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:lol: seems to be a problem with tribes adding other tribes to their alliance list without permison.


this isn't funny, now i have to un-merge two tribes :icon_sad:

my tribe's leader sent this to me(i'm a duke):

"I have organised us to become a sister tribe to a powerful tribe in K46 we will have a similar name and be classified as allies and pretty much sister tribe Please This had to be done quickly we will still be in charge just with a new name and a powerful sister tribe :)"

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:lol: seems to be a problem with tribes adding other tribes to their alliance list without permison.

oh no, you're right! we've got somebody set as allies that i've never heard of. what a mess...


Don't try to be a smart ass why I'm around.

Well, you're WRONG! loser :lol: not far off though.

Now for you being so stupid...

Should I also tell everyone Sir Victor's real account?...Next time Guess correctly or don't guess at all.

oeh teh n0ez!?!?!?! da payn da payn.


ei said:
sabik23 today at 04:52
join to our tribe!..
so we can be no 1 in the K34!..

BlackWings today at 12:14
I'll join if you make me duke!

I want to be teh duke!!!

sabik23 today at 12:41
if you that to be a duke make our own tribe!..

BlackWings today at 12:42
I joined!!

Now make me duke 11!

sabik23 today at 12:43
inviter only!..

BlackWings today at 12:44

Then I leave 11332

sabik23 today at 12:45

BlackWings today at 12:45
Okie waht?

You make meh duke??
Or I leave??


sabik23 today at 12:46
you LEAVE!..

BlackWings today at 12:46
okies :(

Kudos teh virus
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Teh ViRuS

When you are posting a funy mail, please clik on the export button at the top of the mail.

It makes it clearer and in order.


Yes and now many people are tuning in to the world 12 topics. Im glad where i am.


This isn't in game but its Tribalwars Chat

<Shimpy> Hi
<Z3ROM> ???
<Shimpy> 128 Points on world 12 nice
<Shimpy> im 150 :p
<Z3ROM> my troops will pwn you
<Shimpy> Hehe i dont want war or nothing just want to be friends
<Z3ROM> sure...
<Z3ROM> what k are you in?
<Shimpy> 44
<Z3ROM> same
<Z3ROM> muahhaahah
<Z3ROM> i should farm you
<Shimpy> Lol your right near me :D
<Z3ROM> yes
<Z3ROM> I'm going farm you
<Z3ROM> just giving you the heads up
<Z3ROM> *to
<Shimpy> :s
<Z3ROM> ...


tribe said:
mulhern12 on 25.11. at 21:30
do u wanna join the tribe

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 21:36
yes, I want to join but only good tribe.

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 21:38
well would you like to join [ally]DM54[/ally]

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 21:55
I doubt that tribe with so many leaders is really good.

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 21:59
well would you like to join or not

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 22:12
Can't you understand that from my mails ?

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:14
give me a sr8 answer or all my tribe will attck you

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 22:20
You will have to wait a bit before my beginners protection ends.

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:22
if you give me a straight answer yes or no in your next mail my tribe will atack you as soon as protection ends. but if you give me an answer you join the tribe or you dont and thats it.

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 22:23
So if I answer with yes or no then your tribe will attack me ?

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:25
this is your last chance. the next mail must say 1 word yes(join the tribe) or no(dont join the tribe) if you dont do that all my tribe will attack the day your protection ends

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 22:29
But you said that if I answer with one word then your tribe still will be attacking me. I don't know what to do now.

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:31
do u want 2 join the tribe or not

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 22:35
I think I made my self clear in previous mails.

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:37
you are getting attacked

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 22:38
I'll be waiting your spears.

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:40
some will be spears some will be sword some of our members have axes

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:41
this would have never happend if you joined the tribe

Kalenzo on 25.11. at 22:42
It will be nice to see them dieing on my walls.

mulhern12 on 25.11. at 22:44
ok m8

Now they will farm and noble me with their mighty spears, swords and some axes :icon_cry:


OT Fly today at 01:56You make not answer for not say yes? Or say Yes? I have many makings of some items of most importance. Like mulch, and dirt, and egg whites.
OT Fly on 25.11. at 19:23answer is now.have not answer is time yet. eating small rodents. makeing try to make not persons not make dead.

And stuff.
killexx on 25.11. at 18:57when you will answer?
killexx on 25.11. at 18:31If there is need for help, We well be there!
Because, We are all helping each other!
Our Destination, Our future, Our kingdom, Is becoming reality we fight for honor!!will you join our tribe??


Some player took offense when I rejected their invite.

Friend or enemy said:
Sendsei on 25.11. at 20:06
you have just rejected my tribe, we do not like that I will give you a second chance

The Frog Prince on 25.11. at 20:13
1. I don't like it when I get invited without a prior mail. Did you even bother to read my profile?

2. You are miles away from me. Be serious.

3. Your tribe sucks.

Sendsei on 25.11. at 20:17
1. Sorry for inviteing without mail

2. ok you think that but i got about 30 toups heading at you right now so u might want to make some fast

The Frog Prince on 25.11. at 20:20
1. Thanks :)

2. I don't think so. Not only would you be stupid to send them that far, but also I'm still under beginners protection. Therefore, you can't possibly have sent them - the game won't let you :p Oh yeah I have armies too.

3. Your tribe stills sucks. Invite some players closer to you!

Sendsei on 25.11. at 20:21
then how come they are going at you?

The Frog Prince on 25.11. at 20:22
lol bye



Contributing Poster
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crimsoni on 24.11. at 22:01
Do you want to be my farm? Just rename your village to 'crimsonis farm' and I will protect you from all other attacks. You can either choose to do this voluntarily, or involuntarily. I hope the pick the first one ^^. Have a great day! :)


crimsoni on 25.11. at 20:58
Why do you ignore me?

josh.p on 25.11. at 21:06
how do i change my village name

crimsoni on 25.11. at 21:08
Go to your head quarters in your village and scroll down to the bottom page.

josh.p on 25.11. at 21:17
i did it

crimsoni on 25.11. at 21:20
I will now mention you in my profile. Congrats :)

josh.p on 25.11. at 21:21
thank you

josh.p on 25.11. at 21:23
can you be my ally in mt tribe plz

crimsoni on 25.11. at 21:25
Sorry. You being my farm is as far as it will go.

He actually did change his village name. Clicky
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