Funny IGM's (in game mails)


G.d0o0lf today at 13:02
Why was the expulsion ?

NukeProof today at 13:04
me no spek english

G.d0o0lf today at 13:05
Do you speak Arabic?

NukeProof today at 13:06

G.d0o0lf today at 13:08
What do you say?

NukeProof today at 13:08
oui spek arabic

G.d0o0lf today at 13:12

Why would being expelled from the tribe?

NukeProof today at 13:14
إظهار التحويل إلى الحروف اللاتينية

G.d0o0lf today at 13:14
هلا ^_^

G.d0o0lf today at 13:16
¿Por qué habría de ser expulsado de la tribu?

NukeProof today at 13:18
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ?

G.d0o0lf today at 13:20
¿Qué me dices

G.d0o0lf today at 13:20
Quiero unirme a la tribu!

G.d0o0lf today at 13:20
I want to join the tribe!

G.d0o0lf today at 13:20
Eu quero participar da tribo!

NukeProof today at 13:21
tu lick moi :p

G.d0o0lf today at 13:22

G.d0o0lf today at 13:22

G.d0o0lf today at 13:22

G.d0o0lf today at 13:24

G.d0o0lf today at 13:29

G.d0o0lf today at 13:49

G.d0o0lf today at 13:50
Why was my expulsion from the tribe?
What did you do?

G.d0o0lf today at 13:50
Go to hell!
do not understand what he said but :p

ihA Sn0w

TeBirkis today at 14:02


Invite pl0x :D


ihA Sn0w today at 14:04
Im going to have to ask you to step out of your Vehicle sir.

*scans with bomb detecter... *


h0ly Crap sir, you have a bomb on your belt.

Im going to have to Arrest you sir.

Taking you back to PCP For questioning.

TeBirkis today at 14:05
Oh noes :'(

I was set up! I swearz! The precious made me do it :( No no, Jax made me do it.

ihA Sn0w today at 14:06
hand over the Ring sir..

TeBirkis today at 14:09
*Takes off the Ring*

Throws it into the air, over the head of Sn0w, runs for Ring.

*stumbles over a Snorlax, smashing face first into the ground*

Sn0w catches the Ring.

ihA Sn0w today at 14:11
The Ring is mine!

*puts on ring*

Trips and falls into Mount Doom...

TeBirkis today at 14:13
*Points into the pits of Mount Doom where the invisible Sn0w is getting roasted*

HAHA! <- Nelson voice.

*Edge of cliff breaks off, sends TeBirkis tumbling into Mount Doom*

Oh bugger..

ihA Sn0w today at 14:14
2 hours later....

*gandalf comes flying in on eagle looking for Frodo... *

*Dramatic Music... *


Nothing Gets Past Security :lol:
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Black Talons.

Took me a while but managed to get someone to restart:)

pniklowicz today at 16:16
good girl ^_^
wowwchristina today at 16:16
i restarted
pniklowicz today at 16:15
i do not care last chance either restart or 3 days and your dead anyways your choice good luck
wowwchristina today at 16:12
true... but there alot of other people too.. :)
pniklowicz today at 16:10
resources >:)
wowwchristina today at 16:10
but WHY.just WHY
pniklowicz today at 16:05
no can do sorry restart
wowwchristina today at 16:05
sigh....can you just not farm me?
pniklowicz today at 16:04
wowwchristina today at 16:02
so you can farm me....20 swords?...really.
pniklowicz today at 15:57
you get 20 swords thats only if you restart after you built a level 3 timbercamp
wowwchristina today at 15:52
what happens?
pniklowicz today at 15:44
build your wood pit to 3 then restart for me something cool happens if you do that =O
wowwchristina today at 15:42
haha okayyy
pniklowicz today at 15:41
i wub u! <3
wowwchristina today at 15:38
meanie! :(
wowwchristina today at 15:38
but your going to farm me pfft
pniklowicz today at 15:38
lol O_O Zomg!!! :( i thought u wubed mehz though :(
wowwchristina today at 15:33
Why farm me, what if i farm you ?
wowwchristina today at 15:33
you reply so fast holy
pniklowicz today at 15:32
ok see you in 3 days

Super Brat

spot12356 today at 13:49
r u a baron

Super Brat today at 13:50
no, why?

spot12356 today at 13:50
then why u changing player privs

Super Brat today at 13:50
no i did not

spot12356 today at 13:51
it said on the overview u did lol

Super Brat today at 13:52
its nukeproof

spot12356 today at 13:52
tell him to stop

Super Brat today at 13:54

spot12356 today at 13:56

Super Brat today at 13:56
you are not even in our tribe :s

spot12356 today at 13:59
i was kicked like manymore players could u make a fuom post saying there nukeproof is disbanding the tribe and that if anyone does get kicked to join my tribe until futher notice

Super Brat today at 14:01

spot12356 today at 14:01
thnks alot

Super Brat today at 14:02
you welcome :)

spot12356 today at 14:10
has any one stop him yet

Super Brat today at 14:15

spot12356 today at 14:17
whats happening is any one eble to invite everyone back

Super Brat today at 14:22
we are doing that later..

spot12356 today at 14:27
whoes in charged now

Super Brat today at 14:27

spot12356 today at 14:30
how did u get duke privs

Super Brat today at 14:31
i am co-duke now

spot12356 today at 14:32
whoes duke then

Super Brat today at 14:32

spot12356 today at 14:35
right ok i guess u wont be able to invite me over would u

Super Brat today at 14:35
not yet

spot12356 today at 14:36
how come

Super Brat today at 14:37
waiting for ice-cream man to first

spot12356 today at 14:38
im confused ur co-duke but ur not aloud to invite

Super Brat today at 14:38
I can invite

spot12356 today at 14:39
it doesnt matter now its too late to tribe is gone
Me liez

Super Brat

666.devil today at 14:13
why dismiss? im in this tribe since 12:02...

Super Brat today at 14:15
you are the devil, be gone satan!!

666.devil today at 14:16
u are a brat, be gone brat...

Super Brat today at 14:17

csalvetti today at 15:30
what the f... is going on

Super Brat today at 15:31
im fine thanks and you?
Afro Frog today at 14:13
Why did you withdraw the tribe invite?

Super Brat today at 14:16
I dont like frogs

Afro Frog today at 14:19
That i guess all the mini-funny convos


you have got to be the most unpopular person on W46 right now XD


Ehm we made a guy restart by... Random messaging? Who knew?

Scordman today at 14:56
hey m8..

would you like to join our growing tribe? we are small but will grow every rapidly and plan on taking this whole continent over,,, we will make strong alliances with bigger tribes and expand outward to take on more areas... ( we will be a strong brotherhood ) all with your help... and this is your invitation...

you need to join...

all you need is...

credit card nember here....<<<<>>> jk

but please consider joining really...

thx [player]Scordman[/player]

ViperIzzy today at 14:59
Why don't you give me your credit card number and I might join? :p

Scordman today at 15:00
lol.. all is is a jk..

Scordman today at 15:00
all it is a jk,,,lol

ViperIzzy today at 16:45
Walking in a winter wonderlaaaand..

Scordman today at 16:52

ViperIzzy today at 16:54
Blizzards strike and kill everyone... not so much a wonderland anymore!

Scordman today at 16:55
lol.. so why do you say that???

ViperIzzy today at 16:56
Everyone's dead! No talking!

Scordman today at 16:57

ViperIzzy today at 17:01
I hear dead people!

Scordman today at 17:14
lol.. i am not ur hoob no more... i have move to k46.. were i can be in my but if you wont i will sent you as my P.A if you like

ViperIzzy today at 17:16
The voices in my head say... Mail back later! The answer can be found in your next fortune cookie!

Super Brat

W46 Fruitcake today at 13:29
Can I have Duke status? I got promoted to Baron because The other one knew me from the external forums. If so, I could help you out with stuff :).

DestenyOfYou today at 17:21
gtfo negro freak

W46 Fruitcake today at 17:35
not nice :(

DestenyOfYou today at 17:35
why?that thaty you destroyed my tribe. FREAK

W46 Fruitcake today at 17:48
what tribe?

DestenyOfYou today at 17:48
my tribe. FREAK

W46 Fruitcake today at 17:54
there is only 2 members in your tribe o_O

DestenyOfYou today at 17:58
there was 220 and u dismissed them all. FREAK, dont play taht you dont know what are am i talking about

W46 Fruitcake today at 18:00
i did not, others helped

DestenyOfYou today at 18:01
u and your freaking company. i think your gay

W46 Fruitcake today at 18:08
Yes I am, I love super brat's eyes. Nukes *had to remove this* . others are ugly assed guys
I was sitting him, and he mailed us both and this convo developed better


that was heaps funny, W46 has been a barrel of laughs so far

Super Brat

DestenyOfYou today at 17:04
hey, Freak whats up? happy to destroy others tribe? oh, i see i made so good tribe that it just need to be destroyed. I still dont understand where such freaks come from...

Super Brat today at 17:10
lesson 1, you should be careful of who you give privs too

DestenyOfYou today at 17:10

Super Brat today at 17:13

DestenyOfYou today at 17:14
thanks? stop hiding of being scared. when pb is over ill noble you

Super Brat today at 17:15
is that so? *me is shaking*


DestenyOfYou today at 17:16
well lets see who is NOOB here. i think you, you were too mad cause i made too good tribe

Super Brat today at 17:17
where is your tribe noob?
No answer


This took me too long! but i got my barb.

who woulda thought all those cliches would work!?

I be sooo experienced :D

loserfish today at 18:33
I am here to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity.

you can restart now in a new position and I will tell you how to grow fast in this game and contribute to you 1000 of each resource every 3 days.

I am a very experienced player from previous worlds such as w17 i play under this name.
I also play as dark14444 on w29 in the top50.

it is futile for you to try and survive here.


pokemonross today at 18:36
why dont me and you make a tribe

loserfish today at 18:38
I will make a tribe with you, and give you all of these things if you restart.

pokemonross today at 18:39
but if i restart i will be mingt not be near you

loserfish today at 18:41
click north west and you will be ;)

pokemonross today at 18:42
but then we wont be near each other

loserfish today at 18:53
we will, and if not i will invite all the good people between here and there :D

pokemonross today at 18:56
can we merge into the tribe your in now

loserfish today at 18:57
yes i reckon so, all you need to do is restart

pokemonross today at 18:58
why do you want me to restart so much

loserfish today at 18:58
it gives me a barbarian to farm.

pokemonross today at 18:59
just let us merge into you

loserfish today at 19:02
no, not until you restart.

pokemonross today at 19:08
but then i wont be near my tribe and your tribe

loserfish today at 19:09
you will if you restart north west.

if you dont i will attack you later.

pokemonross today at 19:10
ok ill restart but remember to give me resorses and let us merge into your tribe

pokemonross today at 19:12
im nowhere near you

pokemonross today at 19:13
you lied

loserfish today at 19:14
i thought it would work :/

it usually does

pokemonross today at 19:15
but are you gon to let us merge and give me recoures

loserfish today at 19:15
i will still give you the resources.

loserfish today at 19:16
What a shame, you will believe anything huh?

pokemonross today at 19:16
you lied

pokemonross today at 19:17
i thought you liked me

loserfish today at 19:19
i did like you(r nice juicey village)

Super Brat

Super Brat today at 19:35
oh you are that noob i heard so much about

Ihavenomercy today at 19:40
thets me lol

Super Brat today at 19:45
ive seen that, and ive seen the stupid guides you copied and claimed as your own and even the thread on PnP forums where you said you killed neversleeps riding a car

Ihavenomercy today at 19:50
lol noob i have never write i writed them.. can you not read its only my website with stuff

Super Brat today at 19:52
You are uncovered, TW community sees you as a frawed. Grow up and make your own guides noob

Ihavenomercy today at 19:54
i have my own guide..but that is a secret lol..why should i share it then i would not be again and again N.1
you are just a noob

Super Brat today at 19:55
How can you say I am noob without knowing a thing about me? I never posted somebody else's guide as my own.

Ihavenomercy today at 19:57
i follow your logik supernoob..
is a shame you can not read i dont gona explain it again to you dummie

Super Brat today at 20:01
ofcourse I wont be able to read if you spell that bad and have such bad grammar.

Logik, its logic
gona, its gonna
dummie, its dummie

Now let me fix your text which proves that those guides in your site are not yours as they have no spelling mistakes

Author said:
I follow your logic supernoob..
It is a shame you can not read so I am not going to explain it to you again dummy
Ihavenomercy today at 20:05
of cours you dont know slang

Super Brat today at 20:07
no sorry, i use English not noobish talk

Ihavenomercy today at 20:08
dont say sorry it makes you weak omg

Super Brat today at 20:09
:eek: this is going on world forums :D

Ihavenomercy today at 20:10
im banned there becouse my enemy is a mod lol
If you are weak and you know it say you're sorry


ian3566 today at 15:58
we are looking for active players to join our happy tribe to have fun and help each other if you are interested please contack me for an invite good luck ian

lil pea today at 15:59
i can see myself... Wow!!

ian3566 today at 16:25
i have sent you an invite

lil pea today at 16:33
haveyousentmeaninvite!!!!!! Awsome!!! Wats up with that?

ian3566 today at 17:42
acept it to join our tribe we will help you

lil pea today at 18:31
hep ¨\you?

ian3566 today at 18:45
ok you joined another tribe

ian3566 today at 18:48
wh ble du med en annen triewre vi ot gode nok er o ikke en prble lykke

why did you join another tribe

lil pea today at 19:39
eh... Idk i kinda do things spontaneously, and i may be norwegian, but i have no idea what you just said...