Funny in game mail


This is skype, but still, made me laugh my ass off :icon_redface:

[03:34:49] Dan: cele is an aussie
[03:35:12] Vee (1thebest1): Really?
[03:38:19] Celebreus: im not an aussie :O
[03:38:22] Celebreus: im english :cool:
[03:38:23] Dan: shut up you're whatever i say you are bitch
[03:38:26] Celebreus: :O
[03:38:32] Celebreus: I like that kind of talk :p
[03:38:33] Dan: oh my god i was waiting SO LONG for that
[03:38:54] Celebreus: Was gonna say, pretty quick reply
[03:39:01] Dan: yeah it was c+ped
[03:39:04] Celebreus: LOL
[03:39:07] Celebreus: your sad.


This is skype, but still, made me laugh my ass off :icon_redface:

Rofl, that's pretty lame, yet for some reason hilarious. As it happens, I've run into around 5 people who said cele would attack me for nobling attacks yet =(


This is my new favorite empty-threat mail. XDDD

lfrvot on 08.09. at 20:04
you are going to kill me ?

ChillyAcademic on 08.09. at 20:07
Of course. You haven't obeyed my commands so you must be destroyed.

lfrvot today at 15:49
I am in real life judge know what that means?
Violation of Article 1 of the human rights -
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


And another longer one, it's not really as funny untill you think about it.

zamininc on 07.09. at 08:19
I was betrayed.

Mozely on 07.09. at 08:09
Look, I don't know how else to say this, Bray doesn't even have an alliance with N*W*A much less is it an academy tribe. It was supposed to be, but the few members left have no points, including yourself. We don't know who the duke is, and hadly anyone that was part of Bray is ever online. If you want to survve find another tribe. I don't know what you want me to do. N*W*A has clamped down on invites, as in they are not accepting anyone else.

zamininc on 07.09. at 08:04
I refuse to join mtolym, period. They are made up of CHAMPS traitors.

Why do you think bray has died? We merged into N*W*A leaving the members who don't read the forum to leave.

Mozely on 07.09. at 08:02
Bray has hardly any members and is now just a noble target for every other tribe. bray has died a horrible death and the only way you're going to survive it is by joining a bigger tribe. There is XVI, JOKER, MtOlym, A-E and more all closing in on what is left of Bray. N*W*A cannot protect it. You need to get yourself into another tribe.

zamininc on 07.09. at 07:57
But, what if someone from the tribe re made the tribe and invited all of the members over to it.

zamininc on 07.09. at 07:56
Oh, I thought you meant they decided not to do it.

I'm pretty sure I can find out who the new duke is, will they stop attacking us if I do?

Mozely on 07.09. at 07:55
I just explained. We cannot have Bray as an academy tribe when we don't even know who the duke is!

zamininc on 07.09. at 07:54
How did it fail?

Mozely on 07.09. at 07:44
The academy tribe thing failed completely. fluffyhobo was set as duke when we left, he never contacted us at all which is why the academy tribe thing flopped, he then got nobled and left the tribe. He must have set someone as duke before he left. You can't leave a tribe if you are the only duke unless you disband the tribe or set someone else as duke. The best I can suggest for all of you is to find another tribe.

zamininc on 07.09. at 06:37
Alot of our tribe is being attacked by N*W*A.

zamininc on 06.09. at 21:03
It appears as if our duke has left us.

It said he was duke in the members tab, I think we have to remake it. Because i'm pretty sure there's no way to manage without a duke/baron.

zamininc on 04.09. at 05:12
Whoever our duke is he's super inactive.

And thanks :D.

Mozely on 04.09. at 03:07
Well, whoever your duke is should change it. I can't. I am trying to get you an invite anyway so if you see one accept it straight away!

zamininc on 04.09. at 01:39
Also someone said we're N.W.A's academy tribe, if that's true why doesn't out profile say it?

Or is that just a lie?

zamininc on 03.09. at 23:15
It still says to contact someone in NWA for recruitment.

Mozely on 03.09. at 21:15
I don't understand.

zamininc on 03.09. at 21:10
Why no reply?

zamininc on 03.09. at 19:35
^ Joke from smokey and the bandit.

Could you tell the new leader to fix out profile etc?
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Here, may as well put this one up eh Cavey boy ;)

Anyone who is a strong homophobe, maybe not the best read for you :)


Lol I read all that :D

Reminds me of my conversations :icon_biggrin:


Wow that is 5 min I will never get back in my life...alas I laughed as well :)


we enjoyed that convo, I'd come back after not logging in for a day, and was like "WTF?!?!?!, this is so random, but awesome :p"


Wow cave >.< Now I know what your spending your time on :p Btw, didn't even get that it was rhyming till you said you failed at it XD

Caveman 10345

I have never looked at this topic before i finaly go on and i find my convo i had with voltan player's :icon_eek:

Good times sadly i ruined that convo by spamming it out :icon_biggrin:

I was going to post it myself glad i gave some people some laughs :icon_cool:

Caveman 10345

HeHe was a very rude convo :lol:

I say we start a round 2 before u quit for old times sakes
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Aye, I'll let you start... :icon_cool:

And FYI the warning... Was so worth it :)


tuc1 today at 00:37
035 gg = geto town 1.6

enecrem today at 01:12
yes you should take it.

Finish building it for a v member :)

tuc1 today at 01:15
well i will take that one and then the rest of the tribe will take the rest of you. Hahaha. And we will own v

enecrem today at 01:16
your dreaming mate.

V are going to pull your ears off and beat you about the head with them

tuc1 today at 01:22
we will see

enecrem today at 01:23
nice stats you have mate.

Looks like your greatest achievment in this game so far is to noble yourself

tuc1 today at 01:26
yo wait wernt u in c27

enecrem today at 01:28
Had to escape n00bs like you

tuc1 today at 01:28
o ok then