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Discussion in 'W36 General discussion:' started by Krieuk, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Krieuk

    Krieuk Guest


    After a long and tedious month, waiting and preparing for w36, we have finally finished. There will be some kinks here and there, but all in all, we are done! GR is one of the first, if not THE first, newspaper to run through a website, and to publish through one for Tribal Wars, which in my eyes is a major accomplishment.


    To the homepage:Link

    There is already a thread explaining a little more about GR, this how you can find it:
    Tribal wars forum> w35> General Discussion> A little change in the w35 express
    Sorry I can't post the link, my computer is being stupid <.<.

    Read through it before you ask anything, please.

    We will be publishing weekly, and hopefully for a long time. If you want to suggest a topic to report on, or have the chance to be interviewed, contact me. Every once in a while we will have special issues made on a certain subject, published on the forums.

    I am happy to announce the opening and start of GR! Hopefully you all like it!.
  2. pkiwarrior

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  3. Intersum

    Intersum Guest

    Nice! Very good issue :D
  4. Krieuk

    Krieuk Guest

    @pki - Thanks. Hopefully you like the first issue.

    @bruno- Thanks. It would have been better with your maps. <wink>
  5. sugarwater

    sugarwater Guest

    K i will read it im sure it will be great
  6. Einstein.

    Einstein. Guest

    Read my article on What? Probably the best in there lol. :p
  7. Kash2Smash

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    Jun 30, 2008
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    looks quite classy, i like the layout, best of luck guys :)
  8. ac04

    ac04 Guest

    The maps are coming tomorrow, hopefully, if the mapmaker's internet is back up and working
  9. DaBearo

    DaBearo Guest

    Oh yeah, forgot about that. Uuhhh I see my name on there ;)
  10. royal blue

    royal blue Active Member

    Mar 29, 2009
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    Nice read. Keep it up, hope to see more :)
  11. sugarwater

    sugarwater Guest

    good job! i suggest one more read though.
  12. HeftySmurf

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    May 17, 2008
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    How do you mean?
  13. ac04

    ac04 Guest

    I put the final thing together late on friday night, I was very tired, and I probably made some mistakes :lol:

    Things should be a little quicker, and a lot more organised this week.
  14. Disco Bunny

    Disco Bunny Guest

    Look's very fancy and all, but I didn't think there was much content there. You really need to get more writers; I read it all in like 5 minutes. I also think there was a lot of news you overlooked, and centred only on thing's which the writers had read personally. I can only assume it was down to a time issue?

    Here are some things which I would have personally like to read about:

    ·All the pro’s who are playing this world, and a brief description about the world they originate from, and possibly a few interviews with some of them. And just generally how they’re getting on so far.
    ·That thing when Jedi got disbanded, I thought that was interesting.
    ·A bit on all the premades and how there fairing so far.
    ·Interviews with some of the top player’s that’s always interesting.

    Sorry that I appear to be the only one giving negative feedback, but I’m just being honest. That said though, I will be looking forward to reading the next issue.
  15. Krieuk

    Krieuk Guest

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We are always looking for some, negative or nice, atleast it shows our flaws and we can try to fix them.
  16. KillerKommando

    KillerKommando Contributing Poster

    Nov 15, 2008
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    My handiwork... It's beautiful... :lol:
  17. ac04

    ac04 Guest

    lol, yeah, you did a good job :)
  18. Einstein.

    Einstein. Guest

    what did you even do KK? Lol.
  19. Krieuk

    Krieuk Guest

    He is our editor. The orginal one from the w32 GR :).

    I think he also orginazed this issue.
  20. Einstein.

    Einstein. Guest

    Oh, okay I was out of the loop? when you going back home Krieuk.