Good books?


Hey everyone,

I made this thread awhile back on one of my past worlds and it actually was quite fun really I actually went out and read some of the book that other had suggested and thoroughly enjoyed them. Plus since our world is in dire need of some forum activity this is a good way to stir it up and get those intellectual juices flowing.

So everybody.
Just list your absolute favorite books and/or movies that go with them and leave a comment about them.
here everybody can be a critic(as long as its constructive) and Please try and stay on topic.

I know how easy threads can be derailed and I really think this thread could be fun.

So I'll go first...

any book that Michael Crichton wrote is awesome. in my opinion He's one of the most informed and detailed authors in the science fiction genre. to bad he died recently...(well now last year this is and old post)

just in case some of you uncouth illiterate neanderthals who have lived in a cave all your life don't know how great of an author he is...let's just say many of his books went to movies and are fairly good ones to such as...

Jurassic Park
Lost world (sequel to Jurassic park)
Rising sun
Andromeda Strain

I also enjoy the many books that didn't make it to movies...yet...

Terminal man
State of fear (will blow your mind on the whole 'climate change' issue)
Next (his last book before he died...)

As always if you think the movies are good wait until you read the book...the book is always better...or at the very least more detailed.

Dan brown is also a good author in my opinion. 'Angels and Demons', and 'The Da Vinci Code' being his most famous ones. in my opinion 'Angels and Demons' was a way better book. however; unlike most people who just read those i also read his other novels and I thoroughly enjoyed those as well. 'Digital fortress' and 'Breaking point' both very good novels as well. haven't had a chance to read newest book yet cause like pkiwarrior I am really busy with college as well. crazily enough trying to become a physician requires alot of textbook material reading which doesn't leave alot of time for me for 'pleasure reading'. however bus rides do allow me to catch up and read a good novel...when I'm not sleeping that is :lol:.

Trudi caravans 'The black Magician Trilogy' is a pretty good series as well. I'm actually reading a kind of pre-quel to the series called 'The magicians Apprentice' and so far it's pretty good. (finished it and it was good :lol:)

The Inheritance series is also very good .but I have to say that it seems like the 3rd book was just like a filler. nothing really really good like the first 2...It seems like he kind of hit writers block when he wrote that book. Loved Eragon though and thoroughly enjoyed Eldest.

another good series for me was the Last Olympian series as well. with books like 'the lightning thief' and 'sea of monster' very interesting books and fun to read. I also enjoyed the play on Greek mythology and how they relate it to modern life. (he finally finished the series and it was a good 5 book series...theres a continuation as well call "The lost Hero" and that was good as well waiting for the rest to come out now... :icon_redface:)

the Keys to the kingdom series by Garth nix is also very good. I didn't get a chance to read sir Saturday yet though but I'm going to eventually. can't wait for the final book to come out so I can just by the entire series as one package and save some money... (ok I did finish the entire series and the ending is a bit trippy and crazy as really don't see it coming)

of course you cannot fail to mention the harry potter series...I give mad props to J.K. Rowling for creating such a vivid world and keeping it up and not losing the details. I also enjoyed the books more because I got to kind of grow up with I got older so did the books. I liked the fact that J.K. rowling stepped out of the Disney genre where everything is all happy happy and got into some darker tendencies and backgrounds. very very mad though that she killed off Sirius though. Out of all the characters in the Harry potter series he was my favorite and I could relate to him the most...i would have rather had Ron weasly die then Sirius...oh wells though...I'm not the author lol.

Then of course there is the Twilight series as well by stephanie myers...

after jess told me to read it and after many friends highly recommending it to me (mostly girls...) i read the entire series) Call me gay and whatever you want but i actually thought it was a fairly good book with a very interesting plot. It was different from what I thought it was gonna be...although I really enjoyed the constant tension in all the books. I actually enjoyed the series so much that I bought another book by her called 'the host' which is a fairly good read as well. but then again I always enjoyed that science fiction kind of stuff...

then there is also the maximum ride series by James Patterson which is a good read for young adults as well...although...I absolutely hate hate hate the ending...very very anti-climactic. but I James patterson has also wrote some other very good books like 'The Lake house' . he also has another series that is good for young adult readers as well called Daniel X. fairly interesting and fairly out there lol.

another series I enjoy is the 'Enders game' series by Orson Scott Card. the first book is a little kiddie and is meant for younger readers but the twist is pretty good. their also a shadow story of it called 'Ender's shadow' which is also very good. however it is the books after that that really really make you think...books like 'speaker for the dead' 'xenophobia' ask good question like cultural differences and good anthropology questions. then their the other side's series like 'Shadow puppets' , and 'shadow of the giant' which is a pretty interesting read for a possible future of the world. interesting read if any of you are into politics.

God...their are many many more book then that and I know I'm neglecting a bunch but I'll try and get as much as I can in...

The Giver
Narnia Series
Wrinkle in time series
Lord of the Flies
Dante's Inferno
Artemis Fowl series by eoin colfer
The once and future King
1984 (I'm finally reading it after being told by many many people to read it)
20'000 Leagues under the sea
my brother sam is dead
rolling thunder hear my cry
Hatchet series by Gary Paulsen

and many many more...


i thought this was going to be a list of good books ... not actually a book i have to read to get to the list


I read one of the Ender series recently, Speaker for the Dead, and it was a good trip. I've also read several of those others you mention, GA.

Sci fi: Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke. Can't go past the sci fi legends. Early teens I read most of their books as well as the Star Wars and Doctor Who books.

Fantasy: Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, are a couple I enjoyed. Currently finishing a long series by Erik Stevenson.

Classics: Can't go past Charles Dickens, Jane Austen (hey, I'm female, what can I say), Dostoevsky in small doses, some of the Greek literature is fun, too. HG Wells. So many to choose from!

Action/Mystery: Nevil Schute, Gordon Kent

Non-fiction: 'Bloody Britain' was a fun romp through Britain's more gory moments in history. Ever read a dictionary? sigh. I admit I've read parts.

Recent favourite read was 'The Power of One' by Bryce Courtney. Story of a boy born to English immigrants to Africa who decides to become welterweight champion of the world.

I'll stop now as I have too many I like. Hmmm... where do the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' series fit?
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The Pillars of the Earth is a historical novel by Ken Follett published in 1989 about the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. It is set in the middle of the 12th century, primarily during the Anarchy, between the time of the sinking of the White Ship and the murder of Thomas Becket. The book traces the development of Gothic architecture out of the preceding Romanesque architecture and the fortunes of the Kingsbridge priory against the backdrop of actual historical events of the time.

This is one of my favorites, have read it 4-5 times. It was also maid into a mini series, which was good, but I still like the book best.


Wheel of time for me obviously :). I love those books so much, I'm rereading tehm all right now to read the last parts. Written by another writer unfortunately, R.I.P Robert Jordan(Jim Rigney)


does wheres wally count

Wheres waldo you mean?

I used to love those books back in elementary...that and the 'I spy' over them though as i got tired and frustrated with them lol :icon_redface:

as for the pillar of earth...sounds like an interesting read...

has anyone read 'Atlas shrugs' it supposed to be a good book about capitalism and pretty much what America is going through today...only problem is I have a hard time finding it in any of my local bookstores and I don't want to pay shipping to freaken hawaii as it is often either just as much or more then the object itself.


Clifford the Big Red Dog books are great, especially when he's still a pup.
Dr Seuss books I still have a collection of. Does anyone like green eggs and ham?


Wheel of time for me obviously :). I love those books so much, I'm rereading tehm all right now to read the last parts. Written by another writer unfortunately, R.I.P Robert Jordan(Jim Rigney)

Obvious if you know that Rhand is the Dragon


i like colouring in books there better then all the other books


connecting the dots is easier than colouring in, especially if you have to keep it between the lines when you're colouring.


thats a big coloring book then...or a really small paint ball gun lol

pretty good book I read recently

"way of the warrior"