Funny village names


I attacked an abandoned village without really paying attention to the name, then when getting to the Rally Point page realized i was "... Attacking Gay Rights" :icon_confused:
your confused over your sexuality?


In world 3(my first), I once named my village

Please Don't Farm Me Village


XXXs a jerk village

And suddenly I wasn't being attacked anymore. How again did I keep my troops from dying? Long nights my friend. Hiding resources, troops, even buildings at times. I ended up nobling his village a month later.


There's a little village near me that I am about to take over-

The G Spot

Oh and solve the function f(U) snipers.


Player imran1085
Points: 31.478
Rank: 1563
Tribe: KOWK|b
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Villages Coordinates Points
1- Please 659|462 8.940
2 - Don'T 659|463 5.587
3 - Attack 660|462 8.850
4 - Me !!!!!! 660|463 4.020
5 - ok??? 667|464 4.081

Just makes me wanna take him out. :icon_twisted:

And my own:
Sticky Brothel
Coordinates: 648|470
Points: 10.231
Player: Free-eek

Tweety G

Don't know if it is all that funny but my nickname is Tweety G and my village name is Acme Acres, seems to get a laugh now and then. :lol:


I found one named "Didlexic guy walks into a bra..." I was laughing so hard.


Is it just me, or is there a ton of new posters in the topic???? I had to double-check to see if I was on W4!


Non-stop Poster
Is it just me, or is there a ton of new posters in the topic???? I had to double-check to see if I was on W4!
yeah lol i always read the forums but never post,

but i saw this jg player i think that each time he took a village from a n00b in the rim continents he named the "For a better TW" lol:icon_biggrin:


i was talking with someone and this is his reply:icon_cool:

Rstyles wrote:
what do you mean my village is in the way?how do i move it to stop you?


Hoo Hoo Ha Ha

I once account sat someone who's village name was "20 Spears" now thats not a particularly funny name except he had 6k axemen, 21 spears, 2k Scouts around 6k Swords{wtf} and the rest were noblemen (considering his previous account sitter had just stored and made noblemen, seriously he had about 28 in one of his other villages!)


An active small player who kept on getting farmed on, so he put this into his village name, and it indeed was true after scouting it: Farm Me, No troops, No wall :)