Funny In-Game Messages

Discussion in 'World 64' started by SwampWanderer, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Well that was cringe-worthy
  2. Orizin

    Orizin Guest

    Here is one of my personal favorite
  3. Orizin

    Orizin Guest

    This is also pretty fun well it's funny to me

  4. loki297

    loki297 Guest

    You seem to be the only one posting here :D
    you sure like messing with newbs. ^^
  5. Orizin

    Orizin Guest

    It's fun and when you play a game like this you get what else is there to do lol
  6. ViRuS.

    ViRuS. Guest

    When i read your messages i can't help but think you are the one we should be laughing at :icon_confused:
  7. AAEC

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    Mar 31, 2011
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    i was thinking the same thing.
  8. Orizin

    Orizin Guest

    Yea I know right...Myself was laughting at Me too..though I was not amused
  9. Mr. Bateman

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    Use pictures of girls as your coa all you want, but please, when retards genuinely ask if it's really you just say no. It's just cringy.
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  10. Pride888

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  11. JethroTull

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    Dec 2, 2006
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    that's the funniest(but sadly true) post in this entire thread!!

    NOTICE: this is not spam, Retingers post is funny, just not funny igm
  12. Credulity

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    Ha ha ye I agree, was going to mention something about that... eventually.
  13. TW Rosa Luxemburg

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    Sep 2, 2010
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  14. Credulity

    Credulity Guest

    That guy better be trolling or I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

  15. RegretandSorrow

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    Dec 30, 2009
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    I like the design of all those x's together. It fooled me into seeing o's for a little while. Which is smart because x's and o's and all that... but anyways I hope you cleared him.
  16. Teuzaon 14.08. at 15:59
    thanks. i will write something in reply :)

    Avenging Reaperon 14.08. at 15:53
    I'm almost 100% sure this was meant for you.....

    This message has been forwarded by Avenging Reaper.

    poo12on 14.08. at 15:50
    Hi Teuza,

    just wanted to say hi to the number 1 in the K. How are you finding this world and whats the competition like within the K?

    I use to play a lot a few years ago, I've ran a few top 10 tribes and been a top 50 player etc.

    Thought i would see how i get on again.


  17. Enjoy. i know i did.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 18:49
    Why are you attacking me sorry if I made you mad.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 18:52
    i'm not mad at you mate, your just smaller than me. it's the way it goes.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 18:55
    Maby ower tribes can make a pact please man my tribe will whant war but I dont.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 18:56
    not possible my friend. my apologies.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 18:58
    You are going to die if yo dont back off. you dont no how many men my tribe has.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 19:05
    yes i do.

    It lists you all on your tribe profile page.
    I know exactly how many men you have, exactly how many points you have and soon i'm gonna know how many troops you have.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 19:07
    Please me and my dad are just having fun he has cancer please stop.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 19:18
    cancer isn't fun and no.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 19:19
    You are a ass man.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 19:20
    more of a breast man actually.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 19:24
    Can you stop my dad really has cancer he mght die in a few days.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 19:26
    then i'm sure he's not too attached to this village then.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 19:33
    What is your problem their are plenty of other people you could be doing this to.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 19:36
    you are not alone, i am here for you, even though we're far away i am here to stay, you are not alone...

    let the words of Michael Jackson comfort you.

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 19:38
    You are attacking nothing ass hole.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 19:43
    that has become painfully clear to me...

    UsenickB on 12.08. at 19:45
    Ive played this type of game my hole life.

    Avenging Reaper on 12.08. at 19:59
    Your life does sound like a hole, hugs will cheer you up :)

  18. TW Rosa Luxemburg

    TW Rosa Luxemburg Contributing Poster

    Sep 2, 2010
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  19. Good God thats gold....

    Thankyou for sharing.....really thankyou.

    oh btw i have to cancel my 3:30 for tomorrow.
  20. Avenging Reaper today at 13:54Quote Edit Delete

    And so it continues.........

    CH4PP311N4T0RX today at 13:26
    come on man usenickB dad has cancer can you please show some heart please can you stop attacking us as im sure we will be in far better use to you as an alliance than all dead and give up because you annoy us to much we all quit so please just think about the future of the game when you will eventually go to war and just how much allies do you want