Funny IG Mails


he like you too euse its time you run and hide :D or just be disratced more :D


ahh....Nice new world forum here.I think I'll spam and make a few posters annoyed with meh.:icon_cool:


Yea I know its all spam early on. I hate it but I don't complain about it.

I just feel like picking on someone and this Eusebeus dude seems like the weakest link at the moment.
Yeah, pick on me :( my self-esteem is already at 0 since Jirki has been mean to me all night :icon_cry:


I haZ a restartmail :3

First one i´ve ever recieved :p

Repentance Requiem today at 18:09
Hello there :)

I am writing this to inform you about a matter that most likely will make you a bit angry, but trust me - you'll gain from it in the long term.

I am a player from the early days of, I've been playing Tribalwars for 3 and a half year, and I know everything worth knowing about this game. I know how to snipe, backtime, send really fast nobletrains, I've got scripts for almost everything, scripts that make things a lot easier! And they are all legal. I’ve got awesome guides I’ve written myself and even better guides written by others. I can teach you how to become really good.

But in order to do so, I request something in return:
It is still very early in the game; no one is having huge account yet. Therefore I am asking you to restart, build your village somewhere else, and I'll teach you how to build it really fast, and how to own your area. Now you might be wondering "why can't you just teach me this without making me restart?" Well, the answer is simple: I am using the same strategy as I am willing to give to you, but using it means that you'll kill everyone in your 7x7, and later 15x15, but I would rather help you become better than simply destroy your chances. So please, consider restarting, and I'll turn you into a top 20 player. If you do you'll get really far in this game. If you don't, you'll still be in my 7x7, and that means you'll end up as a barbarian village, and you'll have to restart later. I think it's better to do it now than later. It's your choice; Do you want my help?

Maybe I should add something about my experience:
I've been playing since w4, I've been in several top tribes, and I've been rank one on several worlds, I've won speed rounds, I've had as much as 10 million points and I've been rank 1 OD-A (Opponents defeated - attacker) I know the ins and outs of this game.

Here's what usually happens to my neighbours. You don't want to either get nobled or become a barbarian, do you?

If you agree on this offer, I will teach you how to become just as good as me. A few clicks, a fresh start and you've got a unique chance to become one of the feared ones!

With regards
[player]Repentance Requiem[/player]

kingjohan today at 18:16
So acording to that 2nd map you´re inviting everyone to your tribe?

Epic leet skillz there!


saneslayer today at 18:24
yea ur very funny my village has barracks lv 4 and i have 40 spearfighters today at 18:26
mate i have mad my duty and warned you.when the BP is over please do not spam my inbox mail with hate mails.ok?
kiss ya

saneslayer today at 18:27
ur attacks shall be ur death today at 18:27
ok mate.suit urself

he has 40 spears lolz


bobbybres93 today at 18:26
I'm asking you if you would like to form an alliance between the GAYS and the WANKERS. What do you think?

bobbybres93 today at 18:27
forget about my request we have decided to disband



nice one IMO


bobbybres93 today at 18:26
I'm asking you if you would like to form an alliance between the GAYS and the WANKERS. What do you think?

bobbybres93 today at 18:27
forget about my request we have decided to disband



nice one IMO
hahhaaha keep em coming!!! i do not even have 1 mail, mainly 10 invites tho


Eusebeus today at 18:19
You'd do best to restart hunneh <3 would be a shame if i had to hurt you now wouldnt it ?


Toxic-monkey today at 18:23
Uh? Who are you?? Noob? Ok..

Eusebeus today at 18:26
Big n00b :) teach me teh game plz ma'm :)

Toxic-monkey today at 18:29
O_O Im man! NOT A WOMAN...

Eusebeus today at 18:31
Plz dear sweetie, i really wanna learn from such a dominating female as yourself <3

Toxic-monkey today at 18:33


Eusebeus today at 18:35
I'm sorry dear lady, it was not my intention to upset you, do you wish me to comb your hair m'lady ? <3

Toxic-monkey today at 18:36

I think he got upset o_O


Guest today at 18:22
Hi I am [player][/player]. Over the years I have had many titles and such but it is best not to go into them here.

I am contacting you today in great grief, I have started in your area and unfortunately I will have to fight you if you stay :( I'm not sure if this is your first world or your tenth, but I do know it has not mattered in the past.

I humbly ask, No I plead with you to restart for the best for both of us. It gives me room to grow and if you restart I can help coach you and improve a part of your game that may be lacking.

please let me know right away your decision. You have until BP[beginner protection] to be over. I then start my attacks. Best wishes and happy wars

All the best,

P.S. if you are not yet convinced and you want to know more about my skills or about my previous experience do not hesitate to mail me.I will be glad to share you my knowledge, but only if you restart!

If you restart right now you will have no wasted time.

lolz. Hi Belz


biri bhai today at 18:24
heyya neighbour we aree the 1st generation people of this world please join my tribe i am your neighbour if we make a tribe with members only close to us we will stay together ok im not that good at speaking but what i want to say is please join my tribe
crazzz today at 18:26
if you start a tribe close together, who you gonna noble/farm?
biri bhai today at 18:27
plz just join when i get a market ill give u for free lol
crazzz today at 18:28
how much will you give me?
biri bhai today at 18:28
well whatever u need
crazzz today at 18:30
200 of each a day?
biri bhai today at 18:31
tahts when i get a market ok
crazzz today at 18:32
alrite then and if you dont i'll just farm you then yeah
biri bhai today at 18:34
lol be a bit looser chill out lol were in world 50!!
crazzz today at 18:36
but deal tho yeah?
biri bhai today at 18:38
uhhhh actually no im disbanding my tribe soon or mergeing into sum1 so its ok :)
i got this 2 minits after joining


AnarchysAvatar today at 18:37
I am AnarchysAvatar, member of the elite pre-made tribe Blackout. I am a highly aggressive and active player. I ask that you restart away from me so I don't ruin your game experience. You are too close for me to allow you to live, unfortunately. This account is co-played, so if you aren't prepared to compete with a 24/7 account, please restart now. If you have any questions mail me.

Restart now and save yourself a lot of wasted time.


Pakino today at 18:47
I am prepared to fight back against two over confident kids who cant manage to hold their own without co-op play. Welcome to the playground, play nice.