Funny IGMs


title says it all. I thought id start it off with me and spleens 12 page convo. Not particularly funny but some parts were mildly amusing.

Noob said:
Spleen. today at 10:49
Oh look it's teh biggest noob

Nice tribe, where are all the members?

I've only had 3 invites so far :(

woodlandapple today at 10:51
statue finished so i bet ill get an invite from every mass-recruiter out there so far.

and the other members will join in time. ;)

Spleen. today at 10:53
My statue will be finished before the ranks update ;) And I'll only be 6 minutes behind you with farming

woodlandapple today at 10:54
damn the lack of iron or id have my pally in the queue now.

Spleen. today at 10:56
That's why my iron mine is building next, so I can get my pally straight away, then be able to get a clay put faster.

Where's my invite?

woodlandapple today at 10:57
my iron mine is next too, and its swinging over to you now.

woodlandapple today at 10:58
The invite, not the iron mine xD

Spleen. today at 10:58
Thanks, now I have 5 :p

And pally building

woodlandapple today at 10:59

Spleen. today at 11:01
The ranks will update in a minute, wonder how many noobs/point whores have built the statue first?

I'd better be above you ;)

woodlandapple today at 11:03
rank 4 ;)

Spleen. today at 11:03
I know :( I'm 62, I'll have timber and iron in the next hour :/

woodlandapple today at 11:04
ill have iron built in 5 mins. =)

Spleen. today at 11:06
I've got longer than that, but even without it built, I'll have all the mines built in the same hour as you, I think.

So, you're in a point whore, how's that working out for you?

woodlandapple today at 11:07
its working out just fine for the moment ;)

Spleen. today at 11:08
Hehe, how many bonuses/barbarians are in your 9x9, or whatever you have? I've got 2, but they're right on the edge :/

woodlandapple today at 11:09
no BVs yet =|. but two guys who look like there gonna make decent farms,

woodlandapple today at 11:10
iron mine finished ;)

Spleen. today at 11:10
Wow, only 2 other villages in your 9x9 :/ 9 others in mine :)

Spleen. today at 11:11
My mine will be built soon, it's just my immigrant workforce is on strike :/

woodlandapple today at 11:11
get out the whip, thast how my stuffs built so fast ;)

Spleen. today at 11:13
Meh, mine have joined a union, can't do that sort of thing anymore.

Think I might go and disband some tribes later, once some build up a bit ;)

woodlandapple today at 11:14
Oh noez, dont get us =(

Spleen. today at 11:15
I'm sure you're not stupid enough to let me be duke ;) And there's only you, no point disbanding it...yet

woodlandapple today at 11:16
I suppose ;). Any idea who you're joining once you decide to settle down?

Spleen. today at 11:17
No, no idea yet :O I'll choose a good tribe that have no members near me probably, I don't like in-tribe competition for nobling

woodlandapple today at 11:18
ye, its good to have a 13x13 to yourself, otherwise you clash all the time Dx

Spleen. today at 11:18
I'm thinking more 30x30 :p lol

I'll probably end up joining a tribe when I need an account sitter

woodlandapple today at 11:20
im always here if you need an account sitter ;)

Spleen. today at 11:21
Hehe, that's what I was hoping ;) You've got easter holidays for 2 weeks haven't you? I'm in the stupid part of england where we had it for the last 2 weeks :/ hence why I'm doing so well on w17, without any sitters needed.

I'm back to school tomorrow :/

woodlandapple today at 11:23
iv had it for one week, so this weeks free. But after that its back to normal activity =(

Spleen. today at 11:24
So you can help out for a week :D I'm in all day tomorrow and wednesday, but I'll be on thursday and friday morning ;)

Mines will all be built by the end of the hour, I'll keep up with you :)

woodlandapple today at 11:24
mines finished in 10mins ;). All but clay finished

Spleen. today at 11:25
I haven't got clay queued yet, but it will be before timber finishes

Spleen. today at 11:30
9 invites :O

woodlandapple today at 11:33
Have any others given you mail? or just me? Theres 7 pages of it already =S

woodlandapple today at 11:34
woo someone just appeared right next to me =). Restart persuasion time ;)

Spleen. today at 11:34
ps2 or whatever he's called from the forums asked me to join his tribe, he's now joined VVV, asked me to join them. Some noob messaged me as well.

8 pages :p

That's what I do, no one has so far

woodlandapple today at 11:37
I dont think anyones ever managed to persuade someone successfully. Its worth a try tho ;)

Spleen. today at 11:38
Yeah, never know when it might work. But all noobs are too stubborn. And then they complain when I start farming them after bp.

Got a message and invite from smurfs!

woodlandapple today at 11:39
still only the 4 =(. Its because im so goddamn secluded.

Spleen. today at 11:41
I've got 3 bonuses now, but all on the edge of my 9x9 :( Farming will be long and painful it seems

woodlandapple today at 11:43
thast what happened to me on W17. Hopefully ill be luckier here.

BTW, 9 pages ;)

Spleen. today at 11:43
Smurfs are mass recruiting from what I've heard from someone on the inside. Apparently they will get to 50 members, then stop.

woodlandapple today at 11:44
still the 2 members =(. Waiting for everyone to get on.

Spleen. today at 11:45
Lazy people :p

Mines built, waiting for points

woodlandapple today at 11:46
lack of iron =(.

Spleen. today at 11:58
Update soon!

And same here, hmm, what to build next?

woodlandapple today at 11:59
HQ prolly. Gonna get me some spears.

Spleen. today at 12:01
Long time to wait for that :(

woodlandapple today at 12:02
Resources available today at 14:18
yep =(

Spleen. today at 12:02
14.29 :( I'm trying to work out if it would be more profitable to go for level 2 mines first :/

woodlandapple today at 12:05
I would work it out if i wasnt so sleepy.

woodlandapple today at 12:06
people with 69 points? They obviously didnt build the pally. Which means that theyre point whores.

Spleen. today at 12:06
Yep, I conidered for a second stopping the pally building, then decided it will be best to get farming straight away.

woodlandapple today at 12:07
and no it woudlnt. Its iron im lacking and this is for lvl2 mine- Resources available today at 14:16

Spleen. today at 12:10
No good at all. Looks like hq next :) or timber/clay


It is very long.

I'm just wondering, have you guys heard of IRC? It's pretty good for conversations.


invitation said:
today at 12:13
Cant you see im in a tribe?

zalim34 today at 12:14
shut up accept it or not I just sent an invitation.

today at 12:16
Withdraw it. End of

zalim34 today at 12:17
NO I will not withdraw it because u will accept it soon,

today at 12:19
ok convince me

zalim34 today at 12:21
WELL if I were u I would go and check world 6, there is a tribe named HIRE-I, now click the tribe and see zalim34 there I am a baron of this tribe.;)

today at 12:25
your in a family tribe :/

zalim34 today at 12:28
will you join or not if u join you r the second oerson and u will be a baron are you in or not???

today at 12:31
I've already said no twice and the answer is no again p.s don't offer people baron because I nearly said yes and would of just mucked up your tribe forum

zalim34 today at 12:36

not really funny just annoying and kind of rude


Join? said:
Harris58 today at 12:42

Would you like to join my tribe because I am close to you while everyone in your tribe is spread out in different continents. I don't think that is a good tribe and if you join I'll make you Baron.

C'mon. What are the chances you'll be baron there.

joshsullivan today at 12:44
Duke and you got me...

Harris58 today at 12:53
Ok. Deal...

joshsullivan today at 12:58
Can I have it now?

Harris58 today at 13:12
hold on. You got to promise me that you wont wreck the forums or disband the tribe. And you can do anything stupid without both of us talking about it.

Tha goes for me as well.

Harris58 today at 13:13
Introduce yourself first.

joshsullivan today at 13:13
Ahh your boring you can't even get members im gone.

Harris58 today at 13:14
I'll get members

Harris58 today at 13:14
I promise. Why you go man?

Harris58 today at 13:14
I was just about to change you to duke

joshsullivan today at 13:15
nope took to long.

Harris58 today at 13:16
I'll do it right now.

Harris58 today at 13:16
Sorry I couldn't do it coz I was fixing the forums.

Harris58 today at 13:17
i am not joking about this but I am a highly experienced player and know lots of tricks and skills and how to run a tribe properly.

Harris58 today at 13:18
Click Here for my stats

joshsullivan today at 13:21
Go to forums.

I was gonna disband his tribe but there was no point noone joined it...


My first hate mail :icon_eek:

I hope youre happy. said:
hello. today at 13:52
Hey man what was the point in that??
My little sister Georgia worked so hard for that tribe and now shes quitting!
Shes only 11 for gods sake and now shes crying her eyes out and im so angry at you all!
You dont have a right to make a little kid cry! Make it right!

woodlandapple today at 13:56
Really she shouldnt be crying over it. Its only a game. And we were teaching them a valuable lesson. Duke priveladges shouldnt be handed out so lightly.


a lesson of how sad ppl can ruin a game

man what is your problem you just dont let people be a duke in your tribe i may have kids soon too but im not going to want my kidto spend every minute on tw it's a game for fun do what you please :)


man what is your problem you just dont let people be a duke in your tribe i may have kids soon too but im not going to want my kidto spend every minute on tw it's a game for fun do what you please :)

thats wat ur doin, the sound of it


thats wat ur doin, the sound of it

um no i have to work i spent a lot on today because it is my last day before work starts trust me i will hardly ever be on as myself at least my sitter will be active hopefully :icon_wink:


im not tryin 2 get into any argument, i just dont c a point in disbandin a tribe which will probly only ave aload of noobs in anyway, so their no threat 2 u. r they?