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Annoying wall of words

AchillesProdigy on 09.03. at 22:07
Hello my names josh i was in K75 and smurf war so i know how powerful you guys are and i beloev this is the tribe that has top tribe players and skills. I did not ask to join before because your recruitment was closed but a few of my friends and good players from K75 joined you and the tribe I am in now you just recruited the biggest player and a player that was supposed to join yesterday so I can see that you are recruiting again plus your members are up higher than before also I was small and did not have troops to show for it then. Now that your recruiting I would like to join your tribe first and foremost troops are the most important thing I have a 2:1 ratio but I obtain a 4:1 ratio while I build up my village, I am very active and loyal when I am with a powerful tribe such as yours, I have 5 years of experience my hgihest points was 6 million i was rank 5 had the rank 1 OD and i was the duke of the number 1 tribe in the world which was rank 1 in all OD stats and it was 150 million points when i quit i have lead another tribe to rank 11 in the world with 2 million points and then was betrayed by my council and i have lead several tribes that were rank 1 in the continent we started in. I am a very aggresive fighter and a VERY skilled fighter i am obsessed with war probably one of the most obsessed people for war that you will ever meet. I look forward to hearing back from you and hope it is good news for me cheers! :)

AchillesProdigy on 09.03. at 22:30
another thing that has just happened in the past few minutes i play on world 50 on killinyouisfun im at 250k becaus ei inherited the accoutn and it was much bigger when i used to co play it but i quit for awhile but anyways i was just offered to co play an account in the rank 1 tribe in the world which is sch0ol and they have 254 million points and the account i am co playing will be Andrew1992 a 2.3 million point account so if i am good enough to be offered to co play that big of an account with a guy i never met before in the rank 1 tribe in the world then that shows how good i really am and how much i can benefit your tribe

Smurf Who Likes To Nuke

but theres more

[spoil]@HAVEMERCY@ on 09.03.2011 at 22:39 Quote Edit Delete
If you were to be accepted could you help me get in it after:p

[player]AchillesProdigy[/player] on 09.03.2011 at 23:00 Quote Edit Delete
i will but you have to accept my conditions

1. whatever i say to do you do it without any questions, this requires an accoutn sit when i ask and the allowance to build what i want or cancel what i want when i have the sit even if its just for a few minutes, i will never ask you to do things for my own personal development only they will be things that benefit you and increase your chances of getting into smurfs

2. if i ask for support in either attack or defense i expect to get it as your friend and i will do the same for you

3. neither me or you will help another player from this tribe or in our 15x15's to get into smurfs because we need farming space

4. if either of us ever gets nobled we agree to letting the other co pay our account

5. i want you to build defnese pure defense and a LOT since i always play offense i will be the fire power in this duo and you will be the defender this will GREATLY improve our odds for survival since we are very close you can support me very quickly from any player that attacks as well as yourself and i can attack any player for you or me especially since we are so close your targets wont be too far for me and an added bonus is lots of players by us will be barbs because i am so good and agressive of an attacker that i will be killing all of them and if their just so happens to be an equally good player that can or does clear my army we have you to defend me and kill his troops while i attack again or rebuild whatever the case maybe

[player]@HAVEMERCY@[/player] on 09.03.2011 at 23:11 Quote Edit Delete
ok, that seems fine, I already have mostly defence.

[player]teamtodey[/player] on 09.03.2011 at 23:17 Quote Edit Delete
so il ehh just restart then? lol

[player]@HAVEMERCY@[/player] on 09.03.2011 at 23:19 Quote Edit Delete
restart what?

[player]AchillesProdigy [/player]on 09.03.2011 at 23:32 Quote Edit Delete
no do not restart we wont be able to help each other out [/spoil]


Guest and more...

AchillesProdigy today at 01:57
what do you think of my village and troops i dont like my troops cuz they are onyl a 2:1 and not a 4:1 but im pretty happy with my village build right now

fatterpunk today at 01:59
i dont think it is even a 2:1 you have just over 500 axes 100 scouts and 100 LC and some rams
AchillesProdigy today at 02:04
myself and many other elite players i know judge ratio by population amount 1 ram is equal to 5 soldiers because thats its population and because you can only hold a certain amount of soldiers then this is the correct way to judge troop count which means i have a 2:1 lol ;)


Not great, but the crazy responses from the other player were worth the antagonizing.

DOOMMachineQSx on 20.02. at 10:47
Hey kid you cant beat me in a war when i have over 300pts we will fight again ok

VeonMaster on 20.02. at 16:23
have fun

DOOMMachineQSx on 20.02. at 17:20
lets fifht now

VeonMaster on 27.02. at 23:49
I tried waiting til you had 300 pts, but you were taking too long so I decided to to initiate the fight now.

DOOMMachineQSx on 28.02. at 13:36
u dont know who ur messin with THIS IS SPARTA

DOOMMachineQSx on 28.02. at 13:41
m8 plz stop attacking and our blood sheild will destroy the world ok

VeonMaster on 28.02. at 16:10
nah, messing with Sparta sounds like fun

DOOMMachineQSx on 04.03. at 17:59

VeonMaster on 04.03. at 20:19
u mad?

He hasn't logged on since :)


The title of the message is MacDonalds,

RaccoonPest today at 15:43
What are the odds of you getting so miserable and depressed from doing this boring TW crap 24/7 for the last decade that you commit suicide? I'd like to see a webcam of how decrepit and hunched over you are in front of your PC for 20+ hours a day with a mountain of Macdonald's containers and empty Coke and beer cans piled up around you in your basement.

NABULA today at 17:59
hi there, this is kensta101, not nabula, he gave his account to me yesterday, I don't spend 20 hours a day I spend 4 max. So be quiet, cry to your mum and walk away.
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The title of the message is MacDonalds,

RaccoonPest today at 15:42
What are the odds of you getting so miserable and depressed from doing this boring TW crap 24/7 for the last decade that you commit suicide? I'd like to see a webcam of how decrepit and hunched over you are in front of your PC for 20+ hours a day with a mountain of Macdonald's containers and empty Coke and beer cans piled up around you in your basement.

Petard? today at 15:56
tribal wars is life



orange distraction today at 12:45
how you doing buddy im david it looks like we ar niebours have you been playing long?

orange distraction today at 16:35
you open mail and dont reply thats a little bit rude dont you think?

DieB4Me today at 16:36
yeah you're right. perhaps i should send my army over so we can cuddle and make up.

orange distraction today at 16:37
no need to be rude

DieB4Me today at 16:38
that's not rude, your ladies will love it.

orange distraction today at 16:41
hhahahahahh the last time i laughed that hard i fell of my dinosaur get some new jokes

DieB4Me today at 16:45
if you're referring to your recycled dinosaur joke, then yes i agree with you completely.

orange distraction today at 16:46
lol u dont want to talk really do u?

DieB4Me today at 16:58
you catch on quick dont you?

orange distraction today at 17:00
oh im so quick its unreal i jus dont understand y u dont want to talk?

DieB4Me today at 17:35
sure, let's talk. how's it going?

orange distraction today at 17:40
yeah i cant moan almost been acepted to the army so until thats finalized i thought id jump bk on here so wer u from

DieB4Me today at 17:49
lol you bore me

orange distraction today at 17:50

orange distraction today at 18:47
hi again hey ive gotta do a survey on my friends and ur my best buddy soo i jus need to know ur age

DieB4Me today at 18:50
sure, you first.

orange distraction today at 18:52
im 21 lol

DieB4Me today at 19:01
Oh that's so cool. Where're you from?

orange distraction today at 19:04
lol ok i aint gotta ask how old you are haha u sound 18 at the most ur arrogant oh and sum should have told u sarcasm is the lowest form of wit you have told me all i needed to know lool

DieB4Me today at 19:06
oh no, now you have all the knowledge to kill me off. i should not have said a word to such a witty person. how will you ever forgive me now?!

orange distraction today at 19:08
lol i allready no how m gonna farm u so dont worry bp will be up soon ill take u out i no time

DieB4Me today at 19:12
farm me? you mean you want to milk my ti**ies?

orange distraction today at 19:13
have u even played this game before lol

DieB4Me today at 19:14
i don't like your witty comebacks. they're insulting & demeaning.

orange distraction today at 19:17
well u have a 188 vilage in world 54 and this 1 which tells me ur rubbish at this game and u got farmed out witch is the reason ur in this world or because u messed up in the other world either way u are a noob and i know u will make a good farm :)

DieB4Me today at 19:19
your deductive reason is worrying me now as well. how will i go to sleep knowing someone as clever as you is my next door neighbour?!

orange distraction today at 19:20
lol dont worry wen bps up w can talk until then u r the 1 who isboring me good day

DieB4Me today at 19:26
but all i wanted is to be your friend. you took advantage of me by trying to manipulate me into giving you sensitive information. please, you seem like a big strong man, help me play this difficult game!

DieB4Me today at 19:37

Looks like I got myself a new boy toy


oh noes , that american guy who is most likely from california knows where you are from .... dun dun DUUUUUN !!! :axemen::icon_eek:


Where do some of these people get these horrable jokes there not even funny and the one guy is just stupid.

spartan clan

[11:25:04 AM] ??????: i killed of 3 nobles and 192 rams with my own farming run
[11:25:13 AM] spartan clan: your own?
[11:25:14 AM] ??????: i sent them as support to a barb
[11:25:15 AM] ??????: yes!

From a personal friend of mine in skype talking about his W50 account lol
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