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Rqzaniq's Skill

The archives are full of examples of his prodigious skillz.
Here's one of the ops he planned. He asked for volunteers and gave them specific tasks, keeping the masterplan in his head. Then, like Poirot in the last chapter, revealed all:

Rqzaniq said:
To all the guys that were part of the last co attack on k45. We are on the way to destroy 3 hippo players, mathnerd, anubiszoe, Sirloin.

Most of you didnt know, what was the plan, you knew only your part. So i will explain it now for you, and to the others. I hope next time we will receive more help. :)

There were 2 Real targets, and 2 fake targets.

Real targets: mathnerd and anubiszoe

Fake targets: Sirloin and Camaban

And two hittimes:

1. 10:00 on saturday for anubiszoeand Sirloin

2. 11:00 - 12:00 for mathnerd and Camaban

Phase 1: It all began on Wednesday at 20:00ST. Me and vocil started fake attacks on Sirloin. I sent to Sirloin, 5 noble trains, with 5 fake nukes before each of them, with same hit time 10:00 on saturday. Vocil sent, many fakes, with the same arrival, so it looks like he will add noble later.
Our aim was to make hippos suport Sirloin, and leave anubiszoe unprotecdet.
We did it. They supported Sirloin, and vocil had 3 easy noblings on saturday. I was hoping that Petcho and himafox will take some too, but both didnt sucseeded dew to Rl problems.

Phase 2: Plan here was the same, fake Camaban with nobles, and noble mathnerd. Hit time was 11:00 on sunday for Camaban, and 12:00 for mathnerd.
Our k44 mates, started faking camaban on Friday, again with real nobles, coordinated. And we on k45 started launching our real attacks on mathnerd on saturday. We had succses again, and the hippo support was sent to camaban. Today we nobled 7 vills from mathnerd, and more are on the way to be nobled.

Special thanks to all of you who made it possible! To the account owners, and their sitters!
And i hope next time more people will be able to help us in such ops.

Click to see planning map. It's amazing!


TheMonkey said:
Excellent stuff :)

Side 1: CND

Side 2: Hippos

Timeframe: Last 48 hours

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 11
Side 2: 0
Difference: 11

And it sounds like with many more to come :)

Old guy is still getting pounded by ORC which, although not getting much by way of villages, is apparently tying up a lot of the support in the area :)

beardsy said:
Guys, rqzaniq's attacks are the most beautiful you'll ever see in TW. If he approaches you to join in, please give him the maximum you are able to.

Camaban was rimmed a while later in a second op led by Rq.

He also OWNED the 'noble the biggest village' competition.



Just because he posted before :)

But also because after becoming #1 and more or less neutralising the Hippo threat, we started to get demotivated and players started to leave. Heigou was one of the very few new faces we brought in:

Tyler-Durden said:
Mail from Heigou today at 00:51
Well, MILK has been gone for quite a few time and I started w26 in a premade, wezzel's in and waailap too, waailap told me to try my chance and finally ask for an invite, so that's what I'm doing after being patient for so much time.

Sincerely, Heigou.
I know this may looks kiss ass but I thought I'd start adding more politeness to my letters now ;).

He's active and could be useful if he sends support, even if not that aggressive.

obryant said:
He has helped me with support before so my vote is yes.

beardsy said:
Okay, it'll be good to have some active new blood.
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War with C2

C2 improved a lot over time. Our first skirmish with them showed them in mixed light. They had some good players and some rubbish ones. Those rubbish ones either dropped out or were taught to play. But by the time of the huge scrap we had, they were really solid, and very active.

I've just deleted about a million threads full of CND guys comparing how many incomings they had from C2. But it was pretty hard to take villages from CND:

ebonmorn said:
59 nukes killed

rascal-the-cat said:
The good news is that we yesterday killed off nine noble trains into Scuffer's villages - all sniped and probably my finest hour on TW. Particularly the five noble train that as a desparate measure I sniped with 9000 axes!! :p

Huge credit goes to Pistol who took on the account the previous evening and managed to make sense of 350 untagged incomings and correctly picked out every single noble. Legend!

Pistol said:
So far I am counting 80 dead nukes and a 6m odd jump in one day for the loss off errr precisely zero villages. Awesome performance from Malc here.

Great work everyone, plenty more carnage to come.

Tyler-Durden said:
Update: 848 incomings (topped put at 950 yesterday)

Results so far:
50+ dead nukes (+ about 10k scouts) - will need to count
5 nukes got through on random villages
5 farm levels catted

Initial ODD: a bit under 4MM
Current ODD: Tyler-Durden 10,16 Mio.

And we 'won' the stats:


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 45 (CND)
Side 2: 18 (C2)
Difference: 27

But in the same period, they nobled 174 more village than us.


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 63 (CND)
Side 2: 14
Difference: 49

But, again, they took 268 more than us in total.

With us losing a player or two every month, every village we took cost us more and more effort. In the end, merging with them was best for both sides.


From Tilde to War

How did war with C2 come about? We were very close to having an alliance with them. However, an alliance would have closed off a massive front to some of our players who were active but had destroyed all enemies in their area.

They were getting bored.

But with Hippos still around, it made sense to focus our efforts on the core. So we NAPped C2 and got on with life. Then we had an incoming from a C2 dude.

I have 13 incomming now from c2 i guess they decided that they are ready to start hitting us. BTW this is obryant sitting.

more info to follow

We still have NAP don't we?

[pages of attack discussion, support, etc]

Have we seen any sensible response from C2 yet?

Personally, I'm afraid that this may be the pebble at the top of the mountain that causes the cascade that causes the landslide that causes a terrible war :'(

(He's excited to get into the action)

btw, anyone got a link to the nuke mass-recruit script?

Does anyone else think it might be an idea to finish mopping up the Hippos before we start anything with C2? Or am I the lone voice of reason? (for once).

No, you arent. We have a lot more work to finish. Milk, k55, k45...

You make a valid point Rq.

But, of course, a lot of us are a very long way away from MILK and K45. :)

[NAP breaker still not kicked out by C2.]

Their response has been ludicrously poor, but we have some stuff to tidy up before we get involved.

There's a rumour that if -I- join the anti-LOD alliance, c2 would hit -I-
That'd be good for us.

This sounds better... Lets not start the wars, they will come by their own... Once we know the position of the surrounding tribes, it is easy to decide, where and who to hit.

Probably ~I~ :p

beardsy said:
I don't know where that 'tilde' character is on my keyboard, so I call them -I-

An' I ain't plannin' on changin'

tilde is shift ` normally the key to the left of key 1...

he just said he hasn't any plans on changin how he writes it :p

You have to love a stubborn leader :)

im guessing me and beardsy share an english keyboard. and you guys are using some wierd european one. When I was in Switz. it took me 10 minutes to find the @ key.....I was raging at my lost euros!

You can probably tell which mails/posts I write at home and which at work, because at home the English is beautiful and elegant and at work there's no punctuation because I can't find any of it on the silly keyboard.

When I type shift ` on this (UK) keyboard I get this ¬

wtf is that?!¬

It's just shift # on my keyboard~~~~


oh there it is! Thanks Pistol.

They are still called -I- though. That's official CND policy now.

C2 finally kick the guy and offer us some villages as compensation. It's fair.

Funkmun today at 14:57
Hey beardsy,

I believe we've always had a pretty honest and straight forward relationship so I thought I'd drop you a mail concerning recent events.

I'm sure you have already seen the mails, however this is my complete knowledge on the events so it serves to show my position.

Firstly, the original message was titled NAP broken so I assume we're only marked as a NAP. Now this isn't a big deal however Pistol wanting to claim villages deep within our territory obviously is a huge deal. As I guess it means your intentions for the SW of the world have now changed.

Anyways, if you could let me know how it looks from where you're standing I'd appreciate it.


beardsy today at 20:02

I'm less active myself these days, too.

Let's do the easy part first. I asked you about an alliance a while ago, and the last thing you said was something like 'none of us have any objections to an alliance' or 'weve come round to the idea'. Something like that. So I thought we were close to an agreement, but didn't think we actually had one.

Then I got distracted by the HRV war and collapse of Hippos and my real life projects, and didn't follow it up. But we had an understanding so it didn't really matter.

Second thing, our intentions. Well Hippos are dead and we're all sort of scratching our heads. We get on with everyone around us, basically, except MILK, who aren't enough to keep all our guys involved. We have plenty of villages to take in K55 and that should keep us busy, but it isn't a challenge and isn't fun.

So we're going to have to end some naps or alliances at some point. It's not going to happen short-term, but medium term I'll have to do it or half the tribe will quit from boredom. I might just end all diplomacy and let guys do what they want...


vocil said:
it's smells like a war . unfortunately i'm far away and i have to deal with some W.A.R and CULT tribes . when i took villa from them , i need a week to clear the mess .

This just shows the power of waffling. Had things gone bad for us they would have claimed they never agreed to an alliance, but now that things went our way they are trying to claim that we had an alliance.

Also, the mail from the attacker is fairly clear that they didn't have us marked as a NAP or ally (either that or he is retarded/color blind).

Don't stress guys, it's a slow world, but you'll get all the wars you want. Hang in there a bit.



I think I mentioned that we didn't have hidden forums and discussed everything as a group. But there aren't that many threads left about diplomacy stuff. Here's one about some -I- guy who annoyed me. I seem to remember him popping up all over the forums with his weird geopolitical plans and schemes. Oh, and he mailed me hard for a week or so about some alliance thing he was trying to set up.

Tsch! As if CND would get involved in that sort of thing.

beardsy said:
they are annoying me now.

From the thread orc vs baumir:

"it is an unofficial rumor that hrv and c² have made an early on end game alliance with each other. Doesnt get much simpler than that.

They are teaming up, they are planning to eliminate ~i~ and then cnd. This will sanctify the entire southern part of the world for them and thus creating the end game."

"doesnt work that way my friend...we have been talking diligently with certain characters in no avail.

It's like an alcoholic doesnt need help until they hit rock bottom...but by then, in this game, it will be too late."

yawn. To clarify this:

* -i- want us to hit hrv with them.
* they say that hrv and c2 have an end-game agreement and that means hrv will one day have to attack us.
* 'certain characters' means me.


* we aren't going to hit hrv.
* hrv aren't going to hit us. They won't even hit -i- at the moment because they had the anti-lod agreement and that has some time left to run. There's no way i'd put up with the crap -i- have been spouting at hrv on the forums, but hrv take honouring their agreements way seriously.
* i don't agree with -i-s analysis of the situation. At all.

Please don't respond to them on the forums.

i find ~i~ and camarade popov to be very annoying, let's hope hrv gets tired of their oh so called alliance with ~i~ and kick their asses.

maybe we should try to get both of them to help out with c2 and that would cool both of them off a little

even if we only got support would be a big help to get 2 or 3 def villages extra to each front village. This would free up our support for supporting new villages.

beardsy said:
why do we need their defence?

They won't attack c2. That's for sure. They are obsessed with hitting some tiny tribe near them.

I'm not saying they are all talk.
But they are 95% talk!

better to get there def killed then our own and if we got def fro them they are less likely to back stap us.

beardsy said:
it would be better if everyone pretended -i- was not there.


Shortstuffjo - shocking truth revealed

beardsy said:
Shortstuffjo has been dismissed by beardsy.

Sadly Shortstuffjo has gone rogue and broken our NAP with c2 by taking two villages and replying neither to me nor funkmun - leader of c2.

He has been kicked.

I have given his four k53 villages to c2 as compensation and we need to take the k54 ones as soon as possible.

Man, this is a damn shame...

His profile says "Get Hacked Get Hacked Get Hacked...." repeatedly.

Do you reckon that's a possibility?

It certainly seems out of character for him just go nuts like this.

We then take most of his villages.

It now says "I'm Back"

I wonder if he really was hacked!?!?

beardsy said:
He spoke to me.

We need to rim him. I can't give more details at the moment. When he's rimmed, I may be able to.

He will be rimmed in about 8 hours. Nobles on the way. Thanks for the easy 5 villages Shortstuff

beardsy said:
ooh thats good news - tomorrow I will be able to reveal the SHOCKING TRUTH about SSJ's MYSTERIOUS departure!

What had happened was that SSJ had tried to get one of the biggest remaining Hippos banned.

He sent russki a bunch of info about an op Rqzaniq was planning.

russki said:
Wow, thanks, this is very good to hear.
Can you keep me updated on that topic please?

Also, since you are quitting do you have any more info that may be of importance to me? I can give you anything in exchange - be it premium points, help in any world etc :)

Shortstuffjo said:
Will give you my pass tomorrow or something when I see the result of my nukes and you can just tell them you got hacked and continue playing as me if you really want.

russki said:
Thank you, I'd really like that. :)
Is there anything else I can do for you?

Where are the nukes heading to by the way?

Shortstuffjo said:
Nukes are headed to a nearby c2 player that used to be in my tribe. Never really liked him.

russki said:
Ok. But please don't tell anyone you gave your password away and another person will be playing for you.
Good luck in RL.

Shortstuffjo said:
That would kind of defeat the purpose of letting you spy on CND

This one written to me:

shortstuffjo said:
DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE!!! I'm deleting it as soon as I send it so he doesn't know I'm double crossing him.

Sorry I gave away some info but this is your opportunity to get the rank #1 hippo banned. As soon as "I" try to tell you I've been hacked, you will know it's Russki and you can report him for double accounting. I really am quitting tw so I don't care if my account gets banned.

It's been nice being in your tribe you are a bunch of very nice people and I hope I did some good for you.

Russki now has my password so any mails from now on will be from him.

REMEMBER - DO NOT reply back to this or it probably won't even work.

My regards to CND and all the members of it. I will be keeping tabs on your dominance even though I won't be playing.

Best Regards,

I played along:

beardsy on 17.08. at 21:05

Why have you attacked c2?

Shortstuffjo on 22.08. at 16:13
Took me a while to get back here sorry, my account got hacked :S, been waiting to get back on here for ages. Sorry for the mess, can I get back in?

beardsy on 22.08. at 16:22
Sure, just tell me the password I gave you on MSN. (There was no password on msn! This was a clever trap I devised.)

Shortstuffjo on 22.08. at 16:46
My msn is playing up a mo, and am currently busy, but when its sorted will look on logs, as memory bit fuzzy :S

the real shortstuff jo (name spelled differently), 200 points on the rim wrote:

Shortstuffjoo on 24.08. at 14:57
Hey, it's the original Short. Have you got Russki banned yet? Again sorry for just randomly attacking C2... Actually I'm not but that's besides the point :p

beardsy on 24.08. at 20:51
We had a really long discussion about it and we don't think there's any way we can actually use the info...

We appreciate that you tried to do something interesting with your account though!

Wow, crazy stuff. I would have been surprised if he had of double crossed us. He was always good help and value when ever I talked to him. Good to hear he was loyal till the unorthodox end.

He was a really nice guy ... I'm pleased we have been able to put the record straight on this one now so everyone knows that he tried to help. :)


russki is an idiot for accepting that as a mod in another world though.

that's the thing, we had no way of proving Russki did anything wrong at all. Trying to catch him out would be dangerous and could have left us looking very bad indeed.

Obviously, the email looks bad on him, but he could easily have passed the account password on to someone else and not have broken any rules at all.
Accusing game staff of cheating without evidence is very foolish indeed.

russki, what a little fink! I guess this puts paid to any calls for inviting him to CND if and when hippos go belly up :p

NOTE - as mentioned, there's no suggestion that russki did anything wrong and this thread isn't an accusation. Just a weird thing that happened and as far as I can remember, the only time a player in one of my tribes ever broke a NAP. I talked to russki about it and invited him to join CND, which he did. I wouldn't have done it if I'd thought for one second he'd done anything against the rules.

Having said that, at the time I'd have loved it if he'd been banned! ;-)
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Duke Duped

beardsy said:
dopeas today at 14:39
cc: Rag1;RQzaniq;ranel;beardsy;pistol;wezzel;mikebro;seagryfn;jackop36;kie9123;IQ of 1 million;Zvone1979;mLions

Greetings to the top 5 tribes,

This is the official mail after a long decision by ORC.

As you all know, we've been a long and hard fought war with BANG!. It's been fun, and memorable for all of the current and past ORCs that have participated and watched this war.

I'm sure it has been amusing and entertaining to say the least to read the propaganda on the forums and to see the stats jump back n forth day after day.


This is the end of the war.

ORC have surrendered officially, we have no more fight left in the tribe. We have hardly any activity or decent players left in our tribe.

ORC will be officially disbanding at 22:00 01/04/2009. After we disband you may invite whoever you wish.

Good luck to all.

Dopeas, Duke and recruiter of the fallen ORC.

april FOOLS!

beardsy said:
I'm sure it's for real. Look at the stats.
We should talk about who we want to recruit.

gamecat for sure if he wants to play

It was an April's Fool joke.

A good one too. :D

beardsy said:
Quite elaborate to send to such a limited number of people...

I respect that!

I told you so :p :p :p :p :p

By the way, my latest True Love comic was posted today. It's the most controversial one so far.
Have a look for yourself.


(Yes I know all these posts are random and not chronological!
I'm racing to post everything before the world closes.
There's just one more after this)

This thread has been heavily edited because there was 4 pages of discussion. I've tried to keep the flavour. Hope it's as
readable as my guide to online dating.

Inviting Hippos

beardsy said:
Hippos will disband at the weekend.

Some of their players are interested in joining us.

In the last week, 2 CND players have quit, and one has gone and might not return because of RL problems. I understand that some people have lost a bit of motivation now that we've won the war.

So what about the future? Take a few minutes to think before you post.

How do you feel about *some* Hippos maybe joining us?

As long as it's not Blow I'm ok with it. (Him me noble target!)

some of them are really good players . we will have many fights and wars in the future , so i say yes .

Depending on who it is, ... it might be okay. (Hippos)

One of CND long term goals could be (after dominating 4-5 continents) starting the first civil war in TW-history.
Letting each CND-K fight against each other as ultimate challenge. We could of course make some fair teams.

beardsy said:
Well Russki is an obvious one. I don't mean rubbish little guys like Blow

I prefer rimming russki than inviting him.

russki is a top quality player as far as i know...if we don't take him in , we would be forced to rim him :p..and that would be a pity
i give my ok it that this way k45 CND won't be so separated from the rest of CND clusters..

I have two opinions both different from each other:
It is so easy to just let some hippos join us instead of rimming them,but there is no fun in that ;).
Im not sure about their loyalty ,We did kick their as** so bad,they could be seeking vengence while between us,

who knows we could be losing more members,players quit all the time.Having new members would be good ,especially if they r high pointers.
And ruskki does link k44,k45.
And we dont know if any of our faithful allies could turn their back on us at any time,u know gang up on us.

IM confused......

echo micho...with the exception of the thought that only "big point" players are the acceptable canidates....some big point players are just shit.
I'm confused too, certainly active players always have value to the game and a tribe, as opposed to semi/inactives, no matter the points.
Players that have fought for their tribe and stood their ground to the end show they deserve to continue playing in another tribe.

We could certainly use a few GOOD players to fill our voids.
Things that must be done imo to accept any of them...
-acct. sitting before invites, particularly checking to see what accts. they are sitting
-some type of loyalty clause with them, whereas options can be exercised if they turn out to be dishonorable spies
-immediate requirements to support or participate in ops against the players not being accepted.

Disbanding Hippos is surrender enough for me....Russki can be invited....but should be watched me for sure.

@Stupsi I don't fight count me out of the civil war entirely!

This is a very random post for me....sorry couldn't put it in any better order, was just how it came into my head.

micho and jerp - your posts are a bit random but they really make a lot of sense!

Personally I don't think Russki would be a spy for anyone. Who is left for him to give information to? Crimson Idol? CI knows he's on our hitlist!

He's a player like all of us, and needs a tribe. We're the best option for him and I think it's fair to consider it. We know he can play, that's more important than his points.

If he can be trusted it's a definite yes from me. I've played with him before and he's a great guy. He is always loyal to his tribe. In this world his tribe was hippos... our sworn enemy...

I simply don't know...

The only two I have any interest in are dondonna and russki but they find themselves in a catch 22 - if they join then they will be immediately required to turn on their former tribe mates to be of any worth to us.

I'm not sure I want players who are prepared to immediately attack their former tribe mates...

In terms of them joining other tribes then outside of the core k's they can go ahead, inside that we need to make other tribes aware that recruiting former Hippos is a good way to paint a big x on their tribe. HRV and LOD inparticular look like potential homes for some of them. Some might go to MILK and I imagine ORC and Plight will take on board any request we make not to recruit particular Hippos as we will for them.

It would be cleaner all round if we just refused them all for now and let events unfold a little more while we carry on as normal with our Hippo targets.

If we dont recruit, someone else will do it. Question is not if we have to recruit, but what.

There is no doubt, russki is a good player. I would only have one question, before recruit him: What is his motivation, to stay and play this world, after the fall of his tribe?

Its also worth trying to identify who would stay and is likely to have villages gifted to them.

In K53 a couple of months back we did not recruit and the end result has been that C2 who only took on a couple of players have gained a shedload of villages as many players dissapeared and gifted their villages to their old tribemates who went to C2.

beardsy said:
I asked him about the shortstuffjo thing, and whether he'd promise not to sabotage ops against current Hippos.

russki today at 14:13

Yeah I expected something like that. I'm not an idiot to actually log in. And being a mod, I'm pretty sure there was nothing illegal from my side having a player give me his password :)

I spoke to don just now, me and him just want a good chilled out tribe in a pretty safe area, one which wouldn't require any good activity except an op or two every few weeks. If CND can give us that, then go ahead and send the invites.

And about the remaining hippos in the immediate area, I have no interest in sabotaging any operations against them, most of them are being sat anyway.. I'll ask if anyone wants to join you guys though, and after that they're red to me..


So I'll let some other tribes know, then invite them.

russki joins then reads through the thread.

russki said:
Oww I feel the love :D

Aelies said:
Although I am late due to gross inactivity in adding my 2 cents in this subject ...

I believe that the goal in any TW war must be a two fold one :
A) Acquiring villages and precious space of course.
B) Acquiring new players.

If you fight a war only for the obvious reason (A) but neglect the second then you are slowly entering your tribe into a decline. Unless of course you are part of a maxed out hyper active tribe that rules everything through over activity, but I have yet to see such a tribe in any of the world I have played.

So I have to say that i dismiss immediately any arguments of the type "None of them is trustworthy, lets send them all to the rim" and the like (No offense if any such argument had been given above, I did not have the time to read all the thread.) The aim (B) forces you to at least give it a try and confirm if none is trustworthy (a statistical improbability in my opinion) or whether some players do have the will and the desire to try a different way through the ranks of a new tribe.

Having said this I welcome russki and dondonna and I hope you have fun along side us. :)

P.S. To all CND members : I am sorry for my very low recent activity, but RL is strangling me atm and it will be some time before I return to some lvl of acceptable presence.



The Final Post from the Archive - A Brief History of CND

Let's end with the beginning!
I wrote this for the benefit of the Center guys who merged into us.

I'm playing world 59 at the moment, and one day would like to lead a tribe again. Keep in touch, guys! It's been a pleasure.

beardsy said:
Many players from CND know each other from an online cricket game called Battrick. People like rascal-the-cat and Adam_NCCC spammed the Battrick IRC channel with talk of nobles, axes, villages, and noobs, and I eventually realised they were talking about an online game which I imagined to be something like Age of Empires.

I had some important work to do, but decided to become addicted to Tribal Wars instead of doing it.

I first played world 7, and I think that's true of a lot of the Battrick players. There we formed a tribe called 'The Battrick Warriors' and fought the evil PTT. I was put in charge of the pitiful BTW Academy, so I 'learned' Dukeing as well as how to play the game.

After a while I thought that if we started again in a new world, we would be a very decent tribe. I got a load of guys to start in world 9, but in disguise (to leave the bitter PTT war behind and start fresh).

That disguise was BATZ. Things went pretty well and we had a strong tribe and a good central location, with a trusted ally to our south. Our main enemy was POWER! who we shared a continent with. We had an unsteady NAP with them for some time. A bunch of POWER! players fell out with the leadership and formed a new tribe, called SunTsu. They were led by the awesome Rexx72. Rexx and his guys (who included Lazy Lizzard) liked BATZ, and we got talking and they eventually joined us. They were few in number but huge in ODA and general awesomeness. BATZ rose to #2 in the world.

Then came the war. POWER! merged with a small but ace tribe called RECKLESS, who held the balance of power in our continent. Fighting the newly-strengthened POWER! seemed like an uphill struggle, but we decided we might as well go for it, and would have a better chance if we struck first.

I dug out my old Three Kingdoms book to see if there were any classic strategies that could help us. I opened the book to the page where Zhuge Liang launched an attack on Cao Cao on New Year's Eve. Thus the date for our attack was set.

The first few days of the war were brutal, with great moves from both sides. Some irrelevant noob tribe declared war on us from the east. Whatever. But then our trusted ally stabbed us in the back, and declared war from the south. Totally surrounded, I decided that fighting bravely for a few weeks would be stupid and meaningless, and I decided to disband. I regret this now because after we fought POWER and RECKLESS, we were able to respect each other, and it wouldn't have been so strange if we'd ended the war, merged, and crushed our former ally in the south.

But we quit world 9 and waited for the right world conditions to return - without the deadwood. That became CND.

To my amazement, a lot of our former enemies from world 9 wanted to join. Some of them are still here. I think it shows that good players like to play with good players, and that most people realise it's only a game.

We started with a policy of no recruitment, no diplomacy. Obviously we relaxed that, and were able to recruit some handy players. Our guys in k45 remind me a lot of SunTsu - a small number of players with a big influence on the continent and an endless supply of big axes! But we also have some heavy hitters in k54.

As for diplomacy, our early skirmishes with Center were the best thing that could have happened to us. It established our reputation with players who know how the game works, and we've had a perfect relationship ever since.

CND has become the tribe I wanted it to be - hard-hitting, skilled, and easy to manage. I'm really happy to be merging with Center, because I think those terms totally describe Center. We're a perfect match.


Nice thread Beardsy, was definitely entertaining. Especially some of the stuff that happened after I had quit. But I really enjoyed playing with you, and the rest of the original CND players, and absolutely agree that our early skirmishes turned out to be the best thing for both CND and Center. :)


Thank you Beardsy. It was nice to read this back.... while world 16 closes... now !


Lol, I wonder why you even decided to add me in there, specially with the low content of the post.


beardsy said:
Great post, Seagryfn. You should post it on the main forum.
I've emptied the rest of the CND archives onto the thread I made there. Anyone feeling nostalgic should take a peek.
The above from our internal forums. As you request, I'll be happy to copy it here:

Plight - Seagryfn on 22.10.2011 at 17:01 said:
Final respects to some of the players who helped shape the face of this world.
This world, W16, that we have known for 1342 days (3 years and 8+ months).

To those we have lost forever along the way....
titone34 - who died in a fatal automotive accident the week before Christmas in 2009. I would thank ALL the players of W16, and the leadership of C², Bang! and members of Plight, who respected the account holder's family and did not touch a single village for the 6+ weeks that it took the server to swallow the account within the vast sea of gray.

To those whose loved ones or whose families face terrible challenges...
* Ltdavis2008 and DILLONCAITLIN with a family member who suffered a stroke.
* Strikermax and his family, whose son has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. My prayers will be with your family, and also with the Université Laval researchers who are working on a gene therapy cure which may soon be ready for human testing.
* To players who stayed online with me (personally) on nights I was so gravely ill that I did not know if I would live to see sunrise; who kept me from being alone when I was afraid, and who helped me find the courage to keep fighting for another day, I am most grateful. On August 1st of this year, my research team made a groundbreaking leap forward in finding a cure for this illness, one that we are hoping will one day soon lead to gene therapy research trials of our own (although that work is still years into the future).

To anyone else facing the challenges that life places in our way, never give up. The only way to ensure defeat is when you stop trying to succeed. You can never guarantee your accomplishments, but you can *always* try your best. To all those that indeed tried their best, kudos to us. :D

Special mentions to.....
openeye - when I was a newb he taught me the strategy of this game; my hero!
Onaryc - what good is a hero without a good antagonist to pit himself against? :)
ronpaul2008 - Together he and I could coordinate strikes within milliseconds, and developed the "bullet-proof" strategy that made a permanent mark on the way TW is played. We took down one great tribe after another together, and I dearly I miss the precision teamwork that we enjoyed.
SocratesJC - he was only 'active' on W16 for 8 months, but he created a tribe, a concept, that succeeded to world's end.
baumir - they only co-played W16 for 9 months, but they accomplished something no world had seen before... a sole, tribeless account rising to be one of the top-ranked accounts in the W16 game.
scuba doo and the Maldaathi Knights, always true and valiant warriors
wolverhampton666 - what a character; no one who played with him can forget him! Plus RealXT and all the rest of the GUNs players who help forge and temper Plight by War.
superbock81 and his redruM crew, who threw in with Plight when TWB intended to ambush us, and we seized 8 continents of territory in a single and VERY decisive war victory!
rag1 - who lead his tribe with integrity and sincerity, who respected his worthy adversaries in order to form an even stronger tribe, made great by the strength of each of its members.
Adamjrose2 - a man of his word who always strove to do what was right, and a worthy adversary that I enjoyed battling.
JonnyFlame - loyal, dedicated and hardworking in the extreme, and leader in the final negotiations to achieve this end game peace that we celebrate today. In addition to your own contributions (those of you who are reading this), you can ALL thank Jonny's hard work and perseverance for helping you to end this game victorious.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Plight a great tribe... from BundyBear who was a founding member of the tribe, to all those who joined along the way as we grew. A tribe may have a 'reputation,' but it is only as good as its actual members.

Most of all, my deepest respects for everyone who dedicated themselves to their team mates. In whichever tribe, on whatever team, the player who plays not for the love of himself but for the welfare of the team is the greatest companion of all.

In closing, I would like to say that some players have expressed that they'd rather end the game in Plight, despite the premium award that will be given for players who end the game in C². Anyone who would like to return at this point is more than welcome to. You *earned* your invite to C² and earned your respect as worthy players of this game. Unfortunately, I am about to leave for the hospital again (the usual) and might not have access to the game again before the world ends, so, I have offered invites now for those that want to use them.
Where players want to end their last day on W16 is their own choice. Peace, either way. :)

Respects to all, and congratulations for being among the final 100 or so players, from among perhaps 70,000 that started this world, to see its end.

~ Seagryfn
Much love to everyone who made me proud to be a W16 player!


Nice thread Beardsy, was definitely entertaining. Especially some of the stuff that happened after I had quit. But I really enjoyed playing with you, and the rest of the original CND players, and absolutely agree that our early skirmishes turned out to be the best thing for both CND and Center. :)

I agree - we had some fun indeed.

Great to see so many ex world 16 players are still around at the end of the world. For those of us who carried on to the end it has seemed like a very long time indeed. :icon_wink:


I'm surprised I even made it to the end lol. And a shame that my final respects post from the forum disappeared forever before I could copy it here :(


Great Thread, Though you should've added rascals Bombay vids they are damn funny..

I Enjoyed my time in w16 :) though i couldn't play till end ^_^.

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I'm surprised I even made it to the end lol. And a shame that my final respects post from the forum disappeared forever before I could copy it here :(

I wasn't even around to make one. :icon_cry:

Just wanted to say goodbye to everyone and good luck in life. I'm out for good, but had a blast.



I'd make some sentimental post about whose company I enjoyed and such, heck, why not.

From starting out TW on this very world, all I had was the irrational decision-making that comes with being a teenager and a rather loud mouth. Through sheer perseverance, luck, and vague persuasive attempts, I managed to bumble through the world and numerous accounts that were offered me in my attempt to learn how to play. By the time I quit, I had mastered the game mechanics to the extent I've maintained thus far (though my startup is now better, I believe), and I'm very proud of how much I learned through this world. Through it all, there were a few people who managed to seriously affect my life, not just this game. They deserve honorable mentions without a doubt, as many of you have probably seen their importance both in-game and out of it:

1) First and foremost, my buddy macondude. Regardless of what you think of his in-game decisions, I've never met someone who had such a great, selfless personality. He could very well have saved my life multiple times throughout the course of our experience on World 16. He is undoubtedly one of the best friends I've ever made through this game, and he lives well over 3,000 miles away. The fact that he means so much as a friend to me only attests to his value as a person, and I'm sure that he'll go far in life. It was well worth sitting him until 5AM at night and coplaying him, my petty contributions to his game account paled in comparison to his contributions as a friend into my life.
2) How could anyone forget Gamecat? And I'm speaking of both halves, not just one. The male half was always a great person to speak to, a good source of entertaining conversation even if I annoyed him or otherwise didn't agree with him on occasion. And that's not to mention the female half, one of the most helpful people I've met through this game as well. Both are exemplary people who persevere and refuse to ever give up, and I can only hope that I am as determined in my life be it (once more) in-game or out.
3) Barton/ could I have gotten this name if not for taking over his original account after all?
4) adamjrose1 spent a helluva lot of time speaking to me, helping me through the end-game war, and was very dedicated to the tribe. His ability is unforgettable, and his contributions to the world can't be denied. He even managed to convince me, someone notoriously stubborn, to return to W16 albeit for a short stint due to my RL complications.
5) Further honorable mentions go out to the c2 council, kafs, Seagryfn, and numerous others such as titone34, Iq of 1 million, and numerous others who I simply don't have time to write about. Regardless of when I met you, if I trust you as I did these people then I put a lot of stock in your value.

Thanks to all of W16, and sorry to c2 that I couldn't stay to the end.


A really cool read :icon_biggrin: Got me ever so slightly nostalgic, and sad at the same time. Disbanding Hippos was the toughest decision I have ever made in TW.

W16 was the world that started my love for worlds with a "6" in them. I consider W16, W26 and W56 the most fun worlds I played! And now starting a premade for some world in W60+ which also has the magical 6 in it, I am hoping it will be just as good.

Oh lord...

That ought to last about 3 months before you quit...again.

People with ADD should really not play a game that takes so much time. Then again, you did once say you enjoy the beginning of a world more so than the latter.