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lol lewy lewy lewy... Always thought he was a bit smarter than that. Never knew for sure though.

Mao Tse Yung

Message Title: You Serious?

shaneirishlad today at 03:11
Were you actually offended man?

Mao Tse Yung today at 03:40

shaneirishlad today at 03:42

Aww man, you do not wanna know!!

I sent that mail to the wrong person! I think I'm actually going to Die because of laughter!

Mao Tse Yung today at 03:42

shaneirishlad today at 03:46
Urrrrrggghhhh... Your some tomato!!!!!!

Basically.. On Skype Billoi from =RES= has the username Billy Jones... That is similar to Billy Bones which you had as your name on MSN.

So I thought he was you.. I had a big slagging match with him and was slagging using the your momma jokes..

He got offended deeply and left the chat room so I mailed him (you)..

Basically, I nearly made him cry but I thought it was you hahahahaaha


I got invited to a tribe....i'd thought i'd share :D

Fight-Club-Master today at 13:47
join my tribe if you will join my tribe i will give you
Circular mail
Hidden forums
jt7692 today at 13:52
who provides the nudie pictures and the cookies?
Fight-Club-Master today at 13:55
What do you mean?
jt7692 today at 13:57
nude pictures of women.....i always get them when i join a tribe.....and cookies through the post.....someone's mom usually send then to me, how old is your mom?
Fight-Club-Master today at 13:58
What rubbish!
I Just invited you to join my tribe with offers!
jt7692 today at 14:02
your tribe is ranked 173, you have 78 members and all the points they have is still 104,335 less than i have now, if i was to be tempted to move from the tribe i'm in now, your offer has to include cookies and mom pictures.
Fight-Club-Master today at 14:05
Only cookies, no pictures! OK! i can't afford it!
jt7692 today at 14:09
what about someone elses mom?...........what about [player]Nitin15000[/player], please ask him and mail me your conversation
Fight-Club-Master today at 14:09
HEY! he's my best friend!
Fight-Club-Master today at 14:10
OK! i dont want you in my tribe!
jt7692 today at 14:10
what's his mom like at baking?
Fight-Club-Master today at 14:10
What do you mean?
jt7692 today at 14:11
Fight-Club-Master today at 14:12
you can join my tribe! But no cookies no nude pictures!
OK! just explain me what you will do of the nude pictures?hmm?
jt7692 today at 14:14
i keep them in a folder and sometimes drop cookie crumbs on them

Zander Cage

random banter after receiving a random fake

Zander Cage on 01.03. at 01:36
that axe was yummy. :D

Ciries on 01.03. at 03:25
We covered him in whipped cream before departure for your convenience

Zander Cage on 01.03. at 03:33
He must have had to eat the whipped cream due to running out of rations on such a long journey.

That's ok though, fattened himself up and added flavor. We roasted him with some fresh fruit, so that must have complemented the whipped cream that was inside. ;)

Ciries on 01.03. at 03:39
What? You barbarians
He was only delivering the whipped cream

Zander Cage on 01.03. at 04:22
woops. well, if it's any consolation it was a long and painfully agonizing death for him. :D

Ciries on 01.03. at 05:00

Zander Cage on 01.03. at 05:02


A 93 point player wanting to join a tribe with an average of 120,000 per player.
This is just an excerpt of a 100+ mail discusion....

UrbanKnights on 22.02. at 14:44
You don't deserve it, and other people do.
Plus, you're not cute enough.
picaroona on 22.02. at 14:51
why dont i deserve it?
UrbanKnights on 22.02. at 16:21
You're not cuddly enough.
Your OD is way too high....
picaroona on 23.02. at 10:14
whats OD
cause ive been nobled 5 times
UrbanKnights on 23.02. at 19:34
You've killed too many troops to join.
We want peacefull players, you're too aggressive.
picaroona on 24.02. at 18:48
i am peacful!!!
youve killed 1.1million troops!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 18:49
That's due to a glitch in the game!
I have killed much less than yours, but when the noble bug hit, I gained 1.1 million OD points.
picaroona on 24.02. at 18:52
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 18:53
Too many!
So many dead.....
picaroona on 24.02. at 18:58
only 7 thousand!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 18:59
Why would you do that!
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:00
i cant help people sending 6.5k troops at me to kill?
can i!!!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:02
Yes! You can dodge attacks, and then send them resources and tell them to stop.
It works for me!
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:28
well didnt know did i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:49
Nope, guess not.
Surely though, your consciounce spoke up as you mercilessly destroyed those troops...did you not feel like a murderer?
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:50
yes i did!
but when people get angry at me
trust me! they will not stop attacking me!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:51 have no compassion!
I wonder how long that player cried for when you killed his men...
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:54
why would you cry at a computer game?
are you trying to wind me up or
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:54
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:54
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:55
you are so welcome to join!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:55
you are so welcome to join!
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:55
gotta go!!
just say yes or no!!!!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:55
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:55
send me an invite!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:56
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:56
does that mean im joining HiMu???
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:56
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:56
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:57
To join [ally]HiMu[/ally], one must be at peace with oneself.
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:57
YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:57
i am peaceful!!!
i will show you my full peace towards you if you let me join!
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:58
ive got to go
say yes!!!!!!!!
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:58
You have much inner turmoil.
I suggest a warm bath with candles, teddybears and assorted Belgian chocolates.
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:58
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 19:59
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:59
look ill see you tomorrow
picaroona on 24.02. at 19:59
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 20:00
Okay fine!
Here's an invite.
UrbanKnights on 24.02. at 20:01
1 invite
to [ally]HiMu[/ally]
UrbanKnights on 26.02. at 21:05
Hey, would you like to join [player]The Tower[/player]'s tribe [ally]BMW[/ally]?
He noticed your mails when he sat me, and said he liked the look of your OD (especially as you actually earned it).
Why don't you drop him a mail?
picaroona on 27.02. at 18:54
OK ILL STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
UrbanKnights on 27.02. at 18:58
But yep, if you want a really awesome tribe that I reccomend, mail [player]TheTower[/player].
He's a good guy, tell him you like to kill troops.


I know the rules say we must only write in English, but when someone mails me in another language as below, I can't help but mail back in kind:
chaty today at 19:25
m8 can i join your tribe plz

Dead Socks today at 20:02
k m8 hav u ever applied 4 a job b4

well wen u appli u hav to tel the job guy y he shud hire u n not some1 els

y shud s²orm recruit u n not some1 els

wat can u offer us?

chaty today at 20:14
i can offer you protection m8 and any think else really

chaty today at 20:53
so can i m8 plz

Dead Socks today at 20:56
k m8 wel listn

we r fiting a war wiv [ally]Kinky[/ally] rite now n as a test 2 c if u r gud enuf 4 dis trieb i wud liek u 2 take dis villag:

k m8?

he is low on def so it wil b quiet esi i think u cn do it

chaty today at 20:59
i will tomorrow m8 and my nobles will be there in ages its to far a way are there any closer ones i can take m8

chaty today at 21:01
this is how long a noble would take to get there m8 148:14:08

chaty today at 21:01
in 7 days

chaty today at 21:05
so do you know any closer m8

Dead Socks today at 21:08
if u r not close enuf to join in wiv warz do u think u shud reli be joinin us?

y not join a closr tribe 2 u?
dey can bring u faster supports n also u cn atak da saim targetz togeffer innit

chaty today at 21:09
k m8


lawl sox m8 he wana jion yur tribe tel em tu sendz spprt to ur frntlnes

(I suck at it =(.... but really.)


X said:
today at 01:00 s.o.b. took it back within 5 seconds. i posted in the forum, [village]xxx|xxx[/village] has no wall and 25 loyalty, [village]yyy|yyy[/village] has no troops or wall, loyalty is full i think. can you take them? a bit annoyed, frankly... on the plus side, he pre-nobled it a bit (why?!) so i lost most of my nobles, quicker to rebuild them!
You really tweaked his nose on that one lol

nice to see peoples response to a succesful spike :D
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haha socks, he mailed me first and i told him to contact


Whoooo! Somebody got something constructive out of adam!

Ghost K1llah today at 22:56
adamh6262 today at 18:26
Ghost K1llah today at 18:20
adamh6262 today at 16:30


For those who don't believe Kinguda, S²ORM and Kinky are all one big happy family:

mail title: hey can i join ruhkohs tribe nickers said ok..
pur3ballerP on 06.03. at 13:01
but I still need ur apporval can I join it

Dead Socks on 06.03. at 17:27
This isn't Rukoh's tribe.

Rukoh runs: [ally]KINGS[/ally]

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 03:50
I know but he still wants your approval is it ok?

Dead Socks on 07.03. at 04:29
I don't understand you :p

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 14:22
Ok lol He said I could be accepted into KINGS if you say its ok for me to Go in it lol
mail title: nickers and gzed told me to talk to you
pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 00:32
they told me to talk to you so i could join tribe

Rukoh on 05.03. at 00:36
What, you expect me to believe Nickers sent you without the code-word? Forward this back to Nickers and get back to me once you've got the code-word, as well as his 'addition' -- you'll know what it is once he replies.


pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 00:38
ok will do

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 00:51
E.R.A.S.E is code word he said im good

Rukoh on 05.03. at 00:52
I don't believe you. Can you remind him it's already thursday on servertime?

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 00:53
omfg want me to forward u the message gzed sent it

Rukoh on 05.03. at 00:54
I was asking about Nickers, though, Gzed was on last turn.

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 00:55
ok sorry m8 but so do you want me to forward message and am i in

Rukoh on 05.03. at 00:56
No, I want you to forward Nickers' message with the new password for thursday, and then I'll consider it.

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 00:56
ok he is not on at the moment once he is on I shall get it. And thanks for you time Rukoh

Rukoh on 05.03. at 00:57
Anytime for a friend of Nickers :)

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 00:57
:) He seems like a good person, also are you friends of gzed?

Rukoh on 05.03. at 00:59
A little bit. More to Nickers, though. We were seeing each other earlier, even, but we couldn't really continue, since he's married... I like gzed also though, it's just that he's a guy instead of a chick :D

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 01:00
Oh so nickers is a girl?

Rukoh on 05.03. at 01:01
Well, 'girl' is perhaps a bit... well, you know, inappropriate, as she's a woman now, they don't usually like being called 'girl', just as we don't call each other 'boy', yeah.

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 01:02
lol lady :p but oh ok cool well ill stop bugging you lol thanks again for your time and best of luck with nobeling and etc.. :p hope to join your tribe soon

Rukoh on 05.03. at 01:05
We'll see what nicks says, she's usually fairly kind to nubcakes :)

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 01:07
lmao well yeah I am a nub cake and low on resources to haha.

pur3ballerP on 05.03. at 21:42
ok the key word :uranoob

Rukoh on 05.03. at 22:23
That's the right one, yeah. You did get permission from Dead Socks also, right?

pur3ballerP on 06.03. at 03:22
yes so am I in

Rukoh on 06.03. at 08:52
Forward the mail from dead socks please.

pur3ballerP on 06.03. at 13:00

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 03:52
hey he said like its not up to him lol

Rukoh on 07.03. at 15:02
Can you tell her 'It's saturday, of course it is.' then? :S

Maybe forward this mail so she knows it's me.

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 15:26

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 15:27
Rukoh told me to send this

This message has been forwarded by pur3ballerP.

Dead Socks on 07.03. at 16:58
Ohhhh THAT Rukoh... lol... I used to be in a tribe with a duke called Rukratnub92, we called him Ruka... so you had me confused there for a while.

Wellll... I shall consider your requests... as I'm sure you're aware, a man of Rukoh's importance gets a lot of these requests a day which is why he requires the assistance of me and nickers to help process them. MANIC is a very popular tribe, Rukoh can't just go admitting anyone.

I might need to ask you some questions depending on what our team thinks of your stats, so let me know when a good time for you is.

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 17:27
You can talk to me right now if you want m8 :)

Dead Socks on 07.03. at 18:24
Sorry for the delay... I had to ask nickers for the password before pressing ahead. I sometimes wish all this secrecy wasn't necessary...

Okay, some of these questions may seem a little strange, but it's all part of an important psycological profiling. Rukoh only wants the best in MANIC!

1. What is your favourite flavour of icecream?

2. What is it about the icecream flavour that first attracted you to it?

3. If given a choice of flavours which did not include your favourite, would you still pick an icecream anyway?

part 2 - pictures
I need you to look at these pictures, and tell me what you see for each one.

Take your time with these.

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 18:54
1. Cookie Dough
2. The cookie dough lol
3. No.
1. 2 butterflies
2. someone to kill
3. A owl

Dead Socks on 07.03. at 23:31
... hold on... this can't be right...

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 23:34

Dead Socks on 07.03. at 23:34
I do believe that you got... full marks :|

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 23:35
really :|

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 23:36
so what does this mean?

Dead Socks on 07.03. at 23:44
... not even I got full marks... and I am one of Rukoh's closest followers... I do not understand this

pur3ballerP on 07.03. at 23:44
lol uhmmm so what does this mean?

pur3ballerP on 08.03. at 00:28
am i in????

Dead Socks on 08.03. at 00:42
This goes beyond my experience... quite simply, your abilities outrank mine. Perhaps even outrank Rukoh.
I think you should consider founding your own tribe, and leading the many followers you already have, gathering on the rumours they have heard...
We have awaited your coming for a long time.
My apologies for not bowing lower... my back is sore, lord.

pur3ballerP on 08.03. at 01:58
dude....just say its ok for me to join rukohs tribe.

Dead Socks on 08.03. at 14:43
No, this goes beyond and above my ability...

pur3ballerP on 08.03. at 14:44
wow you know this is bs you guys are just screwing with me...

Dead Socks on 08.03. at 14:50
please don't hurt me, your lord... we meant not to insult you... merely to test you for your invite to MANIC...

pur3ballerP on 08.03. at 14:53
ok thanks even though rukoh just asked to get your approval so i could join his tribe....thats what this whole thing was suppost to be not 5 days of me pulling my hair

Dead Socks on 08.03. at 15:33
This is a test which all MANIC recruits have undergone... I am sorry that it angers you so, lord.

pur3ballerP on 08.03. at 15:56
no its ok


part 2 - pictures
I need you to look at these pictures, and tell me what you see for each one.

2 - Something to kill

Rofl - 2 = a picture of Wizd0m

This is epic, i almost feel sorry for him


seams I'm not the only one have fun with this guy then :icon_eek:

pur3ballerP on 08.03. at 17:26
When using the 'cookie in village' cheat, which types of cookies show up in the village?

What is the name of the cheat that you use in order to get invincible elves in your village?
what are these answears

rob23 on 08.03. at 18:09
Click on your village's head quarters, then click on Maid's quarters area. This should open up the cookie creation page. Then type /I luv teh cokeh's in the input area.

The elve's cheat is called, santa's little helper.

rob23 on 09.03. at 19:16
How did you get on?

pur3ballerP on 10.03. at 02:16

rob23 on 10.03. at 02:17
Did you manage to sort it out?

pur3ballerP on 10.03. at 02:18
yes thanks

rob23 on 10.03. at 02:34
you got teh cookies?
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