Funny IGM's


a reply to a trade i took of the market. this player is bang beside finnie of icarus.READ FROM BOTTOM UP
lord bob the 8th on 05.04. at 18:42

haha, thanks
DA HAT on 05.04. at 18:32

miracle tactics!!!!!
well good luck to ya mate,keep me updated.
if you are still in the game,in present location in 4 weeks time i will gift you 10k of each
lord bob the 8th on 05.04. at 18:31

na, secret tactics haha
DA HAT on 05.04. at 18:28

they better be good ones.
hardly tell me?
lord bob the 8th on 05.04. at 18:28

well, I have other tactics haha
DA HAT on 05.04. at 18:26

ya see,he could be building you up so that his morale improves against you.
like now my morale on you is 51% so if send a full nuke to you it will fight at 51% power.
now he could be honest but i would have my doubts.
lord bob the 8th on 05.04. at 18:24

Ah, one of their players is looking after me. Yesterday, he sent me enough resources to build up 6000 troops in one night, cause he attacked me, thinking I was inactive haha
DA HAT on 05.04. at 18:17

no bother,always willing to trade wood.
though i doubt you will last too long more where you are,icarus will have you before too long.

lord bob the 8th on 05.04. at 18:15
Thanks :)
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Reaper190 today at 10:54
hi are you a mentor from frost?

Reaper190 today at 13:46

Pepe585 today at 14:04
Technically. Whats up?

Reaper190 today at 14:05
just asking to a great player who is big and strong

Pepe585 today at 14:05
What do you mean?

Reaper190 today at 14:06
nothing forget about it just want to hear your voice

Pepe585 today at 14:07

Reaper190 today at 14:08

This mail was just creepy.


kameboy on 11.04. at 01:22
Hi there

I am the diplomat of Astral Fantasy. I would like to know if our tribes can create an alliance.

Gugaoh on 11.04. at 09:24
Unfortunatly we have a talent limit on how talented you have to be before any diplomacy is considered. Unfortunatly, you are not talented enough.

:/ thats not very nice


you might be very talented... how would he know? you may not have a lot of points but thats a different criteria :icon_smile:


maisl from another world :p

Wbazu on 09.04. at 23:16
so why are you sending scouts at me? expecting to find treasures?

Lick me today at 13:42
no i am expecting mixxed villeges, a stupid villege build, and just overall terrible playing style.
Foreman420 on 10.04. at 02:09
hey man, I see you have attacked my tribe mate. You are obviously a noob and will be dealt with.

Foreman420 on 10.04. at 02:52
hahahaha I am just joking bro, I was hoping to catch you when you were online. You are a legend on world 25 so I just wanted to start up a convo hahha
angelofdeth on 09.04. at 23:05
You got a death wish or something ?

lick me today at 13:27
yes if you continue sending your imba defence at me :)


I kind of thought this one was funny

Consolidator on 07.05. at 11:43
pls send me an invite for your tribe, and maybe I'll try and forget the insane insult of these ridiculous attempts to attack me .
Cheers & Tx.

Drathv on 07.05. at 16:40
who are you?

Consolidator on 07.05. at 18:55
your worst nightmare if you do not watch out.
that is my last offer.
Otherwise you're experience in this world and others is over.

Drathv on 07.05. at 21:03
your funny :)

Consolidator on 14.05. at 13:01
mm..didn't need to get so offended as to rim me m8 ;)


At least he didn't want to touch you or just hear your voice :icon_eek: