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Hey, I always think a forum isn't complete without a thread like this. And you doesn't like reading these!

andomort Mar 07,2013 00:48
please dont attack me. if you noble me one more time i will downgrade all my structures so you cannot use them. please dont attack me. i am new to the game. please dont.
reggietommy Mar 07,2013 07:04
Well, I wouldn't have nobled you, but considering you just threatened me, then I will.
andomort Mar 07,2013 11:59
this is why i dont play this game. i get good resources and units and then somebody 4000 pts higher than me nobles me
reggietommy Mar 07,2013 12:51
Its all about skill you need to be both lucky and more skillful
reggietommy Mar 07,2013 13:37
Plus, never lie about your troop numbers, and never insult players. It was soccerboygochelsie who alerted me to your presence, complain to him
andomort Mar 07,2013 20:13
well all my village is still fine on the casual world
andomort Mar 07,2013 20:14
saved every level and got free full resources so suck it
andomort Mar 07,2013 20:15
when i get higher levels again i am going to noble every village you own
reggietommy Mar 07,2013 20:29
good luck, how about I ask a tribesmate to noble the village you have now?
reggietommy Mar 07,2013 20:29
what happened to 'please dont attack me'? you crying for help?
andomort Mar 08,2013 02:37
no you fool
andomort Mar 08,2013 02:38
i am going to noble you once i have troops again
reggietommy Mar 08,2013 07:14
sure sure. have fun
andomort Mar 09,2013 23:26
shut up you loser. your probably so fat that making fun of people is all you can do you fatso
reggietommy Mar 09,2013 23:32
hahahahaha, is it because you are so unstable about your own weight that you make fun of others? I guess so.
andomort Mar 10,2013 01:20
andomort Mar 10,2013 01:20
i am 11 years of age and am only 78 lbs. average is 86
reggietommy Mar 10,2013 03:00
hahhaha of course. You guys who play games just to insult people are pathetic. Go get a life and some friends :)
andomort Mar 13,2013 04:51
you do know that my father is an fbi agent right. i toldhim about this and told me that he is going to look you up on the computer and find you and all your info.
reggietommy Mar 13,2013 17:24
hahaha tell your 'father' goodluck, luke skywalker ;)
andomort Mar 13,2013 22:54
do you live in the u.s.
reggietommy Mar 14,2013 07:09
hhahahaha no...shall I give your father a clue?
andomort Mar 15,2013 02:12
no i want to know this one. do you or not? how old are you? i am going to find out either way and beat you up majorly. better start hiding because when i find you, you will be in the hospital
reggietommy Mar 15,2013 22:12
lmao ok. I live in england. I am sixteen and 6'1".
Still want to come over? feel free.
andomort Mar 18,2013 03:56
yeah. because i am not really 11, did you really think that an 11 year old would be talking to you like this? i can lift almost 175kg and sir, i would beat the crap out of you!
reggietommy Mar 18,2013 17:32
oh wow lying about your age and how much you can lift. thats real nice. I bet you are like 9 years old. how about you go back to using a pacifier.
andomort Mar 19,2013 10:58
how about you bitch
andomort Mar 19,2013 11:00
your probably lying to me too.
reggietommy Mar 19,2013 19:04
hahaha swearing now? that is mature....
andomort Mar 19,2013 19:18
why dont you just stop arguing with my son or else i am having pvt. kulurugi come and put you under arrest. this is his father speaking.
reggietommy Mar 20,2013 17:46
haahha oh my god, pretending to be your own father now? that is messed up?

He didn't reply to that one.


Riaann1995 Jun 10,2013 00:44
Better have some real attacks i really dont like fakes.

If you are going to attack me then actually attack me alright?

Flameproof Jun 10,2013 00:45

Riaann1995 Jun 10,2013 00:50
Thank you ^.^

Fakes do not scare me one bit. Real attacks dont scare me one bit. I will take the full force of any attack you send. I will fight every attack to the last troop and village.

I have played against players like you before. You are all talk and no actions. All this threatening towards Rince? Then not one attack on him.

Instead you attack someone who has never once said one thing to you.

Good luck but I do have friends on your side too and closer then you think....

Flameproof Jun 10,2013 19:22
Have you got any more to say?

Riaann1995 Jun 10,2013 19:38
Well you havent really sent any real attacks?

Flameproof Jun 10,2013 19:50
what is your incomming count now?

Riaann1995 Jun 10,2013 19:57
A lot more then yours.

Flameproof Jun 10,2013 20:07
lol and you still have time to mail... you must be very good at tagging.

Flameproof Jun 10,2013 23:01
OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!!
a real attack! oops slipped that one in ;)

Flameproof Jun 10,2013 23:45
This is the co who threatened rince.

Because you don't appear to understand, that was a nice little ploy of mine. In reality, I illustrated exactly how poor and selfish a leader he is. I told him wobble was coming for his tribe and him, and he immediately jumped to support himself despite being hardly threatened like you.

Heck, I WANTED him to support himself. Means he has less to give you, turtle though he is. And I know he did selfishly stack himself, so enjoy that knowledge as you continue your little fight.

Real attacks will be sent when we want to send them. We're in no rush, are you?

Riaann1995 Jun 10,2013 23:48
Sounds legit.

Good luck.

Flameproof Jun 10,2013 23:48
Same to you, kiddo.

Flameproof Jun 11,2013 02:08
Next time, don't brag. It's no good.

Riaann1995 Jun 11,2013 02:10
Well done. You caught me out. Was hoping you would send all troops in first noble attack;)

I take back all i said. Good luck in this world mate! TB have no chance against you guys :) Trust me tho Drex is a good player and you should try get him on your side

Flameproof Jun 11,2013 02:12
Thanks for the compliments. We don't know if you're drex, who we know was sitting you, so that seems like a bit of a biased opinion.

Riaann1995 Jun 11,2013 02:21
Drex hasnt sat me since you last spoke to him xD

He lost me so much defence and i was pretty pissed that he didnt click that Illuminati was only interested in a section of my villages.

Since then i have fought off countless amount of nukes. Tonight was when you guys timed it perfectly to take me down. Yes it has worked.

Well done. and good luck in taking down TB

Flameproof Jun 11,2013 02:24
Thanks. We didn't really care to time it too much, this was a fairly loosely timed op. Otherwise you'd have had over 90 trains landing within an hour. But we didn't care that much, so we just kept it nice and loose. If I'd waited a day or two, you'd have lost all the villages, but I was impatient, which is fine.

If Drex is so good and worth taking, why did he lose you so much D?

Riaann1995 Jun 11,2013 02:31
If it was 90 trains landing at once i would have quit xD

Honestly, i think its because he was dealing with my account along with his at the same time. Another reason is i think i am just trying to blame someone else even though i was beaten by the best players xD

He is one of the best snipers in TB. volvol is the best sniper in Wobble;) I know from past expierences of him helping me out in the past.

Flameproof Jun 11,2013 02:35
There are a lot of good snipers, many of whom you probably don't know of. The best players don't always speak up or show off/get notice.

Riaann1995 Jun 11,2013 02:50

Anyway good luck in this world mate:)

Im going to finish off where i belong in my tribe, my home.

Been a great run and i will make as much damage as i can before i go ;)

Flameproof Jun 11,2013 02:54
Good luck.

The original Flameproof and I had a little chuckle over that one, after taking 14 villages within 20 minutes.