!
Please let your friend fill in all these questions and the previous ones too..
hello bradon today at 01:29
1. well lets say they were both on all fours would you watch the show? no you wouldnt because its all about dogs then.. i meen if it were cats yeah thats diffent there for 1 must be human in nature.
2. In the nursery rhyme it never states that but it is just that that is what we have allways been told so thats what we belivie. Doing so is allways a problem.
3. I meen they want your business and your money but there not about to give anything away for free ;p they are not. they are made of a glassy material. I know this because from what i know marble isnt clear.
5.hmm this is a question that i have no answer to lol
6. well yeah i havent tryed but i bet you could. dont think you would have enough air to stay under after that.
7. zomg idk but bubble wrap sure is fun.
8. I feel that the tribe FRAG is a group of active, aggressive players that are well organized allowing domination.
Deadly today at 01:36
Nicely done. Forward this to [player]N0uBZ KilLa[/player] and he will handle it.
hello bradon today at 01:37
hello bradon today at 01:46
that was quite intertaining by the way lol ^_^
Deadly today at 01:54
Im glad you liked it.
Just wait for Killah to answer you.
hello bradon today at 01:56
lol ^_^ well i hope you got your kicks as well ;p waiting now lol
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lol that cracks me up. you should have told him he was going to get conquered for failure to give correct answers to the questions.


He will get his in due time...
I need to mess with some more noobs.


TRIBE said:
wilker24 today at 18:44
He/she has not responded yet.
Deadly today at 18:46
Ill handle it then.
We will have a discussion.
You must respond quickly and in a smart way.
Use your wits.
Ill start.
CSE is the best tribe ever.
wilker24 today at 18:52
What makes you say that?
wilker24 today at 19:13
Ok ok, im not sure i get this. You said, CSE is the best tribe ever. I would say now, that i cannot agree with that because i know nothing about them or anything. Valid answer or no?
Deadly today at 19:19
You agree?

Are you sure?
wilker24 today at 19:21
I DONT agree that they are the best tribe ever. Much tok early to tell.
wilker24 today at 19:21
much too* early to tell.
Deadly today at 19:29
Good, good.
You dont follow blindly. Very well.
What is the best tribe in the world?
wilker24 today at 19:29
Still too early to tell, but [ally]Evolve[/ally] sounds good.
Deadly today at 19:30
Yes, they are good.
I think you should try to get in there.
wilker24 today at 19:37
Nope, they are too far away from me. I like a concentrated tribe.
wilker24 today at 19:39
I must go now though.