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First one

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 14:41
i have extra coin flag level 5, do you got anything you wana trade :D ?

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 15:50
I would love to trade that flag once I have my next town.

I am trying to take [coord]434|444[/coord] but he is all D and depending on how the "luck" falls my nuke is barely big enough to take him out. (I scouted him before attack break, so if he's built more D I may not be able to do it.) If I kill his D I will be using one noble, running his little guts out, to take the

Can you understand the plight of us lowly serfs :)
(And see why, at this time, a coing flag is not what I need.)

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 15:53
i can nuke him for ya ;p

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 15:55
he is weak ;d

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 15:58
Well that would be peachy!!

I have forwarded my report from a few days ago, he will have more D but probably not by a lot. I thought he might have dodged his O, but forgot the Mounted Archers? However that would not help him...

In any case, if you actually can nuke hime that would be very much appreciated. It would also allow me to trade you one my two L5 flags: recruitment speed or defense - can you use either one?


Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:00
i can use recruitment :D

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:01
how does 1.5 k axeman sound

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:02
just tell me all your flags and let me figure out best plan of action

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:02
Sounds awesome! Are you hurt by morale because of size difference?

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:03
yes but i dont care

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:04
My only 2 lvl 5s are: +5% defense and +12% recruitment speed

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:04
You can sit my account for a minute if you want to look at all of them...

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:05
Maybe not, then you could not attack...

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:06
just list htem by levle ;d

and yerah cant sit

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:12
ok attack laucnehd

accept my coin flag for recruit flag trade is up

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:12
Listed from level 1 - 4. Yellow (4) is the highest I have (not 5).

Resource production 0,2,0,0
Recruitment speed 1,2,1,1
Attack strength 1,2,1,0
Defense strength 0,2,1,1
Luck 1,1,0,0
Population capacity 1,0,1,0
Lower coin costs 2,0,2,0
Haul capacity 1,2,0,0

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:15
I see one of your trades. I gave you the right stats for my two highest flags but the wrong level. They are the recruitment and defensive YELLOW. Sorry about that.

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:16
If you want to cancel your nuke, I's my mistake.

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:16

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:17
my friend is also sending nuke

we will only take some minor crappy flags,

and give you some resouces too ok

25k each resouces will be snet

in exchage for these flags

Attack strength 1,2,1,0
Defense strength 0,2,1,1

do we have deal ?

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:21
You drive a hard bargain :)

But my flags wont help too much if I don;t start frwoing, so yes, we have a deal. I assume you want those 8 attack/defense flags and will post some real winners like "luck" and "haul" for me to trade?

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:21
we'll send you resouces too

howz that sound ;D

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:22
Freudian slip: was it "growing" of "frowning" that I was trying to type (frwoing)

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:22
at least you keep good falgs,

like recruitment

you see, attack and defnece yoru levle flags not ogod

you will get levle 5 as the game progresses once you get GOLD awards in the award systme you will get GOOD flags

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:24
Sounds good. Are you posting flags now to trade? Can you let me know when attack lands so I can get my noble back from the bar in time for action?

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:24
[player]rrribbbit [/player]

is putting up the trades

please go check and accpet his trades

for the below falgs

hurry so nobody steals htem ;d

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:24
I agree with you... the flags don't do much for a guy with two villages...

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:26
[player]rrribbbit[/player] is putting trades up

i told hi waht hte paln is

accept his stuff

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:28
I am accepting...yea Gods those are fugly looking flags though!

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:29
yes but we only get low levles

yiou you will get goo f good flags once you rank up your awrds

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:30
I have done 4 trades so far. He has two in there now that I can't trade.

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:31
what attack and defnece flagsy ou got left?

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:33
Attack: L2 and L3
Defense: 2 x L2

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:33
Origin Player: rrribbbit
Village: Berzerkistan. (504|499) K45
Destination Player: Armand005
Village: Lairs 4 J (434|444) K44
Duration: 44:30:40
Arrival: Jan 03, 2013 13:02:27:416
Arrival in: 44:30:32
Estimated return: Jan 05, 2013 09:33:07

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:33
ok he's chanign trades

stand by 1 min and check ;d

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:36
Ok, will check.

That's a 44 hour attack run... what is in that nuke? (Since he will have two days to prepare...)

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:37
well hopefully he htinks its a feak


because nobody sends that far awya ;p

1.5k axe. 1k lc and rams

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:40
accept his falgs

i htink he put resouces flag there for you too :D

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:44
Still have one brown attack and two brown defence

Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:46
keep them, we're all done

attacks sent

45 hours

Crystobal Jan 01,2013 16:49
Thanks Vicky.

Please send the resources to [coord]433|445[/coord].


Smurf- Jan 01,2013 16:50
ok when farming is alalowed no resouces riht now ;p

Crystobal Jan 02,2013 02:58
I hear you have nobles incoming...

Now I can get a flag back!

I'll trade you a nice L5 flag for my L5 white "Surrender" flag :)

Smurf- Jan 02,2013 03:00
yeah i'm screwed

noble train incomign needed

Crystobal Jan 02,2013 03:02
I was going to suggest that maybe it's your lost nobles returning....

I apologize in advance, I know that's not even funny.

Smurf- Jan 02,2013 03:02

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 03:11
Please forward this attack report to me as soon as you can.
Thank you in advance!

Origin Player: rrribbbit
Village: Berzerkistan. (504|499) K45
Destination Player: Armand005
Village: Lairs 4 J (434|444) K44
Duration: 44:30:40
Arrival: Jan 03, 2013 13:02:27:416
Arrival in: 44:30:32
Estimated return: Jan 05, 2013 09:33:07

This message has been forwarded by Crystobal.

rrribbbit Jan 03,2013 10:42
will do, but most probably i wont get anything. It was my sucky nuke. tiny one, but i will forward it, if i get something.

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 11:00
What was in it?

rrribbbit Jan 03,2013 11:01
324 axes
142 lc-s
9 rams


Smurf told me to send my shitty nuke, so i did. I thought someone else is sending also.

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 11:08
I trade you my best flags in exchange for a nuke with "1.5k axe. 1k lc and rams" and this is the BS I get???? "Smurf told me to send my shitty nuke, so i did."????

This message has been forwarded by Crystobal.

Smurf- Jan 03,2013 11:10
my nuke is also sent.. 1.5 k axe like i said

Smurf- Jan 03,2013 11:11
teh reaosn i told him to send his shitty nuke is because he sent his main nuke to fight hte war and i know he only had that one

thats why i snet mine as well

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 11:15
Did you just send

I've been waiting for two days for a proper nuke to and so I can take this PITA out...

When is your nuke landing, please?


Smurf- Jan 03,2013 11:17

they wont lbeive it means whats that for

anyways, my far awyay, nuke sitll travelling

my little team mate, he's tiny nuke will do some damage, enough to hurth im

my nuke will land soon

i was 3 days out because i had to send when my army came home not straight away like my little buddy

i will tell you how much men my team mate kills for you... i cna calcualte it from attacker of the dya award

Smurf- Jan 03,2013 11:18
i just like to point out, i thoguth a nuke was not worth your best flags

hence why you were left iwth yoru best flags

recruitment levle 4 is the best Flags

you traded with him low levle attack and defence flags :D

if i recal rightly

because I DID not want to hurt your flag system and bounty

i'm not like that :D it was fair deal i did not take advantage of you and did not wound you because we did not take your best flags

I trade you my best flags in exchange for a nuke with "1.5k axe. 1k lc and rams" and this is the BS I get???? "Smurf told me to send my shitty nuke, so i did."????

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 11:24
I have two villages, how many flags do you think I have? You know exactly what I had since I sent you a detailed accounting. They may not be your best flags but they were my best flags.

In exchange you promised me a decent nuke that was supposed to land in less than two hours. I've just sent you my latest scout report. The "shitty" nuke as you call it wont make a dent.

You also promised me 25k of each resource (much less important to me than a proper nuke) but still not delivered.

So forgive me for feeling like I've been _________. (You fill in the blank since I don't want to get banned, yet.)

Smurf- Jan 03,2013 11:28
i'm good for hte resouces, if you recal i lost 6 nobles in the war, and was held back a tad :D

but i'll be on track and i'll send you double to sweaten hte deal

btw it was not yoru best flag

because you ahve Recruitment Level 4.. that is yoru best flag :D

and also.. your account is Young.. you have much much much more better flags to get

as time iwll continue on

but yeah, nukes landign soon, and his tiny nuke will do damage, more htan you think :D

and my nuke lands less htan a day

how many nobels you got

you will have this village with next to no losses you'll see

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 11:33
Well, the element of surprise is lost. Some of my tribe mates have been sending ram fakes at him in the hopes that he wont dodge what was supposed to be a good nuke. What do you tink he will do when he now sees something coming from you? Sit there and take it - not a chance.

Smurf- Jan 03,2013 11:34
no my nuke alreayd on the way

i been talking ot him ;)

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 12:57
Talking to who? About what?
When does your nuke hit?

I am thinking about sending my own nuke now, I can probably take him (with heay losses) and start nobling... with my one noble :(

Smurf- Jan 03,2013 13:01
i told the guy, you wnat ot nobel

to send me defnece :D

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 13:03
And why would he do that?

BTW the "shitty nuke" must have just hit - may I please see the report - although it will just be a fat red dot.

Smurf- Jan 03,2013 13:05
i will ask him

1 min

Crystobal Jan 03,2013 23:20
It's for the best that you never sent the promised nuke, I have the town now - maybe I can take a raincheck on a [player]smurf-[/player] nuke...

As for the promised resources, I could sure use them now that I am re-building my own spent nuke...
It's best to split them, ie 25k each to [coord]433|445[/coord] and 25k each to [coord]434|444[/coord].



Smurf- Jan 04,2013 00:19
ok sending now

Smurf- Jan 04,2013 00:22
35k sent

Crystobal Jan 04,2013 20:34
Hi Vicki,

Thank you for the partial resource shipment. I look forward to getting the remainder at your earliest convenience.

Promised (W/C/I): 50,000 / 50,000 / 50,000
04 Jan 13 4,174 / 15,555 / 15,271

Outstanding: 45,826 / 34,445 / 34,729


Smurf- Jan 04,2013 20:36

Crystobal Jan 05,2013 14:27
Hi Vicki,

Are you able to send the remaining resources soon please? I could really use them to take another village.


Crystobal Jan 06,2013 14:06
A brief history lesson:

how does 1.5 k axeman sound

ok attack laucnehd (LIE)

my friend is also sending nuke

and give you some resouces too ok, 25k each resouces will be snet (LIE)

attacks sent (LIE)

Please forward this attack report to me as soon as you can. Thank you in advance!

will do, but most probably i wont get anything. It was my sucky nuke. tiny one, but i will forward it, if i get something.
324 axes
142 lc-s
9 rams
Smurf told me to send my shitty nuke, so i did. I thought someone else is sending also.

I trade you my best flags in exchange for a nuke with "1.5k axe. 1k lc and rams" and this is the BS I get???? "Smurf told me to send my shitty nuke, so i did."????

my nuke is also sent.. 1.5 k axe like i said (LIE)

I've been waiting for two days for a proper nuke to and so I can take this PITA out...When is your nuke landing, please?

my nuke will land soon (LIE)

i'm good for hte resouces, if you recal i lost 6 nobles in the war, and was held back a tad :D
but i'll be on track and i'll send you double to sweaten hte deal (LIE)

but yeah, nukes landign soon...and my nuke lands less htan a day (LIE)

BTW the "shitty nuke" must have just hit - may I please see the report - although it will just be a fat red dot.

i will ask him, 1 min (NEVER RECEIVED)

To recap, FIVE days after I honour my side of our deal:
I'm out 5 flags, 210,535 wood, 135,780 clay and 239,950 iron because you LIED to me and failed to honour your side of our deal.

Did you ever hear of Lance Armstrong? I had a lot of respect for him - he was really good at what he did. Then we found out that he lied, cheated and took advantage of his onw team mates. Needless to say he went from "hero to zreo"in a hurry...
His accomplishments tarnished, just a footnote, nobody cares anymore...

See any similarities?

Does Vicki = Lance?

Maybe I will just post this in our forums to warn your newer tribe mates? Wouldn't want to lose their respect as well... Not much point in telling us about all your achievements if nobody cares.

Smurf- Jan 07,2013 02:19
d5d n6t ta2e y64r f3ags, 5 t662 n6th5ng

5 gave y64 free re6s4ces...

Caee c36sed.

Smurf- Jan 07,2013 02:21
I did not take any falgs form you, I got nothing..

I sent you free resouces.. form my account.. For nothing..

Case closed.

Crystobal Jan 07,2013 02:29
I'm done with this crap.

Drama Queen [player]smurf-[/player] does what she wants with impunity.

I think this mail says it all. She approached me with an offer then stalled and lied in spite of the fact that I was polite and patient.

Not sure how many others she's taken advantage of yet, but it's only a matter of time before it's your turn.

Have fun with tribe mates like that...

This message has been forwarded by Crystobal.


Second one

Smurf- Jan 07,2013 20:56
Hello AApathy....

i'm not one to write big speeches, or try to manipulate a story to get my own way, i will tell you the truth.
Apathy sucks
The duke is playing 2 worlds and also sucks...

WHat i offer you guys if you join me.

1. No academy tribe
2. No noobs
3. Good allies
4. Team work no like this crap stuff from DDB, a real War like waring BURN.... not little tiny crappy tribes
5. A real leadership, not a council that deletes every forum thread and tries to cover up the truth or peoples points... or tries to manipulate the suituation in thier favour

6. We will NOT merge tribes to gain points.. NO merging wiht ever be done.

it will be

MANIC rank 1 like always and we will War our way up.

If this is something you want... then you should message me now.

I will not randomly recruit you, i will not ask you to join. I will not Force you to join.

I will tell you 2 final things

I will Win, Manic wil lbe strong... Apathy will fail.

Choose what you want yourselfs, Either Manic a new life or Apathy.

have a nice day.


A reply that someone gave to her last one :

Oh great and mighty [player]Smurf-[/player] i wish to be a minion just like you (bowing down).

Teach me the ways of the cheaters, lier's and no lifers! I will do whatever you say so the lord may demand it!

This Smurf is really a funny player.
We were at war and she claimed that she was receiving a well timed nuke and noble train from valtor626 who has these trophies.
Plunderer (Bronze - Level 2)

You have already plundered other villages 100 times!
Robber (Bronze - Level 2)

You have already looted 10.000 resources!

Of course the guy didn't had a single noble, but she was claiming that she snipped, then back-timed
. The women has a weird imagination. I think tw changed her life in a bad way. Never met such sick people till now.
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We're having a discussion about it now. Wolfy is such an.. erm.. noob. :D


Am I reading this one right?

It looks like he's saying, "I'm afraid of Apathy and I want you to merge into us. We do not merge."

Daredevil MephistO

Since when was Smurf- female?

It seems that she and her husband are playing the account. Both of them are crazy and stupid with all their BS.

skadida said:
Smurf- Jan 08,2013 00:57
well i have a mantal condition, my co player does not, she is not here right now,

Vicky that is, she probally will be pissed off at me , becuase nothing worse than leaving a tribe she hates..

anyways, my condition is basically i feel like our tribe is imploding and i have to get out, i dont wnat ot merge i like family

i value that more than gold it self

i have adhd not a big deal but i get implusive quick

Vicky is the calm doctor, she is my wife , if you guys did not know this....

skadida Jan 08,2013 00:59
I did know this although I never know who is on when.

Smurf- Jan 08,2013 01:01
well we should type in diffenret colurs

then you can see whats going on ... I dont spell veyr well.. htats me

i'm implusive...

all my worlds i elave the tribe eveyr 5 mins.. but i'm very loyal and a team player

but i rage easyly

i already , but its like rage but i clam down :D but like rage and then i dont act on it

all my worlds when i quit i never attacked tribe mates

anyways.. i have some firneds on skype, so i'm getting mroe calm

if you didn't notice i didn't leave the tirbe so quick

and Vicky played all ngiht.. while i was sleeping but when i came online

another perosn ticked me off

i'm just umn ragey

i hate people talkign bad about me

i know its my fualt.. but i hate them tlaking bad aobut me lol

i do everything for the tribe.. i'm this powerful because for hte tribe

my wife will flip out when she comes home for sure

but oh well lol

Smurf- Jan 08,2013 01:03
i did not get to 100 million points by having no firneds

i have firneds.. but i do have rage attacks

and thats hwy i dont tlak to you before

becuase i dont know when its hpapneing

i dont plan anything i jsut do

i'm very agresisve nad good player but

thats my problem...

everyone has problems in this game.. real life ones...

Smurf- Jan 08,2013 01:07
hmm i been told to message you for a invite, if this is so, are you able to ivnite nuts back, he's a good player.

Smurf- Jan 08,2013 01:08
Can i be on the council so i can flip out quietly in private

rahter htan public ?

She disbanded the tribe and joined ALL4-1 :)).


He-Smurf was always the crazier of the two in my eyes. As likely to rim a team mate as an enemy.

Atleast on 24 anyway, and that was a couple years ago now. Am i right in thinking his name is River?


i thought my typos and spelling was bad... holy! smurf, get off the booze :p


Still Going Strong
Reaction score
lol, a blast from the past, the more tw changes the more it stays the seeing KG and Debs next too ......


Wouldn't be a reunion without KristieDawn and DeadSocks. Also, we all know =RES= was the best.

And to keep this as vaguely on topic as possible:

Nyan Ewok Jan 06,2013 16:06
Your tribe name is Expandables, right? You do realise that the correct spelling is 'Expendables', don't you?


He never took the bait. Sigh.

Highlord Tirion Jan 09,2013 21:05
Are you attacking me?

Nyan Ewok Jan 09,2013 21:39
Nope, you must be mistaken.

Highlord Tirion Jan 09,2013 21:51
It shows that you have your guys on their way here.

Highlord Tirion Jan 09,2013 21:55
check your corrdinates I am at 441,230

Nyan Ewok Jan 09,2013 21:57
No, you are wrong. I am not attacking you.

Nyan Ewok Jan 09,2013 22:26
I take it you've realised I'm right and now feel silly and that's why you're not replying? :)

Nyan Ewok Jan 09,2013 22:49
You called in militia for a scout? enjoy your 6 hours of half production bro.


Did anyone read my post about -smurf being a loose cannon and nobling anything around his cluster?????????

Daredevil MephistO

skadida Jan 10,2013 11:33
The tribe is over mates. Everyone wanted to tear the tribe apart from the inside rather than work as a team. I am sad to see it happen as I tried hard to make everything work. So please find yourselves some good homes out there.

I won't be playing this world anymore. W66 finally made this game no fun anymore.

Thnx to the people who tried.

It seems that premades never work. Sad but true. Thought I will find a great tribe in there but they had like 99 problems they weren't able to deal with...


Who doesn't love a 300 pointer with "large" amounts of points?

BacKSTaBBer77 Jan 10,2013 21:14
Hello there,

My name is saud and i am representative of the tribe justice league

I see that u currently without and tribe and our tribe is currently recruiting people with large amount of points such as urself

I believe u can become a value asset to us in this continent and aid us dominating continent 75 and rise to the top of the continent together

lemme know wut u think of it


SwimExpert Jan 10,2013 21:45

Thank you for your message. Yes, I am without a tribe so far, and I am looking for one to join. However, I think that you have perhaps sent me this message in error. You said that you are currently recruiting people with a large amount of points. I don't meet that criteria, so it seems you have made a mistake. You also said that you believe that I will be a valuable asset to the tribe. But since we've never spoken before you can't actually know whether I would be an asset, or whether I would simply be a drain on the tribe's resources. So obviously, your message cannot have been intended for me.

Perhaps it's all for the best. While I'm looking for a tribe, your little band of farms is probably not the place for me. I am looking for a tribe that has alot of troops. Evidently, that's not a priority for you, and that would end up being a problem for me. Because chances are that I would be an asset. In fact, more than an asset, I'd probably end up being the asset for the entire tribe, while everyone else would end up being the drain on me. And I'd never end up accumulating that large pile of points that you're so hoping of me.

Good luck finding the person you are looking for. It can be difficult for a tribe to survive without it's duke. I'm able to tell that it's your duke for whom you are looking, since it's very obvious that you all lack any real or meaningful leadership talents. Isn't it nice when players can be friendly with each other? Nowadays most people are always so grumpy, thumping their chests and acting like a peacock. I'm sure you all know the type well.

Best regards,

Swim Expert


Anyone care to translate? Edited for curses.

JSpencer Jan 10,2013 22:40
heywats going on we have a nap with u and where still etting attack frm you hes set about 22 attacks wat the flagship .when w ava nap if it happens again then i dont think we should have nap withu could umessage me back on an update to tell him to stop


Anyone care to translate? Edited for curses.

hey! what is going on? we have an NAP with you and we are still getting attacks from you. He has set about 22 attacks on me and im really scared and i don't know what to do so therefore im going to cuss and beg you to stop. We have an NAP because we are scared of you and if you attack us again then i dont think this NAP should stand. Message me back with an update that he has stopped or i will cry myself to sleep.