Getting to know your leader


We all know you are a married man now Jaffe. How did the fishing trip go?



Thanks a lot Sueco......... there goes my chances with zee ladies.....


By the way, sorry this was before I really got into working out. I'm not nearly as fat now.........

Wow, and here I was thinking you were that little angry looking baby in your avatar :icon_confused:

I think its quite obvious that the note is not handwritten judging by the exact same type of the letters, and considering its on what looks to be a notepad. Im not convinced :icon_razz:


well...jaffe and you are right...the only thing that I edit their is what is written in the note...aside from posting my name and the TW above and below respectively...
all the rest are real and unedited...meaning the girl is real...and I'm a fan of her...she's the best Anime/Game cosplayer in the Asia...


speaking of leaders.....

Has the leadership of DA sunk to a new low where they have to ask Axe people for accounts? :lol:

[11:10:28] Belay-boy: please add me
[11:10:39] Sam Knight(oberoi): who are you
[11:10:55] Belay-boy: i am awarzone friends who's looking for acc
[11:11:03] Belay-boy: hey you talked to sammio.knight about any accounts... he might have some to help you out
his game name is oberoi and he has at least 3 accounts I know of
[11:11:42] Belay-boy: give me the weakest you have
[11:12:02] Sam Knight(oberoi): :D
[11:12:05] Sam Knight(oberoi): ok
[11:12:21] Belay-boy: yes i want the weakes
[11:12:23] Belay-boy: to make
[11:12:24] Belay-boy: strong
[11:12:25] Belay-boy: :)
[11:12:43] Sam Knight(oberoi): have you played w15 before?
[11:12:54] Belay-boy: nope :)
[11:13:00] Sam Knight(oberoi): ok :)
[11:13:23] Belay-boy: so write ID and pw to get in chopper .)
[11:13:26] Belay-boy: :p
[11:13:31] Sam Knight(oberoi): account : youareanoob
password: **** (its a 4 word abbreviation)
[11:13:33] Sam Knight(oberoi): enjoy :)

Maybe its time we started taking Awarzone seriously..... nah who am I kidding.


Me thinks Awarzone is too greedy to give out his own accounts that he has ^_^

John Lenin

They let a blue lead AND sit?! When will they ever learn :icon_sad: