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Well time is nearly here and its looks like I will be away when the end comes :(
So time to say a few goodbyes and thank you's :) I will try and keep it short but unsure I can lol
Every person thinks there world is best and most important, but only those here know what this world has took to last the pace. It has been full of some great players and as it was the first church world, took time to get used too.
I started here with a group of players from w23, thought I knew all, I never lol.
I ended up duke of a tribe of dragons lol, Draco, we did ok until BD keep a knocking lol, I had some great times there and made some good friends and now are long gone, macmid/shadow/pink banana, many others but all long gone :icon_sad: Then came Phoneix, I would like to firstly thank Mark E, his hard work getting me and 2 others into Phoneix was very much appreciated, especially as the duke never really wanted me lol :) I want to say BD were amoung some of the best players I have ever faced, but some of them,lets say ridiculed me, which I never never forgot and when Paj told me to go south from my home in k54, was one of the hardest things I ever had to do :(
During the BD war I must thank mainly Pat ( csiz ), Henri and Paj for sitting and keeping me alive :) Some players have come and gone, Mick ( civilion ) reaper, heather, stiki, tegregg, the real bull and many more, but, the core of phoneix stayed and are still here :)
During a long 5 years, I have mainly been on my own on my account, but I must thank a few who have helped :) shreejesh, pink banana, cy press, thanks for the help during by ban lol, my very good friend abbas :) he helped for so long until moving to help others thanks abbas and one day I will buy you that GUINNESS I promised. Thanks to aritha and my longest co, shadow, he logs in still now and then lol.
I have brought many co players and players to Phoneix, firstly Jason, a RL friend who has helped Phoneix many times over the long 5 years, thanks my friend, its my turn to buy the coffee again !! Kesha, my girl :) I brought from w35 played and looked after doon account for so long, only person I have ever met in RL from tw, we will have a beer again one day, I miss ya :). I brought many players as I said, but a while ago, friends from w23 asked me to go back to play end game there, i went back and told paj, when it ends I will bring some players here to w30 as, at the time, we needed co players :)
When I brought only one player back, after w23 ended, Paj was surpised, but after only about 2 weeks, paj posted this to me, not exact words but " this is the best you have ever brought here bronse " that player is Floadi, flo and adi thanks :) Flo whenever ya need me I will be there :) ( you are my gaurdian angel )
Thanks to the decide crew beqa/luis and eventually Cece :) the normal crew gilg/frank/war/pat/JD (wookie ), queen
The real bull, henri, Taoron, and of course snafu, some of the best I seen here :)
From the BD war we took one in, one who enemy all seemed to think sat all accounts hahahahah, raven I love ya, learned a lot from ya ty :)
the real capt Pj and the one now, corry thanks for the convos, late in the night :) Thanks for the ram crew who joined NBD, Bon,Richy and of course IMO a great team of Chris and Tommy :) The BH team who joined us late, many things were said about this, but, you deserved to be here with us for the win, reth, bunny and chrissy :) ( Please believe what I tell ya !!!! )
I said I would keep it short lol, so nearly there lol, There are many I have not mentioned, sorry for that, just my old brain lol
I thank Mel and R2, who came and left :) and some friends in Loen, Msft, Dert, Sylvain, Twiz, Sir Mike, sadly quiet now :(
Ok one I not mentioned, Paj :) Some know, some dont know, but we argued and disagreed so many times it was unbelivable !! I have to say Paj told me many things so long ago and most has come true. I have no idea what Paj has to keep us all together for so long, the way he did, but he did, if he like that in RL well wow !! As I said PAj made me move south long ago, so when BH attacked, he posted only a few words to me, words I had waited years for :) He just said " Bronse go north " :) this I had waited for for so long and as you can see from K54 to K44/K43/K34/K33/K22 and no more ridicule from ex BD !!! Where are ya now !!!!
PAJ I love ya :) and as I have said before if you do this crazy shit again I will be here :) I enjoyed this even though it took my life for 5 years lol

Well all who know me well enough, know there is only one more to mention :) The only person I would ever had gone against Paj for ! The person I came here with from W23, Only he knows how hard we both tried to make Draco a success and how hard it was to leave :icon_sad: This game makes good friends and I have found one.
One day we will meet my friend :) Bankdude has been at my side for so long, I wish you all the best in RL, but all must know when they see his or my name ingame, you will know you will face both of the dragons :)
I hopefully will cya all again some world, who knows :) and as an old friend used to say ( Robot )
The heartbeat of Phoneix says goodbye
Bronse out
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going to miss you for a short while friend when TW2 starts we will have a blast again an you will meet some of those other crazy W6ers me an henri talk about an we will all join up together with the phoenx crew again maybe we can talk bank into joining up there with us ..lol


There are 27 smiley faces in Bronse's post. Probably those reveal how old he is :D

S1cky Dutch

You know how long it took me to read it all on my phone? Bronse, you almost made me drop some tears:). Very nice words there.

I will try contacting the real Bull one last time, for the sake of god.

I will see you around on Skype Bronse. I hope.



Sad that u wont be around for the world close/win. good luck buddy, Im sure we will see u when ur back and maybe on a new world.


bronse, we have fought together since I first started playing TW on world 23. That world did not last long after I started but we have been here on world 30 since the beginning and we said we would stick together to the very end and we have. It has been an honor fighting by your side as well as the rest of Phoenx. I have recently been promoted at work and it has asked much of my time so I have not been able to be around here much but this will settle down in time and we will fight side by side again when you feel better.

And yes we will meet in real life when the time is right and I will buy you a Guiness so we can talk about the old TW days.

I want to take a little moment to thank and congratulate everyone on Phoenx for the hard work, sacrifices and finally the win we deserve. It was a hard decision to leave Draco as we were prepared to die fighting but Mark-E with Paj convinced bronse and I to come over to Phoenx, a decision I have never regretted. The knowledge and skill I learned from the people here has been wonderfull and the friendships incredible and I hope to have the privilege of fighting side by side again on another world.

My job will probably prevent me from spending much time here so in case I don't get to say bye to everyone....

Farewell and good luck.
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W30 will always be my favorite world on tw, I hope there will soon be another world with the same specs as this one. Bronse, you sir are a hell of player, remarkable sportsmanship and an incredible amount of respect for both friend and enemy...


Proud to have played with you for the short period that I was able to play with Phoenx. Congrats bud, and good luck with the future :)




yeah we are all still playing we are spread out to all the newer worlds polishing our armour an sharpening our axes for TW2.


Damn, i realy hated it to leave W30 back in the day! Had too many other commitments that kept me away from finishing this world with you ppl. Just started on W74 now i have more time to play again =)


I miss world 30 and all the players on it, best of life to all of you. See you on TW2....:)

S1cky Dutch

Damn, i realy hated it to leave W30 back in the day! Had too many other commitments that kept me away from finishing this world with you ppl. Just started on W74 now i have more time to play again =)

My fav stacked enemy <3 Hi buddy


This was a great world. A lot of talent and a lot of great people. I managed to stay away from this game for 4 years but am back again on w76. Anyone else still around and playing here and there?