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Hey, I couldn't make heads or tails of his post either, but that doesn't mean you can go off and assume stuff (to do withDeus). :icon_wink:
At least, that was the interpretation, and as such it comes out to the same thing. Glynjack even says "you might want to change your perception of 'losing'".
I included this clause in my point for a reason, Rukoh. The fact remains that Glynjack didn't post to say he was superior, but rather because he misunderstood something in a very unclear post. The root of the argument that you propose is thus invalid, which means that you can take your whole "I hate Glynjack posting stats to say he's superior" someplace where it actually applies, if you can find it :).


Glynjack (luckily) does not make it a habit to toss stats about, so this was (luckily) the only place where it did apply.

Furthermore; I haven't mastered the art of telepathy yet. It seemed to me that he was, in fact, posting to say he was superior (albeit in reply to the other guy), and thus involving Deus needlessly, which warrants a reply. I'm not 'proposing' any argument here -- are you not reading too deep into things?


I'm merely defending the integrity of one of my tribemates. And one doesn't need telepathy to read the part before, and connect the "might want to redefine your perception of losing" to something not at all related to "stats = superiority".


neva1 on 11.05. at 23:11
Thou shalt not pass!

ali1985khan today at 00:34

neva1 today at 00:40
Thou shalt not take my villages, cretin! Away with thee, ye foul beast! I will banish thee from my lands, as I would a rat, and thou shalt never progress in this conquest!

ali1985khan today at 00:46
well....heads up for the next village then...

neva1 today at 00:50
Thy confidence is trying on my soul, yet thee shall not succeed. Abandon this foolish venture, lest ye lose ye mind and troops in the eternal abyss of death!

ali1985khan today at 00:51
And thee village yee are about to lose?

neva1 today at 00:54
Hath thou ignored what I hath said? Thou shalt not pass! Thy attempts are in vain, for ye are sending thou men to die as sheep among wolves.

ali1985khan today at 00:56
yeah but I have 3 nukes ready to send above yee...

How bout now?

neva1 today at 00:59
Thy arrogance hath angered me, ye shall feel the wrath of my forces. My men hath already begun the long trek to thy home, prepare yourself, for there is no tomorrow for ye.

ali1985khan today at 01:01
Yorkshire pudding,turkey,and gravy.

Major beheading?


neva1 today at 01:04
In truth, thou art scheduled for one rather grandiose trek to the guillotine. My men shall escort thee, doth thee have any final words?

ali1985khan today at 01:07
We shall see.

neva1 today at 01:11
Thou art skillful in the art of generating boredom. Why doth thy men come hither to my walls? Thou art surely aware that their grappling hooks are not high enough, their siege towers flammable, their rams weak and fracturable, no? Surely thou knowest ye send them to their death?

ali1985khan today at 01:12
Its you in the art of boredom

As we speak english.

And do not have the time to decipher what the hell you speak of in your victorian crap.

Talk proper.

Its boring.

neva1 today at 01:16
Art thee insulting my educated manner of speech? Thou art offensive, yet my demeanor shall not falter under the harsh winds of thy bitter manner. As the mountain does not bow to the wind, nor shall I bow to thy insults.

ali1985khan today at 01:18
we shall see.

it seems you have saved your village as you are being cocky (typical storme-Though we shall see)


neva1 today at 01:20
Thou shalt find no gains, and thy arrogance is blinding. I speak truth, ye only speak with a barbed tongue. Ye shall feel the wrath soon, do not fear.

I know someone else could've done a better job with the old english, but I did my best. I thoroughly enjoyed this, actually :lol:.


GRRR, next time PNE can forward them kinda mails to me, I could have kept you entertained for days


He's really not very entertaining, and I'm doing my best, but I only have so much creativity in me :icon_sad:.


Well you've done better than me in manging to get Ali to get through three entire sentences without mentioning Allah (unless this is ali's sitter)


I don't think Ali Khan ever talked about islam/allah in Deus, ever, so either you jest, or Ali Khan has been trolling you :icon_razz:


Not jesting, and fully accept I could be being trolled, but I am talking pre-Xmas when I last spoke to him and his English has improved immeasurably, so I am also not ruling out a more atheistic account holder


My argument wasn't based on the name of the acc-holder, hence the word 'ever' in my post. Deus has existed for a long time before xmas, you know. :icon_razz:


My argument wasn't based on the name of the acc-holder, hence the word 'ever' in my post. Deus has existed for a long time before xmas, you know. :icon_razz:
Ali got a new owner(nod)

Its not the same dude as I fighted a bit in the early war.

as for the Allah comment,If my memory is right It was a convo between the Russian and Akaj,and not with ali:icon_razz:


Akaj was not muslim, either. He just proclaimed the greatness of the bosnian race (something he got reported for).


Akaj was not muslim, either. He just proclaimed the greatness of the bosnian race (something he got reported for).
I never claimed he was,I was just trying to find out why Glyn jack was thinking that:icon_razz:


Because the converstion happenned...I keep my mails tidy, so cant show it now....but I do know that he tried to tell me I was a heathen and that allah was my Lord (to which the obvious reply of Kaaz is my Lord was returned)


mannchii on 13.05. at 06:14
lol..I have pre-read..The Hunt-a very famous person.
Really don't need to say thank you but Welcome :)

======on 13.05. at 06:18
i am a famous person? thank you i feel more important then sully now
yea im famous

The Great 1One1

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Neeus on 13.06. at 22:07

I'm Nicolas.

I would like to offer you help in the battle against my tribe.

I will give you info on nuke ops and on any info you require,

i feel it will benefit us both as i am in the center of TTD and can easily attack them. if you send me plenty of support to all my villages and then i will make the transition as i do not want to make any village losses.