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Rim me said:
203149 today at 00:17
Can you please rim me out of K36? Take all of my villages pleasE? I want to restart

Weiya today at 02:34
Make sure all your troops are gone. Send them all as attacks to ESL. Send me the reports , and when I see your troops are dead, I'll rim you.

This is the best evar! LOL, I've never had someone ASK to be rimmed before!


Originally Posted by :)
pAuToG today at 03:35
lol please dont send axes on that stacked one

MyNameisBrad today at 03:38

pAuToG today at 03:41
with axe... by the way i heard you are talking with holla :)..

looking forward for good results between us

MyNameisBrad today at 03:44
What do you mean? I still want this war. I don;t think you guys do :p

pAuToG today at 03:45
great :)

MyNameisBrad today at 03:49
See you on the battlefield. :)

pAuToG today at 03:51
i wont.... ill be watching movie

> not sure id this is funny, but i just found out that ESL is talking to me now.... hahahaha before they just read my mails regarding of nuking their target to help them clear :)

well how could i see them in the battlefield? i dont even see them in real life :icon_rolleyes:


hay there bro your attacking my said:
sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:10
bro you are attacking my best friend please stop attacks on big worm as i have sent him an invite to are brother tribes so please get back

figgis on 10.02. at 04:11
And who is your best friend, I am attacking many players.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:12
big worm please can you stop your attacks on him i will owe you one

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:15
so bro please get back to me

figgis on 10.02. at 04:17
Sorry attacks are not cancelable, but does he know about the secret TW feature that lets any player under 5k points automatically win in defence against a player over 200k?

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:19
no but can you tell me how that works

figgis on 10.02. at 04:20
Well idk if I can trust you with such information. As I said, it is a very secret part of TW.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:21
yes you can and i will and you as a pesonal friend too

figgis on 10.02. at 04:22
But I mean, if more players learn about this feature, than I won't be able too get new player villages anymore.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:24
i give you my word he is just good friend that lives next door to me and he start out and i want him to stay in the game

figgis on 10.02. at 04:25
Well he needs help by a player with over 50k points, and I see you have 50k points. Are you willing too lose 500 out of that 50k points too save him?

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:26
yes i am

figgis on 10.02. at 04:29
K, on your largest village, you need too demolish your academy (Do not worry all will make sense soon).

Once that is going through, you need too wait until the demolision is down too 30 seconds on your academy, than you MUST click on the 3rd window. As academies have 4 windows, you need too click the 3rd window in the bottom row.

Than a new screen pops up, asking for a name you wish too grant immunity too. And you MUST type his name in, before the demolision is over. But you lose your academy for however long it takes too rebuild it.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:35
thaks can you tell me what you sent at him

figgis on 10.02. at 04:37
2 full nukes

Have you started the immunity process?

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:38
not yet what are nukes

figgis on 10.02. at 04:43
you may want too start it,

Cause I sent 2000 noblemen at him, (That is what a nuke it) Which is the MOST powerful offence in the game.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:44
how did you get so many

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:52

figgis on 10.02. at 04:54
I used the free nobleman feature.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:54
whats that

figgis on 10.02. at 04:56
Oh that is a super secret feature that i'm not even supposed too mention.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 04:59
please help a brother out i could use it iam loseing ground in k83

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 05:09
so come on bro

figgis on 10.02. at 05:11
Hmm, it involves clearing out all your villages, except 400 rams, and than you have too send 100 rams too each of the top 4 players, don't forget too tell them that you are only doing it so you can get unlimited noblemen. Once you do that, you will have 2 academies. The 2nd academy will allow you too make as many noblemen as you wish, and it doesn't even fill up your farm!

Do not worry, they will understand, and may even help you out. As us people that know about this secret are a close group.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 05:22
i don tget it can i talk to you tommorow about this have to work in morning tell me when you will be on again please thanks till later

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:21
hay there bro so can you tell me i still dont get it

figgis on 10.02. at 18:24
Have you started the demolision process yet on your academy?

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:27
yes i did 4 hour till done but you wont hit him for about 10 hours

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:28
but tell me do his total points have to be under 5000 or just that village

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:30
and also do i empty out all 25 vilages to make and weree do i send them and i only have to make 400 rams from one vilage

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:32
and when do i get a 2cnd nobel men after the rams attack they will apear in each of my nobel men vilages

figgis on 10.02. at 18:37
Do not worry, it will work, sometimes there's a glitch where you have too do 2 academys but I doubt that will happen. Remember, 3rd window, 30 seconds. And just that village.

And the 2nd academy will appear once the rams hit. =) Do not worry, if they ask you what you are doing. Tell them too message me.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:39
ok thanks bro and can i add you as my personal friend

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:41
so i empty out all my vilages and then make 400 rams from one village and send to the top 4 players in my tribe correct

figgis on 10.02. at 18:41
yes, but you MUST send them in intervals of 1 ram per attack. No more.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:46
so it would be 100 atackes per person

figgis on 10.02. at 18:48

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 18:51

figgis on 10.02. at 18:55
Just save your friend from the horrors of my attacks, I did not realize he had such intellegent friends or else I would have not sent the attacks.

My apologies.

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 19:13

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 19:18

sir dan carroll on 10.02. at 19:35

figgis on 10.02. at 19:39
lol k later man. Good luck savin your friend.

=) I enjoy my talks with him.


omg... 2000 nobles... a big secret of TW... hahahahahaha... good one... :)


man i love that gruntie isn't moderating us any more

Well you have me to put up with now. The language used in some of the posts in these threads are totally inappropriate. I know that they were mail excerpts of someone else flaming you guys. But that doesn't make it ok for you to post it on the forums.

I deleted a ton of posts. Keep it clean guys.


Another 1 of my posts deleted!!??! Me thinky moddy not likey me.. :p


oops said:
SymphoniaDragon today at 21:28
Lost your cockyness yet? I saw the message you sent to Advan. It says that you seem to think I am a point whore. Be honest with yourself here, just this once. Who is the real point whore. The guy with the villages which are all maxed, bar the HQ and Market, or the guy that has his villages on Minimum Buildings, maximum troops. The former being you of course, and latter me.

joseph byrne today at 21:33
i said you called me 1 check your messages shame you needed your tribes help though your were proving to b a worthy player

SymphoniaDragon today at 21:35
I started on you, because I wanted to. Advan has had his eye on you for a long time, and he has always had some of your villages claimed. Just we decided that he was busy nobling into K4, and I was the only one available, so you got me :) In that time, I made sure that your villages have low walls, you have low reserves of troops, and I scoped out how you attack and defend. This won't last much longer.

SymphoniaDragon today at 21:36
o said:
joseph byrne today at 20:40
come on mate just me n symph i offered 2 watch your back i did not go running to my tribe i just want to show him how lucky he was with his 2 day start against this point whore cant believe your doing this for him

Don't try to lie to me. We are a friendly close knit tribe, and you can't tell one of us one thing, and another one another.

joseph byrne today at 21:41
read it im calling myself the lucky point whore as for advan i think he is a bit more genuine than yu give him credit for

SymphoniaDragon today at 21:45
Hmm... When you leave TW, make sure you go back to school, and learn English. The English language is good for conveying what you want to say, without offending people while doing it.

You will be leaving TW by the way, or at least, we will be relieving you of all your villages, just like I promised.

Author said:
By the end of this, you will be on the rim. Whether you believe me or not, its true.

joseph byrne today at 21:48

SymphoniaDragon today at 21:49
haha... course I am. I shall be posting this up on the world forums later if this keeps up, because I am sure they will find this very funny

joseph byrne today at 21:50
funny like your ban ya RACIST

What do I do when comfronted with a retard guys?


Why would I block him, this guy is great fun. He apparently now thinks I am a Nazi as well :p Dear dear... this game really draws nutters, doesn't it


This is amusing..

Reaper - Saikotsu on 01.02. at 01:44 Quote Edit Delete
does this fun you're talking about include porn?
Hungry - alan123 on 01.02. at 19:46 Quote Edit Delete
Virus-free internet xD


andry6 on 02.02. at 14:11 Quote Edit Delete
Thats funny :D good idea :D no Virus :p


Virus free..
Get it?
cuz its' a condom... and its' supposed to protect and stuff.. form viruses and such?

Get it?
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