Funny IGM's (in game mails)


Now I've seen barb noblers before. But tornado puts a whole new meaning to the term. Usually when you see someone nobling barbs they will at least have a few player villages taken. But wow.... I have no more words. Just WOW. ken, can I help? hehehe


Sylbestros-GR on 27.09. at 21:02
The majority of your tribe is still nobling inactives!!!
You shopuld should do something about it !
I see rdx are bombarding you in the south mate though nothing juicy is in public forums :eek:

Golums Precious on 27.09. at 22:31
;) check the stats again you will see we are leading in both our war's the inactive are Due to the access we have to them and that in-turn decides our actions on them.

Just to show i'm not misleading you.

Skill? & BOA
Side 1:
Tribes: Skill?
Side 2:
Tribes: BOA

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 179
Side 2: 88
Difference: 91


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,633,690
Side 2: 799,637
Difference: 834,053


Skill? Vs 3DX
Side 1:
Tribes: Skill?
Side 2:
Tribes: 3DX

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 156
Side 2: 124
Difference: 32


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,391,169
Side 2: 1,129,933
Difference: 261,236


No 3DX wont post they have been hinting for a nap ;)

Sylbestros-GR on 27.09. at 22:42

This is the real status of your tribe mate . I know how easy it is to change war stats .But you can never change your overal status in the tribes stats., and certainly your overall stats is not what is called a healthy tribe .
I donnot demand to accept it . But believe me I have more experience in tribes than you can imagine to see exactly what is happening in the world .

Golums Precious today at 00:30
OK... you sent me this

4 losses to war.
8 war takes.
3 eternals
3 random villas...

You tell me about "your" experience and how Skill? as a tribe are doing when you are not in a much better position. Other than danico being hit by a surprise we haven't had any major losses... so please. don't point to stats unless you know the full situation stats only tell you where the villages are going it dose not tell you where offense or defense is. its imposable to tell the stacked players and there after you lastly do not know our tribal policy. so i would appreciate if you didn't mail me out of the blue telling me the very tribe I'm in is being beaten badly when 1337 its self is in a horrendous position and yes i do know... me and daz has spoken about you before (not in an unfriendly matter) when Anarky and BOA were ABCD 1337 and skill was going to joint hit them but now it seems that would have just meant us doing all the footwork...

right sorry about that long one... wanna try again without the criticism ??

Golums Precious today at 00:33
a perfect example check this players location in contrast to our wars then check the ODD chart along with the village losses.

Sylbestros-GR today at 08:56
Our south area is unorganised . I never said we are in the perfect condition either .
But when you first created the tribe you took a hell of good players with you and yes you are not letting those people do anything rather than noble the inactives .
This is a bad strategy mate and since there is no real war happening your stats should be just great ,but there arean't .
as for our tribe . The south is hammered hard but we certainly can survive .We have more than 3 continent borders in safe area no matter what happens. when the inactives in the area are eaten anarky wont be able to move on .

Golums Precious today at 18:04
Look GR. shut up!. Can i be anymore Clear on that ? Your Still trying to tell me how I'm doing my job...

Lets look at the facts. ohh crap i already shows you didn't I ?

So theres a name for you thats hypocrite but don't worried i'm no fool ill let the world decide on the PnP.. go tell the world on how much better you are than the rest of the world.

Yes you are safe only because you are a rim player the equivalent of a Bottom feeder. you got nothing bigger the direction you been going.

and no. [player]tornado777[/player] dont count he was a barb nobler and thats it.

Ill up you the link. go back to your hole..

So Hypocrite or not ?


Yea, I'd be pissed too if my tribe was winning two wars against two top 10 tribes.


GR, you failed. Badly. Losing a war, you offer poor and useless advice to a tribe that's winning 2 wars at once, and winning by a long shot.


umm.. TBH not really wise of Sylbestros to talk like that with the neighbouring tribe in 1337 current situation ...


looks like your missing my silver tongue Sylb when talking to other tribes :icon_wink:


umm.. TBH not really wise of Sylbestros to talk like that with the neighbouring tribe in 1337 current situation ...

he was trying the same crap on me the other day and all i wanted to do was bash him - so we will

he was drumming up an alliance so we could both hit skill together

i decided we would continue hitting 1337 and TNK

anything else makes little sense


After what ANARKY did to them why would you want to ally with them?


i dont understand the question

well i do, however i cant answer it until you understand my last post properly ... as you have taken it exactly the opposite way to what i intended
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Funny in game mails historically speaking .... maybe someone still remembers 'red rosto' in this world and his forum posts :)
[somewhere in old threads] that was hilarious ....


Hmm.. did anyone ever transfer my mails with 500 to this thread? Those were some classics... with Hrst, and the old Sword I think


LOL when I first joined this world I ended up in a heated discussion with this player from the end I belittled and ridiculed her. Her last comment to me was " I am to busy to talk to you, I have a large tribe to run."

Shadowzilla on 26.10. at 00:06
Hey how's it going? Is your "big" tribe doing well? Remember me? You told me you were going to have me destroyed because you did not know how to read and thought I accused your tribe of being spys.

Well it has been 2 months now and I have destroyed all but 1 500 member in k3(I am waiting till he gets to at least 2000 pts). And now I am twice your size and I don't even have a tribe.

I also see that LFOD has declared all 500 members food now. Hmmm seems that some dukes are just tired of talking to you.

Well I wish you all the best but alas I am still working towards the tribe I wish to join so I am wayyyyy to busy to chat with you anymore.


vengefulfist on 26.10. at 09:17
get lost idiot

LOL I could not have asked for a better response.


Keep growing the way you are and the tribe your working on joining may accept you!


stamfordbridge on 05.12. at 20:40
What's the idea, the troops you just wiped out were going to be used in support of a TSL attack on [player]fabster1[/player]!

Dmoron on 05.12. at 20:43

stamfordbridge on 05.12. at 20:47
Is this a serious attack or what, cos if it is I need more O.D.D. If not please realise I'am now awake and still intend on assisting my allies in TSL

Dmoron on 05.12. at 20:50
which allies do you speak of

stamfordbridge on 05.12. at 20:54
[player]Diabolic Lust[/player] and [player]carlsbergmike[/player]

Dmoron on 05.12. at 20:55
Oh really? because both of them have claims on your villas ;)

stamfordbridge on 05.12. at 20:56
Have they now, must have a word with them then. Hold on a moment!

stamfordbridge on 05.12. at 21:15
Ok mate just PMed him, no probs and I understand. Good luck, you'll need it!

Dmoron on 05.12. at 21:19
lol hmmm a 135m point tribe vs a 1.2m point player. Yup We'll need all the luck we can geT!

stamfordbridge on 05.12. at 21:21
Not a hint of sarcasm there, is there? It will be a laugh anyway!

Dmoron on 06.12. at 01:52
I'm gonna love all of this ODA

stamfordbridge today at 22:55
Well it's going to be interesting to say the least! Just as well my prem account just ran out. I will renew when I know how many of your villages I have gained. Sorry I have to knock you out of the game but I'am sure you'll understand!! And if by any chance you should actually win, nice one and I may actually forgive you and TSL when I return to haunt you!

Dmoron today at 23:21