Submitted Giving Paladins a 10-15% buff to Heavy Cavalry & Archers (and fix tribal skill)

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Arne x Lucie

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Hello all,

I think most people that have played the current Paladin system can agree that it feels like a certain meta is being forced. Spears/Swords as defense are insanely powerful early to mid game and its not until very late game when you have way too many frontline villages to cycle through paladins that archers (and heavy cavalry to a lesser degree) become effective units.
Paladins in its current state give NO buffs for Archers, HC and Mounted Archers.
The tribal skill in its current state gives NO buffs for HC.

(This combined with the fact that all three units already receive less buff items than sp/sw and axe/lc...)

I can only conclude that this new paladin system wasn't designed with Archer worlds in mind (and somehow forgot about HC).
Of course a 30% buff to Archers and HC on paladins would make them the overpowered units, which we wouldn't want either.

So what I propose is for paladins to give:
- A 15% buff to Archers
- A 10% buff to Heavy Cavalry
- A 15% buff to Mounted Archers
(They are the weakest units in the game, I think they deserve it!)

And lastly, a smaller change, i would like to see the tribal skill include Heavy Cavalry in its offense/defense buff. i think half of what the other units get would be fair. So 4% at max level (The other units get 8%)

In conclusion I think Inno forces its meta too hard on paladin worlds and these changes would help. These % buffs aren't set in stone, they are just general ideas to get a more balanced playing field.