GLA vs. 3301 family.

Who do you think is gonna win?

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Jeffrey Woods

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Just because the externals is half dead anyways..

The tribe Global Liberation Army declared war on tribe Cicada 3301!

The Global Liberation Army are actively liberating villages from a plague of corrupt, self-serving and elitist leaders.

It has been brought to our attention that a series of exploitative and corrupt decisions have been made by the self serving leadership of 3301.

Offences include:
- Diplomatic misdirection.
- Under the table internals.
- Witholding information from members.
- Merging tribes for the sole purpose of easy internals for privileged members.
- Lack of respect for the rest of the members and the wider community.
- Placing blame on others and a lack of taking responsibility as leaders.
- Prejudging the intentions of others and using their predictions as justification for their actions.

Ultimately they have created an illusion of trust, honesty and transparency but their actions dictate otherwise. Unsuspecting victims have fallen for this time and again. Victims are subjected to blame and isolated from the rest of the tribe so that they can no long speak freely about issues. Orders are given with little information (or at least leaderships twisted version) and the member is then internalled with no opportunity for retribution.

This whole precedure is so 3301 / 3301. leadership can retain the illusion of competence and that they know what is best for their members without having to justify their position. As soon as you make yourself a nuissance by requesting an explanation, they will delay and distract you so that they don't have to deal it.

This is not the honest, trustworthy and respectable tribe they claim it to be. If this is the type of tribe you wish to remain a part of then you are complicit in creating these problems. All remaining participants will henceforth be considered eternal enemies of the GLA.

If a new leadership wishes to recreate a tribe under better principles and values, we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss new terms. For the current leadership, however, this tyranny of deceit will come to an end by our hand.

We sat on the leadership of Paint! and foresaw these issues. We chose to walk away out of principle and made the best of a bad scenario by establishing the GLA and building a real team. You could do the same too but the time is now. Sitting on the fence and weighing up your odds of survival is no longer an option.

The GLA has decided it's time for war. It's time you decide if your leadership is one worth fighting for...


And jarno my dude, you don't need to remove your tw friends for giving you their opinions, atleast you can't block / remove me for making externals interesting again.. ''stay low'' is not something I need to care about anymore atleast :)

/I will personally have fun, hope you guys will aswell.\



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Side 1:
Tribes: GLA
Side 2:
Tribes: 3301, 3301.

Timeframe: Last 24 hours

Total conquers:

Side 1: 16
Side 2: 41
Difference: 25


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6
Side 2: 9
Difference: 3


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 91,422
Side 2: 192,311
Difference: 100,889


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 37,882
Side 2: 61,782
Difference: 23,900


Almighty Push

I like how no one in GLA is complaining about the size of the opposing tribes. They truly a great tribe. They shut up and step to the plate regardless of odds. #TeamGLA #3301Nerds

Almighty Push

This worlds forum is dead.. Wheres al Murph when you need him.

The Unknown

Couldn't ask for a more dedicated and passionate group of tribe mates than I have in GLA . We may be smaller than 3301 but we have the balls to stand up and be counted and fight for what's ours . As I've always said in the past - " I may go down but I'll go down swinging and take 'em to hell with me " . #TeamGLA