Funny Mails


freddt1 Feb 11,2013 21:04
Is your attack fake or real to me tomorrow?

.Nymphetamine. Feb 11,2013 21:05
I am just sending fakes. Warlord achievement.

freddt1 Feb 11,2013 21:05
Do you want to noble near us I can help with that

.Nymphetamine. Feb 11,2013 21:06
I don't have nobles. I am just playing here for flags.

.Nymphetamine. Feb 11,2013 21:08
ah, you guys kicked meh. you don't <3 meh anymore. iz go QQ in the corner now.


freddt1 Feb 11,2013 21:09
will you come back?

.Nymphetamine. Feb 11,2013 21:10
sure, why you guys kick me?

freddt1 Feb 11,2013 21:12
wow tha is a low level knightbrad

.Nymphetamine. Feb 11,2013 21:54
What are you talking about?

Im just a small town girl livin' in a lonely world. Im takin' the midnight noble train to your town. Knightbrad is just a city boy born and raised in south detroit. He sent a midnight noble train going anywhere.

.Nymphetamine. Feb 11,2013 21:56

This message has been forwarded by .Nymphetamine..

This whole mail is a /facepalm.
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tbex17 Feb 04,2013 18:54

I have been selected as your war commander! I'm Bex and I have a lot of experience. Although I'm still learning the flags, I'm hoping to win this world with you!

We are going to secure our area and we will soon move up this continent!

Now, since you don't know me, I don't know you, I'd like us to get a partnership. This is our team:

[player]Amy Wong[/player], [player]jamiekoh[/player], [player]Tribal King Warrior[/player], [player]Nyan Ewok[/player], [player]bmead[/player], [player]tbex17[/player].

We will also get more to this group once the merger is complete.

I'm going to make a post in the forum, I'd like to know who we are identifying as threats to our area. I have picked a few in mine.

From intel from [player]Tribal King Warrior[/player], [ally]Animal Kingdom[/ally] is inactive. I have cleared all of them in my surrounding area and [player]Tribal King Warrior[/player] is working with me to keep those villages clear.

Everyone should be farming daily. I send out my troops with 1 scout and 5 lc, farm my area (it is split with a tribe mate) and then continuing to attack with the same troops until village is clear. This way, I am not tying up lc on long farm runs. if you have pp and you want it to figure out how to farm and what troops to send, go to, set up an account, and then it will scan your reports in and then put in the troops you need to get all resources from the village in 1 hit, takes away the fun of doing math yourself. If you want help with this, let me know. I don't know how to set up an account, but I know someone that does, he sets it up for me and then I go from there.

By now, we are getting to the point where we need to start thinking about a second village, I'd like you to pick a player owned village, as opposed to a barbarian village. barbarian village =farm.

Since we are not acquainted yet, I'm not going to ask for troop counts.

However, I do need to know some information:

1. Is your village primarily offense or defense?
2. Troop count. To get this, go to your farm, Under "current population" it has "troops" and then a number. I want to know what that number is.
3. What do you think the 3 most important buildings are? (there is no right or wrong answer, but it will give me an idea of what you are focusing on in terms of war preparedness.
4. Have you picked a second village yet? if so, what is it?
5. What is your name?

So my answers:
1. Offensive
2. 4097
3. Wall, Barracks, Timber camp
4. second village is selected, [coord]235|634[/coord] (yes it's small, but the builds are good to start a defensive village).
5. Bex

Please let me know if you have any questions, need any assistance, and if I can help you in any way, I can.

Happy farming!


Nyan Ewok Feb 05,2013 00:28
Sigh. Come home from a hard days work to a list of questions. Ah well.

1, Offensive.

2, There is a difference between 'Farm Space' and 'Troop count'. The number on the farm screen is your farm space, however that is not the same as how many troops you have. For instance, a single LC is worth 4, a ram 5 and a cat 8. So, I'll give both numbers. 2165 farm space, or 816 axe, 100 scouts, 210 lc, 45 rams, 10 cats and a pally with the ram weapon.

3, Buildings I'm currently focusing on are; Smithy and Farm, and then a toss up between the three mines.

4, Not entirely sure yet. We'll see what happens with [ally]Inc[/ally]. I am, quite literally, surrounded by them.

5, Call me Ewok.

tbex17 Feb 05,2013 03:15
Yes. Your farm building. If you click on it. Will give you troop count based on total troops. Not looking at farm space. Farm building has break down

Nyan Ewok Feb 05,2013 03:26
No, it doesn't. Do the math.

Current population
Buildings (includes the building queue) 761
Troops 2207
Troops in production 40
All 3008

I'm now on 2207 farm space. My troops, which I have given you, amount to about 1200 different units. They are different numbers, they mean different things. You can't get your troop count from your farm screen.

tbex17 Feb 05,2013 06:12
Mine is completely different. I got mine correctly and so did Amy. We both used our farm building. I'm not sure why yours is incorrect.

Nyan Ewok Feb 05,2013 12:27
It's not incorrect.

The only reason your farm space would match your troop count is if all your units took up 1 farm space, ie you only had axe/sp/sw/arch. Mine is not wrong, it is a fact that you cannot get your troop count from your farm space.

Click Here

That link will take you to a photo on my photobucket account. You'll notice my farm space is 3016/3569 up beside the res, flags and pally icon.

Next, on the farm screen, under the heading 'Maximum Population, you'll notice the first figure is 3569. This is the maximum farm space I have been allotted for my level 18 farm.

Under the 'Current Population' heading you'll notice I have 0 troops in production, but I do have buildings taking up 761 space and troops taking up 2255 space. The total here (761 + 2255) is 3016.

You'll notice, the two final figures under the two headings are the same numbers we saw up next to the resources and the flag icons. You'll also notice that nowhere on the farm screen are the words 'Total Troops'. The word the farm screen uses is 'Population'. Have you guessed why? Because the farm screen talks about the Population of the village (sometimes called Farm Space), and not Troop Count.

Now. At present in my village there are 860 axe, 100 sc, 220 lc, 45 ram, 10 cat and a pally. Lets do the math. Adding them all together we get 1235 troops! Notice how that number doesn't appear anywhere on the farm screen?

Mine is not incorrect. I'm not sure why a 'veteran' such as yourself cannot figure out the difference between farm space and troop count. Apologies if this seems condescending, but needs must.

tbex17 Feb 05,2013 13:34
I see where the miscommunication is. Your troop count does not add up because you are giving each troop 1 value. This game does not do that. Scouts are worth 2 troops and LC worth 4 troops etc. that is how you get troop count.
This is the number I am looking for in troop count, as this is the number for points ratio you need. It will seem inflated but that was the number I was looking for. That's my way of checking to make sure you are on point in ratio. Now if you were building only cats to increase the ratio we would have to have a separate discussion.

Nyan Ewok Feb 06,2013 00:09
A scout is worth two farm space. You are just repeating everything I said in my original post. The number on your farm screen is your total farm space.

Nyan Ewok Feb 05,2013 00:28

2, There is a difference between 'Farm Space' and 'Troop count'. The number on the farm screen is your farm space, however that is not the same as how many troops you have. For instance, a single LC is worth 4, a ram 5 and a cat 8. So, I'll give both numbers. 2165 farm space, or 816 axe, 100 scouts, 210 lc, 45 rams, 10 cats and a pally with the ram weapon.

tbex17 Feb 06,2013 08:03
yes, but it is also considered 2 troops in this game, i know you are not counting it as 2 troops, i do not either, but for purposes of ratio, that is all i was asking for...since this game gives you the reward when you have 2000 troops in farm space, not 2000 troops total.
regardless, we all seem to be doing well with troops and are working together, it is clear we all need to get some defense so my goal is to have village 2 by tomorrow and then churn out defense for all of our second villages.

Nyan Ewok Feb 06,2013 20:50

My new tribe is l33t.

War Champion

This one was entitled Loser Champion
oufda Feb 09,2013 21:45
Hope that Mommy is washing your hands before you attacked...and will be there to change your sorry a-s..cant even attack someone unless 13 others do the dirty work for you...Hope you stick around or change your name...look around here on 66 or in the future i will be only one beat away from you... wished i took you down 1 month ago but did not do it...anyways i try to remember that God loves you too...

War Champion Feb 09,2013 21:48
It's called teamwork. That's what tribes are for. And besides who said 13 others are doing the work for me and not that i'm doing the work for 1 of the 13.

Ps. don't be a sore loser.

and this one was entitled ?
oufda Feb 09,2013 21:47
smile its only a game you loser

War Champion Feb 09,2013 21:49
I know. Perhaps you should release this yourself.

oufda Feb 09,2013 21:54
i am only wondering why leadership did not tell you that i was negotiating with the 4 in my tribe to join and asked for a 24hr 2 in favor and one undecided and the 4th was not available yet...2 of us would have come over...but no...attack anyways without an answer that is what i am pissed offf about not because i lost the battle... principle and integrity is still part of my DNA...diplomacy was not used correctly by your leader...he ignored it you have a village but lost at least 3 new members...have a good one

War Champion Feb 09,2013 21:59
the only person higher than me in leadership is the one nobling you.

oufda Feb 09,2013 22:09
stassejung is your are doing his bidding...he could have had 3 good members but no he used all of u to be his slave...he is the only one that will benefit from this ..not you..Him or the Devil or are just a *censored* peon..think about it...he chose a good village for himself over 3 new members and used u...did i say he used all of u...he is laughing to nobling me while you wasted all day long doing his wake up...later in the game he will go after you to win...

War Champion Feb 09,2013 22:12
[player]Strassejunge[/player] is a member of [ally]T.L.S.[/ally]
I am a member of [ally]T.L.S.[/ally]
Therefore I shall help him. That is how tribes are supposed to work.

oufda Feb 09,2013 22:18
when he comes after you later i hope you think the same way

His vill is now ours


I have to say I see oufda's point there War champ to a degree, i can see how an injection of new life into T.L.S may not have been a bad thing.

Daredevil MephistO

Hyenas strategy :icon_eek:.

lokmanpasa said:
Renote Mar 03,2013 20:29
Hello komshu(neighbor),

Do you see any point in this pointless war? I guess you've seen enough of us and you know that we are well organized tribe with good understanding and loyalty each other. We had noticed you as a good potential hyena member.

If you join us, the war will end sooner than it is supposed to. Bigger enemies than us are knocking on Burn doors and it's a matter of time your tribe to disband.

You can see that some of older Burn players have left your tribe and join us and now are taking villas. You know that older leaders had left you... emg and Martin with which I have mutual respect. You are separated and bad organized so it's matter of time to start killing each other.

I think you will be more interested to play with us than against us.

With respect, [player]Renote[/player], [ally]HYENAS[/ally]

lokmanpasa Mar 03,2013 20:34
Do not you know you can fight properly?we will teach you.Leave cowardly to fight you anymore.You do not salvation.I will not betray.I'm not a son of a bitch.

You've mailed the wrong member. Not all of them are like witches.

Daredevil MephistO

I don't know :D. At least he didn't betrayed by accepting your offer.

Wars come and go but it remains players loyalty. Amen.


If you want, I can post the long version (if it's still somewhere in my mailbox), but long story short, after declaring war with this tribe and messaging his members (back when I led a tribe, months ago now) I made him my bitch and...yeah just read. Short and simple:

vaderrandy Feb 14,2013 19:52
i am sorry for jumping off the handle and threanting your tribe with war, never should of happened

WickerBeast Feb 14,2013 19:54
You never said sorry for lying.

vaderrandy Feb 14,2013 19:56
I am also sorry for lying


i think it speaks for it's self.

Jomsdk Apr 22,2013 17:19
Haha you sad little noob... are you still crying cause i owned you so hard?

sneak.mode Apr 22,2013 18:17
lol... are you Egyptian by chance? cause you are clearly "in denial" ... as you sit on the rim, and i fix your old villages up and turn them into useful and productive fame making devices.

only a true noob could sit where you do, and actually claim to be the victor.

as for me crying as you put it... i don't believe i ever cried about anything regarding you... and why would i, for that matter... i got two villages out of it, and good ODA...

i just wanted to see how you were doing... and let you know that it was not personal... good luck in the game, and in RL


Jomsdk Apr 22,2013 18:30
Well like the USA in Vietnam, they might not have won the war but they won the battles and thats what counts.

sneak.mode Apr 22,2013 18:57
Vietnam will be at war forever... same as the middle east... you can call it a win or a loss, but the plan truth is that there will always be war in those areas...

you count is how you want... i'll keep the villages... Later...
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