good bye w48


i had some good timers and some bad ties here. but i'm glad it's over.

good bye and good luck to all of you.

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Was a good run during my activity, think it's about time this world comes to an end.


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i hope everyone had fun at the end of the world. Congrats to PIRANA! If anyone is playing in the .us server let me know, i am playing as misiek1001 in some worlds! Great players in this world

Trojan T

Big congrats to all my buddies that I left here.
Yes, I'm on world 70 atm, and many of you have found me there already.
It'll be nice to catch up with some more of you (except that damn BunnuB of course.. lol)

Well done to my old tribe on my favourite world so far. 48.
Whoop, whoop.


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​Beaver has some PIRANA members in it I know that much. I'm also in w70 but not in Beaver. Come and get me ;)


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Congrate's mate's,you all deserved the world.
Not sure about that but hey congrats to PIRANA. sticking till the end is really a tough job.

and at Robin. you are great. playing solo against everyone... good to see you carried Womble legacy.

i missed w-48. specially silent reaper and indisciple. lol