Funny ingame messages :D

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I'm getting fans :D

kingcrossking today at 03:48
I am growing and I know you are nobeling villages close to me but I was wondering if I could continue to grow and eventually noble a village without you taking any of my villages for yourself. I was thinking I could send you a daily amount of resources to a village of your choice. I'm not quiet sure when free trade is allowed but you will find I'm a trustworthy person.


Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 20:04
Please may you have mercy, i am sure we could come to some sort of an agreement.
Please consider,
Thank you jones.

c.o.jones on 28.03. at 20:09
i promise i will let you the second vill, and beside that im gonna help ou with resources to build it but with one condition: i wont lose any troops nobling this vill

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 20:11
I cant guarentee anything... i have 17 supports coming in from tribe and i my frined will noble it back straight after...
Please call of the attack and i will send you resources everyday!...

c.o.jones on 28.03. at 20:16
sorry...goodluck with that support.but for that im gonna take your second village too

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 20:17
:D your pure legend!!!
lolz - no joke, But please be merifull ;D

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 20:17

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 20:20
Ok... Fine you get teh villa, but please add me - your awesome!!!

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 20:29
Why me when i am so far away?? what about silverfoot78??

c.o.jones on 28.03. at 21:02
he's the next target;)

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 21:15
Lolz i love your strategy :) - do you want me to scout him for you??

c.o.jones on 28.03. at 21:16
no.already did it

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 21:18
oh kool.

Xx-Deception-xX on 28.03. at 22:20
Oh great... Another attack

he restarted :(


So many people beg for mercy on this world. Are the nubs getting softer?

[SPOIL]I took out two responses because they involved other players.[/SPOIL]

buibui on 27.03. at 05:07
mate you did you scouted me?..
pls. dont attack me..peace..

MADDOGmjb on 27.03. at 05:24
Too late buddy. I can make you a promise though. I won't noble you ;)

buibui on 27.03. at 05:26
another attack mate?..

MADDOGmjb on 27.03. at 05:28
I told you too late. Who knows, maybe it's just scouts? :)

buibui on 27.03. at 05:31
9 hours duration?..scouts?..

MADDOGmjb on 27.03. at 05:40
With a ram thrown in for a fake.

buibui on 27.03. at 05:41
i hope so mate..
ok will see when it landed after 9hours..

MADDOGmjb on 27.03. at 05:43
Hey, just remember that I don't break promises. I promised you I wouldn't noble that village.

buibui on 27.03. at 05:44
ok mate,np wid me..

buibui on 27.03. at 05:47
i know mate, im in your tribes hitlist right?..

MADDOGmjb on 27.03. at 05:48

buibui on 27.03. at 05:49
to be attacked/nobled..

buibui on 27.03. at 05:50
actually lastym i will joined the THC coz i have a frend in your tribe.. but he said the recruitment is alredi closed..

buibui on 27.03. at 05:55
brb mate..
take my lunch..

buibui on 27.03. at 08:01
another player from your tribe attacked me with two minutes interval with your attack..

MADDOGmjb on 27.03. at 08:07
I am not my brother's keeper.


Mack-10 on 30.03. at 20:51
aha very funny, you are not going to get a barbarian village that easily, i guarantee you not, this is my backup account, so back off, i could defend against you my militia dealt with your first wave. nice try buddy, nice try,

Mack-10 on 30.03. at 20:51
don think you are big because of your points, my main account is 3189 points so back off, support will be here soon...

And now he's banned.


lol this noob thought I was using a bot. He just wont accept the truth even after I posted him a link on how to do it. I took his tribemates base hehe

sikjoy today at 09:45
I find it hard to believe you even have the capability to send attacks within mila-seconds. I'm reporting you. Hope to see you banned.

cpt.blasto today at 09:45
Its called a t-train. Check the t-wars forum on how to send one.

cpt.blasto today at 09:47
but you'd only be shown how much you dont know about this game...

sikjoy today at 09:57
1) We are Awesome :p today at 09:41:07:482 5:00:18
1) We are Awesome :p today at 09:41:07:532 5:00:18
1) We are Awesome :p today at 09:41:07:582 5:00:18
1) We are Awesome :p today at 09:41:07:632

Your using a browser based add-on.
These are the rules:

§7) Bots and Scripts

Tribal Wars should be played with a normal browser only. Bots, browser add-ons and other applications that automate game activities are forbidden. All Greasemonkey scripts are forbidden.

Premium players are permitted to add approved JavaScript commands to their quick bar. These scripts are allowed to help players by doing things such as automatically filling in forms (like troop recruitment). However, they may not perform more than one action per click.

BYE BYE ohh great and powerful cheater!

cpt.blasto today at 10:02
Sending a T train using standard Opera is not illegal. Go and look it up in the main forum for tribal wars. That is where I learned how to do it. Enabling single key shortcuts is not illegal. Most decent tribes have instructions in their forums on how to do this.

Its not a bot and certainly not a script. You have just proved to me that you are a noob and you dont know how to mind your own business. Just because you dont know how to do something doesnt mean its not possible.

I dont have time for the likes of you. Except when Im sending a T train at you on a later date. bye bye.

cpt.blasto today at 10:04
Enjoy this link. I will enjoy being right.

sikjoy today at 10:15
It would take you a second at least for you browser to reload. Unless you have a super computer with extreme internet speed its still impossible. I've already reported it. I'm done talking about it. Why you choose to hit my tribe is beyond me. Now we have to merge, which will probably create a war. And guess who i'm targeting first.

Sir Willum

lol this noob thought I was using a bot. He just wont accept the truth even after I posted him a link on how to do it. I took his tribemates base hehe

lol. Noobs... Can't sand them, but can't live without them... :icon_twisted:


lol this noob thought I was using a bot. He just wont accept the truth even after I posted him a link on how to do it. I took his tribemates base hehe

lol i would love to see what the Ingame support member said as a reply.



I reported him for abuse of the reporting system lol. To the guy wondering what the in game support guy had to say, here it is. I forwarded this mail to another guy in sikjoy's tribe so he could pass it on considering he blocked me. Probably pretty hypocritical anyways...

cpt.blasto on 31.03. at 11:43
Can you please forward this to sikjoy for me? He tried to report me when he has no idea what he is talking about lol.

2011-03-31 11:08:53
This guy reported me for sending a T train. I dont want to get a bad reputation because of somebody who doesn't understand the rules.

He thinks its not possible to send 4 attacks in the one second. We are reporting this player for abuse of the reporting system mostly.

2011-03-31 11:24:39
Hello cpt.blasto,

Don't worry, lots of folk don't know it... we set them straight, and you are not punished in the slightest


Tribalwars Support

I guess that you were WRONG!

Now im coming for you...


Hello cpt.blasto,

Don't worry, lots of folk don't know it... we set them straight, and you are not punished in the slightest


Tribalwars Support



hey guys
this is my first time posting in 55 forums
today i got a mail that i would like to share it with you
abcab today at 17:04
I was wondering if your tribe wanted to merge with mine.

imthebombcreator today at 19:58
whats the terms?

abcab today at 20:24
What do you mean, " the terms ".

imthebombcreator today at 20:37
you merge into us
we give 1 baron prives and 2 council
like these are our terms
whats yours?

abcab today at 20:42
Us merge into you? Are you joking?

imthebombcreator today at 20:52
as said mention your terms and i will discuss with council members

imthebombcreator today at 20:59
we only accept players from K73-83
have you checked your tribe in map?
you call that a tribe?

abcab today at 21:05
What do you mean " call that a tribe ". My tribe is more powerful than yours. What is your name? You don't seem to make much sense.

imthebombcreator today at 21:07
check your tribe on map mate
you got players in NW-NE and SW
and more points does not mean more power

abcab today at 21:07
so what makes a tribe powerful?

imthebombcreator today at 21:10
players in enough close range to support each other and enough far from each other that all can expand
your tribe may have more points but you,ll fall as soon as a tribe in each area declares on you
for example if your tribe mates go to war in K13 can you support them from K83?

abcab today at 21:16
I think you should look at our academy tribe, our family tribe and our allies

imthebombcreator today at 21:24
well i suggest you one solution
gather all of your members in each area and make the tribe
besides not many family tribes can stay alive for long needs a great leader and very active and experienced players
sorry but i could not find them in your tribe
oh one more thing,im gonna put this in externals!
abcab on 24.04. at 21:32
You need to be clearer

imthebombcreator on 24.04. at 21:34
look...make a tribe for members in K13,an other in K83,an other in this
if you cant handle it disband the tribe and let your members join local tribes because they will not succeed like this mate

abcab on 24.04. at 21:35
What do you mean " I am gonna put this in externals "

imthebombcreator on 24.04. at 21:45
external is place that people are gathered there to discuss important issues and every thing there adn let others to know
have you seen parliament?...just like that

abcab on 24.04. at 21:51
Yeah but what are you gonna put in externals

imthebombcreator on 24.04. at 21:59
the terms of my tribe and your tribe

imthebombcreator today at 22:50
hey mate may i know whats your tribes diplomacy status?

abcab today at 22:52
What do you mean?

imthebombcreator today at 22:53
like who are your enemies and allies,NAPs

abcab today at 23:06






abcab today at 23:07
What about you?

imthebombcreator today at 23:10
we are allied with
and enemy with [ally]TWS[/ally]
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Tall Dog on 18.04. at 00:03
Think you made a mistake attacking me pal ?
Keep this in mind - you are on my list
OK ..pencil dick ?
cooldude109 on 18.04. at 02:34
I don't think i made a mistake, actually. Should i report you for name calling? I found that quite offensive. You seem to think you intimidate me. This is not the case.
Look forward to another well-worded and kind hearted message from you.
Affirmative... Doggy?
Tall Dog on 18.04. at 09:43
Affirmative sense in getting too uptight...hope you can re-build and move forward.
Ok ?.....(wags tail) ...T.Dog.

This world hasn't been quite as humorous as others, but this was entertaining.


Irishmetal on 23.03. at 01:39
I didn't realise I was so popular :)
cooldude109 on 23.03. at 10:31
Well, you are. I needed you're attention. This village will be nobled soon, which means you can noble it right back from that player.
Irishmetal on 23.03. at 12:35
who's attackin?
You could have just sent a mail ya know :p
cooldude109 on 23.03. at 18:17
It was a member from Black. And from your profile it looked as if you don't like people.
Irishmetal on 23.03. at 19:16
Lol, it says you'll know if you're wanted ;0
Info is always wanted.
What did he hit you with?
cooldude109 on 23.03. at 20:50
Rofl, nobles. He scouted me, so i became sucidial and sent waht troops i had at the attacking vill. Hence my current location: the rim.
Irishmetal on 23.03. at 21:04
Yeah, but what was his troop count :p
cooldude109 on 23.03. at 21:35
Rofl, one sec. I'll forward the reports.
Irishmetal on 23.03. at 21:45
He never had any rams?
cooldude109 on 23.03. at 21:46
Nah, he probably doesn't know what they're for. I don't think he's the brightest crayon in the box, if you know what i mean.
Irishmetal on 23.03. at 21:48
Goody :) fewer problems for me :)
cooldude109 on 23.03. at 21:50
Yeah. It's always nice when your target is like him. I got a little bit of ODA and 2 awards from that little feud. I planned on getting rimmed, but i didn't expect it to be that worthwhile.
Irishmetal on 23.03. at 22:00
ooh, did you see what you hit in his vill?
cooldude109 on 24.03. at 10:34
Irishmetal on 24.03. at 12:15
these guys really don't have much defense... :)
cooldude109 on 24.03. at 18:15
Nah, they're to busy raking in the points, no time for troops. A proper nuke would wipe any of his villages, most likely.
Irishmetal on 24.03. at 19:22
I think it would actually wipe all of his vills, and still have power for another player ;)
cooldude109 on 24.03. at 23:24
Yeah. A lot of younger players are probably starting out on this world. Easy pickings. :p
Irishmetal on 24.03. at 23:24
They really messed this K up with all their hugging :/
cooldude109 on 24.03. at 23:26
Yeah. Everytime i went to attack a player bigger than me, my tribe freaked out and said; "No! I'll just get an alliance with his tribe!"
That's why i wanted to be 'relocated'. Start fresh, conquer the rim. :D
cooldude109 on 04.04. at 19:24
So it looks like this was the spark that ignited the war? Either that, or impecable - is that a word? - timing.
Irishmetal on 04.04. at 19:31
Nah, it wasn't that.
Far greater forces were already in motion ;o
cooldude109 on 04.04. at 19:32
Lawl. Sounds fun. What happened to Dirty? Just noticed that they're like... Dead.
Irishmetal on 04.04. at 19:39
They split up.
Some joined us, some joined other tribes
cooldude109 on 04.04. at 19:39
Ah. Their COA is interesting.
Irishmetal on 04.04. at 19:42

^ From a long while back. Ah, Irishmetal. He was fun too talk to.


I'm seeing a bit of a surge in insults concerning the... penis... newbies have nothing else to say? o_O


A 200 pt player was angry that I scouted him. :p
All he had was a paladin, then I just stopped answering and eventually he quit :)

aston 2217 on 18.04. at 22:29
You threaten my village now you PAY
And you will die

quiqie on 18.04. at 23:57
Oh NOES! A paladin?!?! What will I do?? Please spare me.

aston 2217 on 19.04. at 10:05
To late hahahaha

quiqie on 19.04. at 13:51

aston 2217 on 19.04. at 14:49
Nooooooooooooo you my men arghhhhhh

aston 2217 on 21.04. at 12:12
Hi a have come to offer a deal you cease attacking and ill send resources free

quiqie on 21.04. at 18:05
Ok here is my deal. You send me 200 of each resource everyday, and you have to make an offensive village build only so that you can farm faster and eventually send me more resources. I will scout you every day to make sure you aren't doing otherwise. I will only ever send one scout and if it ever dies I will cat you to the ground. Deal?

aston 2217 on 22.04. at 00:56
Whats an offensive building and 2000 a week

aston 2217 on 22.04. at 11:27
Internal free trading off at the moment
You have to wait a wgile so i can get more but i will be levelling building as its my village to keep it goin

aston 2217 on 22.04. at 21:31
Hi mate um starting a new tribe if u have a tribe can i join u please send invotation

quiqie on 23.04. at 03:34
You can't be in my tribe lol I know free trade is off, and thats fine. And by offensive build you should only build LC and AXE and RAMS

aston 2217 on 23.04. at 10:15
Iv started a new village inthe north east cuz i cant afford to give u 200 of each a day