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These forums are dead xD

I havent got any, mailed like 5 people to say hi, no one replied... if that counts :/

Anyway post your funny mails here!

Make A Monster

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I was trying to do a quest and sent hi to a guy, he invited me to his tribe and replied 'hi'. Does that count?


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Lol yeah it does

At least someone wants to talk to me..... forever alone :'(

Tribal Wars team Jun 05, 12:54
Hey there! Welcome to World 75.

If you're new to this game, you're probably feeling a little confused as to how everything works and what you should be doing. If you want to do well, we suggest that you start out by learning a little more about each building/troop type that your village can produce (and what they're used for). You can find this information and more in the help section.

You can find the world settings here.

It is advised that you get acquainted with the rules of the game before starting to play. This will prevent any possible problems in the future.

Remember, Tribal Wars is all about having fun. When joining a tribe you'll make new friends, and you'll find yourself caught up in all sorts of exciting politics. For this we have a set of public forums, where every world that is open has its own section. There you will find funny in-game mails, maps, milestones, as well as threads from promising tribes (your future competition in this world). It's also a place where you can ask for help and read guides about the game.

If you get stuck and need help please don't hesitate to ask a question on our forums or alternatively contact our support team (Click on 'Support' at the bottom of the page).

We do hope you enjoy your stay here on World 75.
Have fun and good luck!

-The Team


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So I'm not the only one who thinks these forums are dead...
I used to play world 7 and those forums were.... well... crazy.


Here is one, I'll upload more later :p
This isn't that funny, I just found it amusing...haha

wemil the machine Jun 07, 16:05
I feel your pain <3 no barbs

DreamSweeper Jun 07, 20:57
Yeaah :( no barbs!
You're lucky that you got heaps !

wemil the machine Jun 07, 20:57
<3 and my cousin is just a few minutes from you he gonna wipe you<3

wemil the machine Jun 07, 20:59
nvm he restarted when he saw he was close too you... jesus i go noble him later on....
Don't really know this guy...but I didn't think I was that scary, making people restart without convincing them? :icon_rolleyes:
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tbh massive fail too my cousin started 30 minutes with a barb close to dreamsweeper then rage quit like a massive scrub-.-

I would have rushed troops and wiped him<3

PS: -shadow... is there a problem i am ex christian?, and my family believed in going to church every sunday to pray..... ugh
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Hahahaha no no
I meant
its like youre saying "oh well Ill noble him later on, no wimps allowed in the family xD"


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-Shadow Jun 08, 12:09
you invited me to your tribe?

-Shadow Jun 08, 12:09
thanks for the offer but I think I will decline for now, cant really judge which tribes are good and which arent right now.

LUCKYpcREBEL Jun 08, 16:10
Please join, we are a brother tribe with [ally]Elite[/ally] and we are growing fast we were ranked 14 in tribes but we spit up up the tribe into 2 tribes if you join we will conquer tribal wars!

-Shadow Jun 08, 16:34

haha, wow, didnt realise Im that good xD

LUCKYpcREBEL Jun 08, 18:10
So will you join?

-Shadow Jun 08, 18:13
no i guess not yet.

LUCKYpcREBEL Jun 08, 18:14
But but but but but but but but????!!!!!

-Shadow Jun 08, 18:17

LUCKYpcREBEL Jun 08, 19:07
lol my butt

if you join we will conquer tribal wars!