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Since I didn't find anything like this for the speed rounds, I'll start a thread for gathering the (more or less) funny InGame conversations:
Your tribes name said:
footyboy64 today at 12:53
Why did you pretty much copy our tribes name?

Thargoran today at 12:55
ROFL. Go and take your lessons in TW's history!

"n00bs throwing axes" are a tribe, created in STW 2. When did your tribe appeared the first time? ;-)

footyboy64 today at 12:57
Oh they did. interesting. Yous are making a good come back aren't yous. First time the tribe. Never heard of you's. Just random name with random people.

footyboy64 today at 13:03
I have changed my name. Due to i have read in the Tw Forums and you seem to be well known if Joost.Jack and Auskilla know you. I will change for no confusion. Better?
(Maybe it's something for "insiders".)


Lol, you woke me up:icon_razz:(1hr of sleep;caffeine:icon_sad:)

From what i remember he is a good kid, a brat tho

nme... n@me?

Still Going Strong

nMe... n@me? today at 12:50
Got milk?

Thargoran today at 12:56
Sure. Plenty. Always.

Got brain?

nMe... n@me? today at 12:57
I have a very small brain.

nMe... n@me? today at 12:59
What are you doing down there?

Thargoran today at 13:07

nMe... n@me? today at 13:08
I'm in your warehouse stealing your st00f

Thargoran today at 13:09
No. You're in my inbox, stealing my interest in reading more.

nMe... n@me? today at 13:12
I have a bucket of water.

Thargoran today at 13:13
Fine. Then you have something to play with while sitting in my virtual trashbin. ;-)



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-antu- on 22.09. at 11:08
Your tribe is already unbeatable. :p


Guest on 05.04. at 14:01
Welcome to the Speed Server!

Due to the higher speed there are some extra rules on this server this round. No interaction is allowed on accounts that have been played on the same connection for 1 hour after the connection sharing has ended.
It is not allowed to play more than one account per computer

Your team
Funniest message I've seen all round -_-"


lol that's not even accurate :p it's 4 hours this round, not 1 :p techno where were you on that one?!?! fix it! xD
btw still in w19?


elims funny night in:

ruby robbie123 on 14.06. at 22:29
enough wid the cheeky scouts

Elimin@t0r on 14.06. at 22:30
ok noble sent.

Elimin@t0r on 14.06. at 22:32
i stopped sending the cheeky scouts.
yeah i nobled him, sorry ;)


Terry92 on 14.06. at 23:19
would u like to join us

Elimin@t0r on 14.06. at 23:19
awwwwwwwwwwwwww its bunny wabbit

Elimin@t0r on 14.06. at 23:28
answer this i join, do i do stuff backwards?

Terry92 on 14.06. at 23:28

Elimin@t0r on 14.06. at 23:29
no because im looking at the screen not my freaking wall.

Terry92 on 14.06. at 23:30


Elimin@t0r today at 00:17
unhabit my vill, thanks.

inger93 today at 00:18

Elimin@t0r today at 00:18
i cleared it, silly.

Elimin@t0r today at 00:19
Defender: inger93
Village: Blackharts village (504|498) K45

Quantity: 1627 2186 0 0 23 0 0 0 0
Losses: 1627 2186 0 0 23 0 0 0 0

nice try noob.


yeah so ive had a funny night :p
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Insaneangel today at 04:09
It must really suck to be you.

Terry92 today at 04:10
I was not the one who almost got nobled

Insaneangel today at 04:12
No your the one that got rimmed silly rabbit.

Lets Compare The Odds

Almost nobled to being completely rimmed.....I am ok with that.


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this guy was rank 1 ODA in a bash round, then i logged back in and had some fun, it is a shame to see whats happened to the skill level of speed players.

Thesmurf today at 22:18
im only 14,can you plz stop?

gargareth today at 22:18

Thesmurf today at 22:18

gargareth today at 22:19
wow, soon as i return noobs rank 1 again, or highly sarcastic people maybe.

Thesmurf today at 22:21
i warned you...

Thesmurf today at 22:22
see my prof on w38 to see that i am

gargareth today at 22:22
your w38 profile wont scare me, i have been rank 1 on multiple worlds and won speed before, my co player played the middle opf this round ive just come back for a laugh.

Thesmurf today at 22:23
well ill have to send a synchronise attack at you then

gargareth today at 22:24
ok cool i like a fight.

gargareth today at 22:24
my troops are quite poor though as my co player got cleared :|

Thesmurf today at 22:26
u are fighting against a kid :(

gargareth today at 22:27
you say you are 14, i also happen to be 14 :)

gargareth today at 22:28
no fightback?

Thesmurf today at 22:30
why are you fu***ing doing this?

gargareth today at 22:30

Thesmurf today at 22:31
cool you won you are f**king great good job

gargareth today at 22:32

Thesmurf today at 22:33
im a f**king kid
(Basically i catted him, he sent his offence at me and i sent a 0.1 backtime)

ttacker: gargareth
Village: gargareths village (501|505) K55

Quantity: 0 0 0 0 742 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 0 0 0 0 193 0 0 0 0 0

Defender: Thesmurf
Village: 2Pr0 (506|499) K45

Quantity: 0 0 4241 0 1570 0 0 0 1 0
Losses: 0 0 4241 0 1570 0 0 0 1 0

:( Me remembers the day when rank 1 players didn't make excuses about age when someone beat them
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garg, LC backtime? :\ meh, that takes the fun out of it IMO, too easy :( Still funny though, while at the same time being slightly annoying and pathetic :\

Maybe we should put age restrictions in... make age groups, so if you're 18-29 or something, you can only attack other players in those ages... 0-17 attack 0-17, etc :p That way we won't hurt anyone's feelings :lol:


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Thesmurf today at 12:39
ok mate you are 2 strong too pr0 take my villages fast before the noobs take it..


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kingmq38 today at 15:44
Ok, you won, take all of my villages, I quit now, I am so busy. Great. You are really strong. See you next time

They like me :)


kingmq38 today at 15:44
Ok, you won, take all of my villages, I quit now, I am so busy. Great. You are really strong. See you next time

They like me :)

you forgot 1 part

(Edited to make me look good)


Thesmurf today at 18:47
Could you explain me your village name?
KleaveLand today at 18:52
Sure- Once upon a time I told a little smurf that I would spend the rest of my premium following him around from one speed server to another, only to attack him. Not to grow, not to win, not to noble... only to attack him.
Don't mess with theKleaveLand
Thesmurf today at 20:06
Oh yeah you were the noob that I cleared 2 rounds before right?
I was waiting for a reply but...he didn't even saw my message yet.I killed his offence like 5 times in a bash round with LC and now his only purpose is to take me down!I guess the noobs revolution against me started!:icon_neutral:


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bangbros today at 15:52
Lmfao mine beats yours. i was making food when u attacked me or u would of been fresh meat.

imsureidontlike69 today at 15:51
ha, you know the best part? I joined about an hour before i attacked you... you know the funniest part? 4 people attacking to get me... lmfao!


bangbros today at 15:50
did u ejoy that beating