Game Of Thrones vs W87

King Dreaded

After seeing some comparisons of w87 players and tribes to Game of Thrones characters and factions on the externals, the thought has been somewhat amusing to me.

In this thread, i'd like to see people rate different top tribes, in their opinion, as different Game Of Thrones factions, and pick some players and compare them to characters. Make sure to explain why you chose said players and tribes.

I will avoid rating myself or tribes in this to avoid some level of egoism, though I will rate others. Feel free to rate me. I will leave faction rating to others as well, as i'm sure my opinion is skewed.


1. Hodor = xxStealthyxx

There is literally no difference.

2. Joffrey Baratheon = Ghio1

"War is war, but killing a man at a wedding? Horrid. What sort of monster would do such a thing?"

Me, I would. For the lulz, always.

3. Oberyn Martell/The Viper - K99IGZ from PTG

At first started out very boastful and cocky, then he got his skull crushed and is rimmed.

4. Gregor Clegane/ The Mountain - Tampara

Crushed K9's skull in, the bane of PTG and an object of fear for them.

5. Ramsay Bolton - Black Flags

Ridiculous tactics, abandoned by tribe at the ends, met a pretty grim end.

6. Theon Greyjoy/Reek - Kaincallavis

No balls

7. Robert Baratheon - Nemesis.

Was a great warrior in the past, now lets points sit low while doing more important things for the tribe. Does whatever he wants. Is possibly trolling at all times in British dry humor, possibly not.

8. Varys - Oheinen66.

Seems to know a lot, also a eunuch.

9. Bronn - Everyone in PTG leadership

According to recent reveals about their merge ideas, if the price is right...


I'm blessed being called Varys.
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We're enjoying climbing this mountain. It's tall and has so many nice villages on the way up. We look forward to climbing even more adventurous mountains in the future.


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Eh what is going on guys?
I cang wait for Rage to display a noticeable performance.

Mr. Cringer Pants

This is suppose to be about GoT...

I'll pick this back up. I don't know you ......okay, so just gonna wing it: Davos Seaworth


Tywin Lannister - Dreaded

Seems a bit harsh on his own tribe mates, although he believes he is making the smart decisions to further his faction. Crafty behind the scenes. Could end up dead due to his increasing number of enemies.


Vale - STD

Seem to be keeping to themselves. Fortified in the north East. Fighting skirmishes with small factions, similar to the fights between the Vale and the tribesmen.

I understand the Vale eventually allied with the north, something I do not see STD doing.

Lannisters - RAGE

Lead by Tywin. Currently top dogs in terms of size (points) with a lot of big members. Have been helping PR (Freys) keep the south west, but PR have eventually fallen and Rage will have to fill that void before another tribe does.

Would be interesting to see how the mountain (Tampara) comes back from this death. BAN haven't been cocky about this and have given a wholehearted effort. Rather than dancing around.

Mr. Cringer Pants

Please put spoiler tags around any GoT content i.e. who the vale eventually ally with.



The way I've seen RAGE and PR go reminds me a little of GoT actually...

Back in the day RAGE (the Freys) and PR (the Starks) were best buds, next minute the Red Wedding