Funny IGM's


Application mails are now useless, most of you guys ignore them :)

No matter how hard you try writing it, it will always FAIL.


you put yourself on our profile... if you didn't want all the n00b mails, why did you bother?
Because hopefully some of the applications he receives will not be from noobs...Perhaps...:icon_rolleyes:

Ignore me, forgot you are a duke of Ngw...
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everyone who is not a noob is currently in a tribe atm as far as i can see. as we dont plan on poaching (m)any more members from other tribes, recruitment isn't really all that interesting for any tribe at the moment. although i never really find it interesting. thats why i dont do the recruitment :p


same i got that exact same message
meh if someone put there time into writing a good app we might think about recruiting them or giving them a trial or something, in my eyes if people cant be arsed too write a good application, are they going to be active in the game or anything, cos its alll time related, plus people who cant BB code omfg seriously is that difficult is half the TW community below 50 IQ or something :| my dog has more than that lols.

id say for every good app i have 20-25 bad ones :| and its so simple too do a good application, even better ive left an example on the tribe profile and people still give me a pile of shit :|, soooo annoying, and mark you can do recruitment if you want might give you something to do :)

another thing that annoys me people who think beacuse they have a friend in the tribe they will get an automatic invite without doing an application or having an account sit ect, now seriously beacuse you know someone in the tribe dosnt make you special does it :| unless your mark you get on the yellow bus :D as the famous bishbosh said
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I like you application template immunesoul, but I'm not sure I would give away my timezone if I was applying to a tribe.


I like you application template immunesoul, but I'm not sure I would give away my timezone if I was applying to a tribe.
nice to know for account sitting rotations for accounts that are been mass attacked, joining a new tribe is always a risk anyway, so i guess its just an added risk, if the player is good enough they should have nothing too worry about.


the best profile ever :D

Roman V

Personal text
In case you think I am a farm because of my higher ODD rank, think again. I do not dodge an attack and, I retaliate. I only prefer to see my enemies die in front of my eyes than to hear the heroic tales of my troops in foreign lands.

Better leave me alone than sorry. You may be next.

I have no compulsion against losing my troops in war. War is war. Death is death. Death comes with war.

You think you can take my villages easily? You just made my day! Thousands of your troops will come and die before my eyes, boys!!!

I did battle a tribe without any help from my own. My enemies are too many but one of them was wiped out. Though I may have lost my village but in return, FIVE enemy nobles paid the price with their lives. Is that bad? Not to worry, more will.

Can you imagine the odds I can face?

A better question is, do I really expect to win against a whole tribe? Anyone who answers that in the affirmative does not know this game. I can do damage and inflict heavy casualties. I may go down in defeat, but it will be a glorious defeat, and you will dwell in eternity in a victory so shameful, you will regret achieving it!

But, of course this is tribal wars where bigger is always better. Go ahead...


mark you can do recruitment if you want might give you something to do :)
:icon_neutral: i do plenty... i sometimes delete posts in the forum... i sometimes do other thingys... i invited someone once... i edited the profile once..... OHHHH and i just gave us a website... everyone check out our website <3

the lords off doom

[10:08:46 PM] Slingzaar: i needed to hear that from you
[10:08:46 PM] Slingzaar: we welcome different opinions
[10:08:55 PM] Slingzaar: but we will not tolerate being a tribe

Quote of the year anyone? :) And yes it is taken out of context but what the heck :p


I'm pretty sure whoever said that is the smartest, but most busy person ever whenever he or she wrote that.

That is pretty epic, though.

the ultimate battle

Coffein92 today at 00:31
talk with TRIBE if [player]gaurav271186[/player] have second chance why i cant have plz plz give me a second chance plzzz i will back all resource and i will be LOAYal i will read tribal forum every day :(((

the ultimate battle today at 00:39
why were you kicked.

Coffein92 today at 00:40
dont know wisp to Wormtongue fast plz man save my life here :((

the ultimate battle today at 00:43
i know exactly why you were kicked.

Coffein92 today at 00:44
for claim???village its my BIG MISTAKE :(((( answer i need chat right now cuz i am depresiv

the ultimate battle today at 00:50
i am to mate. but i can still remember to claim.

New Owner Date/Time
Village-7 BD (559|731) K75 2,045 Abandoned Coffein92 [BD] 2010-03-11 16:02:22
Village-6 (583|727) K75 2,070 Abandoned Coffein92 [BD] 2010-03-06 03:08:12
Village-5 (587|718) K75 2,310 kaysoky88 [BD] Coffein92 [BD] 2010-02-26 08:09:31
Village-4 (589|724) K75 1,082 Shelfunit [GATE3E] Coffein92 [BDA] 2010-02-12 20:00:40
Village-3 (583|726) K75 7,757 rodxxx Coffein92 [BDA] 2010-02-06 23:49:47
Village-2 (584|730) K75 2,032 Abandoned Coffein92 [BDA] 2010-01-30 23:07:15

we have all issued warnings. we have all swayed and fluxxed for members like you (that forget the basics) to stay here.

but this isn't tribalhugs. we are warriors, and warriors follow their leaders every command. Warriors should be loyal. They should be able to talk right, and Mark there claims.

im sorry. but i cannot help you out of this situation.

if you want to help out BD, vacate your lands, and fork them over. Sorry bubba.


Coffein92 today at 00:52
what is mean Abandoned ??????i didnt register claim or???

the ultimate battle today at 00:54
abandoned, is a BARB. a useless waste for a noble. you knew that you werent supposed to take them, and you KNEW you shoul dhave put up claims.

if you didnt know that, then you should have been nobled a long time ago.

the ultimate battle today at 00:54
you could have used those nobles and got ALOT more out of them, so you not only wasted resources, but wasted time and effort. so now WE [BD] has to waste time and effort on you.

Coffein92 today at 00:56
but dude we have not been in war when i claim it and i must claim bonus village its good ??? what i will claim if we are not in warr...i know now how to play :) ty for next time i will never doo false like that :(

the ultimate battle today at 00:57
war with who?

there are more players than just CoD and AAA. i see many claims a day, that are just on players! not AAA or CoD players, but others.

im sorry for whats about to happen, but it has to be done. and if you knew how to play, then you should have known how to follow directions.

Coffein92 today at 00:58
dude i can CLAIM AAA village cuz we are not in WAR WITH them WTF?

the ultimate battle today at 01:00

jeez. why are you getting?

Reason you were kicked:



Coffein92 today at 01:02
u never CLaim Barb BUT why they didnt WARNING ME whyyy???i dont know for BARBING noble is to **** plz paste this to [player]Wormtongue[/player] and PEACE guys u are the best tribe what i have ib this game really best position when i go on map all is BLUE villages :)))

the ultimate battle today at 01:04
we warned everyone.

if we saw you CLAIMING a barb we would have told you no BECAUSE ITS A WASTE!!!

and we didnt get to be as big as we are by barbnobling, and barbaric ways.

Coffein92 today at 01:06
u never CLaim Barb BUT why they didnt WARNING ME whyyy???i dont know for BARBING noble is to **** plz paste this to Wormtongue and PEACE guys u are the best tribe what i have ib this game really best position when i go on map all is BLUE villages :))) plz PASTE it to him plzzz :(((

the ultimate battle today at 01:07
i have been forwarding what has been said all night


Coffein92 today at 01:08
ahhh i understand cuz if i CLAM othe player village we will clean all players meybe he will be in future our ENEMY TY DUDE i will doo it :)

Coffein92 today at 01:11
???i got it or no ???? ahhh i understand cuz if i CLAM othe player village we will clean all players meybe he will be in future our ENEMY TY DUDE i will doo it :)..right?

the ultimate battle today at 01:15

if you see attacks its for the worst.

and if you see attacks, and still want to help out BD. Send all support to [coord]255|715[/coord]

Coffein92 today at 01:33
but he is not in BD ??? answer??? and if i send all deff there i will lose my village i have 3 atc

the ultimate battle today at 01:34
i know.

Coffein92 today at 01:40
he is friend of u or what ????

the ultimate battle today at 01:42
you can say that.

he would look after them while we are nobling you.

the ultimate battle today at 01:43
or atleast the villages that are useful to the tribe.

Coffein92 today at 01:47
ah ok :) u talk with Wormtounge?

Coffein92 today at 01:49
kk ty for chat with me cya good night

the ultimate battle today at 01:50
I dont think he understands what im talking about here...

Waffen Boy

You are friends with someone who uses abusive language? :icon_rolleyes:

As for the good luck, you obviously don't know me.

Additional info on said player from previous world:

sweet revenge (412|783) K74 9,449 To Kill a Jester [Sweet] Convictpwnz [BK] 2009-11-11 02:06:40
My Buddy (409|780) K74 9,016 To Kill a Jester [Sweet] Convictpwnz [BK] 2009-11-09 17:26:27
Jesters Ally 2 (406|780) K74 1,109 Abandoned Convictpwnz [BK] 2009-11-04 18:15:41
9) Pork (687|774) K76 2,952 franzjo [LOKI] Convictpwnz [BK] 2009-11-04 15:03:13
6) Pork (684|774) K76 425 Abandoned Convictpwnz [BK] 2009-10-31 09:04:42
4) Pork (685|777) K76 988 Abandoned Convictpwnz [BK] 2009-10-30 10:17:34
Jesters Ally 3 (408|778) K74 4,107 jaymucca [PIay] Convictpwnz [BK] 2009-10-19 09:25:29
8) Pork (681|777) K76 393 Abandoned Convictpwnz [TOL] 2009-10-12 06:24:27
7) Pork (681|778) K76 386 Abandoned Convictpwnz [TOL] 2009-10-11 01:32:38
5) Pork (684|775) K76 603 Thecrusher15 [NOMAD] Convictpwnz [P.W.N] 2009-10-07 01:01:30
4) Pwnz Playpen (686|774) K76 5,221 Abandoned Convictpwnz [P.W.N] 2009-10-04 18:34:55
Jesters ally 1 (406|782) K74 562 To Kill a Jester [Afraid] Convictpwnz [P.W.N] 2009-09-29 17:23:26
3) Pork (679|780) K76 1,261 Snake3TnT Convictpwnz [P.W.N] 2009-09-16 15:25:58
2) Pork (683|778) K76 113 westie33 Convictpwnz [P.W.N] 2009-09-07 06:24:21

To Kill a Jester is one of the most abusive players on tribal wars.


Seems worm STILL does not know how to deal with this kinda crap..

General MacLean

So I sent out a weekly CM sort of like a news letter to the tribe and Rod our duke dismissed someone for being a noob and instead of just forwarding to bored! or whoever as a spy he replyed to me!

archonshope today at 21:32
Some info about KND that you might find usefull :)

Why I'm helping you? You helped me (I was sitting Groundz for some time.)
And you've send imediatly support when I was under attack by KND.

We joined them for a day or two, already leaving, they are worthless ;)
(well not all but on the rim they have some pointwhores,
and they didn't want to kick them?)

Anyway tnx again for having helped me, so this is to repay you a bit :)
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siperr today at 23:25
Alright so guess what

rowakeJr today at 23:29
okay talk a little more...

siperr today at 23:31
Today I went out, and i walked down the street for a while. I came to this plaza, and there was a fish n chips. So, I went in, and i got the BEST POUTINE EVER!! OMG it was so good, I was so full but i wanted to buy another one, and i forgot to buy candy :(

rowakeJr today at 23:32
Awww pooor baby. Guess you better go get some as you wont be able to play this game properly without that. Oh wait maybe you need a hug? How about get a hug from you KND members ;) or even better get onr from the LOL family.

siperr today at 23:34
Nope :( I cant play properly, even WITH the candy! just look at ALL these stupid reports of me crushing Poltars nukes :( Come on man, You cant say i told you not to attack me.


lol :3


Click the link to see what we are talking about, spot whats wrong:

How did you do that?

By that I mean this:

And by this I mean that:
You changed your name :p

(I'm not just a random onlooker I am an random bashing onlooker :p)

hehe, i was pawned by the tribalwars managers. they found my name offensive and forced me to change it. i couldn't do it myself - they requested a new one and changed it with their kingly access. take it easy mate, a good question.

Do you mind me posting it on the funny igm on the externals? (Posting a link)

go right ahead
:) all good
I am not being discriminating blah blah blah... I just find it funny that it happened :)