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King Joke The Lizard

point whores get first entrance so we can have challenge :)


point whores arent as good as 8 part family tribes :)

with 5 members in each :D

King Joke The Lizard

The following values were calculated today at 12:14
Messages sent: 0 (0.0 per player)
Total points: 147 (49 per player, 49 per village)
Total resources: 744 742 552
Total population: 89

Wasted Generation

We likes my few minutes of activity :icon_cool:.

Wasted Generation today at 14:09


Kullie today at 14:10
first im inviting a lot of people to make the tribe more look more interesting.. :) but if you want me to mail you then no problem.. :)

Wasted Generation today at 14:11

Kullie today at 14:14

Im contacting You because i've been watching you for several of minutes and noticed your activity. That kind of activity is some we can use in this tribe!
So because of that i'll send you an invite to [ally]~SF~[/ally], so together we can stand STRONG!

Greetings [player]Kullie[/player]


I got one :D

thephilipboy today at 15:16
You have been lucky enough to get an invite into [ally]FBI[/ally] we are a loyal tribe who supports all our members.

MinatoNamiikaze today at 15:19
You have been unlucky enough to invite a player that will noble your ass.

thephilipboy today at 15:20
you have been unlucky enough to get me pissed.

MinatoNamiikaze today at 15:22
You have been unlucky enough to get me pissed.

thephilipboy today at 15:23
im sorry but in 5 days you will have to restart

MinatoNamiikaze today at 15:24
Im sorry but in 5 days you will already be my farm. Why would I have to restart?

thephilipboy today at 15:25
becouse in 5 days you will already be my farm

thephilipboy today at 15:26
but seriously join our tribe

MinatoNamiikaze today at 15:31
Lol.. No thanks

thephilipboy today at 15:32
do you read naruto?

thephilipboy today at 15:32
im your son and il teach you the wind rasengan

thephilipboy today at 15:33
if you join

thephilipboy today at 15:34
i will even give you [player]king hummus[/player] to farm

thephilipboy today at 15:35
check out our profile and see what you think, jiraya would join

thephilipboy today at 15:36
your not on my 7 by 7 im not on yours, we wont get in the way of each other, join and the force is with you!!!!!!!