Funny IGMs, Attacks and Defenses


You all know the score: this'll be unlocked when the world starts.

Post! and they'd better be funny!
*shakes fist*
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Here we go...
I join the world and within the minute:

Start over said:
TheHazardous today at 13:33
You can't survive here.

Please go to Settings, Start Over and Confirm :)

It saves a lot of time for you.

h0llygh0st today at 13:37
Try to check out a person before you threaten him...
I suggest you start over noob ;)

h0llygh0st today at 13:39
I honestly hope this is a alias, although it would make much difference...

Your not even ranked above 1000 in both worlds you played before
Not to mention your in a noobtribe like NG...

h0llygh0st today at 13:39
Village Points Old Owner New Owner Date/Time
007 (418|339) K34 3,603 Abandoned TheHazardous [SADIS] 13th March 2008 - 19:57:15
006 (414|339) K34 3,146 Abandoned TheHazardous [~BU~] 09th March 2008 - 03:07:13
003 (419|335) K34 3,151 Abandoned TheHazardous [_S-H_] 26th February 2008 - 07:51:39
005 (414|335) K34 3,080 Abandoned TheHazardous [_S-H_] 24th February 2008 - 04:01:25
004 (415|337) K34 1,293 Abandoned TheHazardous [ROBOT] 19th February 2008 - 15:19:32
002 (414|340) K34 1,529 Abandoned TheHazardous [ROBOT] 15th February 2008 - 19:34:29

Impressive... Ever nobled anything other than a abandoned village?
Do you even know about troops?

h0llygh0st today at 13:41
Village Points Old Owner New Owner Date/Time
Always Asleep (434|481) K44 3,360 baddersben [24/7] TheHazardous [NG] 19th March 2008 - 20:15:20

Wauw! Im surprised...
You actually nobled A 24/7 village? you were at war with them right, and your duke disbanded you haha

TheHazardous today at 13:41
Sorry I can't speak english.

h0llygh0st today at 13:42
Haha, your to much ;)
Lemme guess, you think RAKI is a good idea for a tribe right? ...

h0llygh0st today at 13:45
I'll talk in a language you'll understand...

You can't survive here.

Please go to Settings, Start Over and Confirm :)

It saves a lot of time for you.

Seriously this got me pissed :lol:
To bad for me he changed hi villages name into a response for me...
My village name (as usual during the start)
I Am Gonna Bleed The Sky
I Am Gonna Make You Bleed

His english seems to be ok to me...


dono2oo7 today at 13:49 said:
Hello, if you hadn't noticed I'm right next to you which is very unfortunate. For you that is, as I happen to be a very experienced player which if you are as well you would of heard of me. So I will most likely farm/noble you later in the game. So I'd like to suggest that you restart so that you respawn far, far away from me where you will have a better chance of survival. That way I get a free abandoned village to farm right next to me, and you get to survive in this world which I think is a very good proposition.

If you are a good player as well you'll realise that it's bad for us to both be next to each other as we'll hinder each others growth, if not it's just bad for you.

So to clarify:

-Enter password
-Choose orientation

Good day,

LOL :lol:

Addition: That NOOB just built a statue. Nearest BV is 1:30 away :)
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CHE is very cool ;)

relocate said:
Legendry today at 13:47
Please start over because I'm going to farm you village so frequently it will be living hell for you.

noobs -.-


it doesnt seem that funny

Restart said:
hruikan today at 14:10
Could you restart?

lots of <3


yuvin today at 14:10

hruikan today at 14:11
i love you

you should return the gesture and restart

thanks ^^

but the funny thing is he invited me into his tribe after o_O


Just a quick reminder for this topic,



Here said:
Revenged- today at 17:25
Hey, you should just restart. I plan on farming you the second beginner protection is over. It's friendly advice, no need to waste time, right?

Just go to settings, press start over, type in your password, and press OK.

I'm really sorry, but I just don't want you to waste 5 days just to get farmed the second you get out of beginner protection. I sent this mail to you because I've taken a liking to you, and you should follow my advice, it would really help you

koolB today at 18:15
no, and ask again and you'll have to deal with [player]budyykool[/player] ranked 35th atm

koolB today at 18:15

Revenged- today at 18:16
Oh no, no shit please.

Oh noez me iz gonna diez


You should quit Revenged. I would if I was you. He could be scary. He could have an older brothers to set on you...:icon_eek:


Restart said:
krc155 today at 19:05
As a member of [ally]Thats[/ally] a teaching tribe in W17

I thought that you would enjoy a guide from our forum:

1. Settings > Start Over
2. Enter Password
3. Confirm

This guide enable's you to grow in peace without being farmed by me

~ Krc155
~ Your local hardworking farmer

TRWFdowsy today at 19:35
Ok, i'll keep that in mind when you have 0 troops, 0 farm and 0 barracks.

Trust me mate, you should read over your own guide.

krc155 today at 19:58
I've read it

I think i would really help you

TRWFdowsy today at 20:04
up your's mate, have fun on the rim.

I thought it was pretty good

He didn't like it :icon_cry: