Funny mails


Come on guys and girls. I know some of you have you have had some noob sending you a mailing thinking he/she is all boss.

Il start off with the best fear us mail of all time.

Rahjman on 01.11. at 19:53
I'm going to give you the opportunity to avoid going to the rim. Your leaders have angered the Commonwealth, all 700 of us. You have less then one day to leave your current tribe or you will have all those in your region coming down on you. By my estimates that's around 50 people. Can you take that on your own? Save yourself now and i promise you will not come under attack.


Rahjman on 01.11. at 20:17
Just to give you a hint of what you are up against.

You are blue, we are white.

As you might see.... :O im still alive and well.


I've got to say, that's some impressive work putting together a coalition. :icon_rolleyes:


To date i have yet to receive a single attack, and i did not leave the tribe..... i feel like attacking him now coz im bored.