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I've been asked to block the names involved =[
Alas, enjoy the read :)

Invitation said:
******** today at 12:52

I have came upon the decision of making a tribe in this world , and upon checking my surroundings for the best members I can get to my tribe , I found you! I have yet established the tribe here , as I want to have as much players involved first .

Now , the main reason for this tribe is to control this continent and go further into other continents , I would need active players and experienced ones to reach that goal , and hopefully you are one of them , active but not experienced enough get the help to be one .

Looking to have a few good alliances instead of many worthless ones who just slow the progress of members aswell .

So what I ask of you now is that you consider this offer and reply to me whether a yes or a no so I can see the exact amount of supporters for this tribe , I know some of you are already in tribes with friends or have joined a tribe just for the sake of it , but I do ask you to consider the fact that a good clustered tribe is better than 10 scattered tribes .

Waiting for your reply

Kindest Regards

*^*^* today at 12:55
well join my tribe nd well advance from there

******** today at 12:56
Thanks for the invitation , however , may I ask you what is your experience in leading tribes ?

*^*^* today at 13:03
iv led a footy team to win the league 3 years runnin nd im the king of ruinscape

******** today at 13:05
How long have you been playing this game ?

*^*^* today at 13:08
about 5 hours but look how fast i got up to level 74 nd 4 of those hours iv bin sleeping

******** today at 13:10
it's not level 74 , you have 74 points , you need villages and troops , not points :(

This message has been forwarded by ********.

One with cat in pants

dylan kekanovich today at 22:09
are you farming the barbarin village beside you couse if you are stop i am or i just may start to farm you.

Nickster The 2nd today at 22:32
Who the hell do you think you are so what if i'm farming it what you gunna do about it.

dylan kekanovich today at 22:37
oh dude dont get angry i could own your butt look at my tribe does it look bigger then yours hmm oh i guess im in the top 100 and dont ast like your all that

Nickster The 2nd today at 22:42
Right i don't care that your in the top 100 your a pointwhore and your tribe is massrecruiting family tribe. The only thing you can do is send spears at me i trembling.

Nickster The 2nd today at 22:43
May i ask whats your past experience?

dylan kekanovich today at 22:44
ya on world 15 im 200k and baron of a 9 million point trbe world 12 120k world 22 duke of tribe rank 40 i play on all the worlds and are active

Nickster The 2nd today at 22:49
For a start your English is terrible DNY your tribe suck so if you don't appoligise and give some treats to my tribe you will be rimmed.

BTW if you go Twstats and check up some of the dukes in my tribe they all have over 1mil points on world 5.


I thought this was kind of funny. It's from Squeak tribal forums :p


Move. is damn right awesome. Ownage mails before we can actually own people. Warms us up.


[1:12:12] N1ckV - ADHD zegt: slayer doesnt exist
[1:12:26] Sodapop Kid zegt: then hes not a super hero
[1:12:34] N1ckV - ADHD zegt: k


{DE} said:
pump2000x today at 03:49
why dont you come join the dark side?

homosapien812 today at 04:05
erm... cos i dont want to

pump2000x today at 04:06
erm??? wtf does that mean?

homosapien812 today at 04:06

pump2000x today at 04:07
how about face punch?

homosapien812 today at 04:08
never seen that before...

pump2000x today at 04:11
a simple no to the question would have worked instead of being a smart ass

homosapien812 today at 04:11
so wont you show me?

pump2000x today at 04:12
show you what?

homosapien812 today at 04:13
erm... a face punch...

pump2000x today at 04:14
how about i put you on my tribes 1st target list? im done talking to you, we will be seing you soon HOMO

homosapien812 today at 04:15
ok... will i get my face punch delivered by mail?


on 01.08. at 22:39
i we frudns i add u lets mut up and go speeken i halp u

trumiz on 01.08. at 22:22
looky my village name

i go in street and i go who is jeftas and man he replii jeftas is dick

and he go jeftas blow my dicik
and i come back
and i mame village look see please

i thanksu

trumiz on 01.08. at 22:16
i tink eew got sum comication thng wrong here i need halp i born? i do not speeek yor code i sorry me misundrstnd is you but no rude please yes i halp

jeftas on 01.08. at 22:10
no you don't make a mistake the only mistake is that you where born :)

trumiz on 01.08. at 22:07
i restart yesy but i maybe do it wrong? i no gud speak english

plase halp me maybe my penis goes in the vagina

i used the translater to help me i hope i no make no mistake yes.?

trumiz on 01.08. at 21:32


jeftas on 01.08. at 21:00

I know no-one around me, but I'll give a friendly warning - please restart. There's very little point in you being there.
you wil be my you better RESTART


i helpad him yush??? :spear::spear::spear:


Mini chuckle.

heey said:
Mimi19933 on 03.08. at 18:57
will you be a member of my tribe , write what you want to be and you will be the in the tribe

we will try to be a big tribe :)

we need members :)


in my tribe can you be

-Forum Moderat
-Holy Knight

me on 03.08. at 19:05
I would love to be a member of your tribe!

Mimi19933 on 03.08. at 19:06

me on 03.08. at 19:06

Mimi19933 on 03.08. at 19:06
i have invited you

me on 03.08. at 19:06

Mimi19933 on 03.08. at 19:07
Accepet then

me on 03.08. at 19:07

Mimi19933 on 03.08. at 19:08
do u come in ?

me on 03.08. at 19:09
I don't know how :(

Mimi19933 on 03.08. at 19:10
Leave you tribe and accepet mine :)

me on 03.08. at 19:11
But...why would I leave my tribe?

Mimi19933 on 03.08. at 19:14
so can you join my tribe

me on 03.08. at 19:15
I don't get it...why should I go through ALLLLLLL the trouble of leaving my tribe only so I can join another one!!!???

Teh Sexorz

This almost made me cry.

Hello! said:
deciple666 today at 01:22
i would realy like it if u wouldnt farm me there is a barb base close by farm it instead plz

potash today at 01:34
Pfft. I told you to restart a few days ago. The barb village is already empty, and you are a close target.

Its dog eat dog.

deciple666 today at 01:41
well i sent u ur warning i now put the attack up in my tribe forum

potash today at 01:43
Congrats, and what are they gonna do? Send me troops and boost my ODA even more? I sure hope so.

deciple666 today at 01:44
we r alot bigger then ur tribe



This almost made me cry.


haha... what a noob... potash thinks you get ODA for getting attacked... :lol: yoking... potash is my brother... i wouldnt say such a thing like that...


ummm......... said:
sasa12222 on 02.08. at 18:36
I advise you to restart as you can see im already so far ahead of you.It would benefit you a lot.Im sure you dont want to get farmed?

ztxpyro on 02.08. at 21:27
hey asshole, i have a tribe unlike you... touch me and i asure u, you won't last long... asshole...

sasa12222 on 02.08. at 22:25
Yeah you have a great tribe with 600 points. :)

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