Galaxy recruitment


Hello trolls :icon_cool:, some of you may know me, some of you wont but anyway, less about me and let me go straight into details.

I recently glitched to k76 (Not on purpose) and have decided to create my own tribe, now for a tribe to actually be classed as a tribe, they need members, correct? Yes correct. Therefor, i'm recruiting players in k76 and k76 only. I need not to go into details of my past experience, but lets put it this way... Theres not really much competition in k76 as far as I can see so so I thought, why not make this place a little more... Interesting :icon_wink:

K76 Based (of course)
500+ points
3+ hours activity
Capable to backtime, snipe, and MS train (preferable 250-500MS, willing to teach)
Good personality aswell as a good sense of humour, as it's only a game after all

IG me, Zevahc


Good luck Zev, it's unfortunate they couldn't get the restart glitch fixed for ya = /


I have see you in the forums. :D

but I think you better should wait for w50.


Maybe I'm already joining world 50 :icon_wink:
Doesn't hurt playing a few worlds at once :icon_redface: