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Fleezus Clyde

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Now quite honestly, I was not in the right mindset to write a proper goodbye when I did. MY decision to leave this game remains the same. While quite a few of you are awesome people there are just so many insufferable ones on this game. I've decided to be restrained in this post and I will not be saying what we all know I should/could be saying.

First off, I'd like to thank SOLO- and SCREW; he truly made TW fun for me again and if circumstances were different i'd battle with him until whatever bitter end.

Second, I'd like to thank my cos: Magnus, Jay & Ryan. Where to start. You guys are my rocks & I love you all like brothers <3 You are unequivocally the reason I've lasted as long as I did on this world.

Third, certain tribe mates have made this game ever so enjoyable to play (Voodoo. , Genesis, xBC1x, TBC, Reeper01) and I also wanna thank you guys for making this bearable for me for so long.

Finally I'd like to say that while I am quitting the game; you may still minimally see me lurking around the forums. I am likely going to be deleting my skype; so if you don't already have my snap/another form of contact and want to stay in touch than hit me up on skype soon. I know for certain of two more posts I will need to make over the next month so you can also find me here during that time if need be.

It's been a fruitful spell but all good things must come to an end :(

I wish you all the best of this world (if you're in SCREW ;) ), on future worlds & In life.

FC Out.

It's been a fruitful 8 years but my time to move on is now.

I wish you all the best in life :)

Specially shootouts to jayjay, ryan, magnus brad and solo mizsing a few more.bit :* u guys made it all worth it for me
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Yeah, you will be back, this game is a drug and we only take breaks... never really quit.
I said that after w9, after my deletion on w61 and after w74 ...

But if you really quit, gl to you in rl mate.


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Not sure if I've played with you Clyde, but I've read your posts on here even about worlds I'm not playing. You will definitely be a miss. Hopefully as Mako and myself have found you'll be back but best luck to kick the addiction. Good luck

Lord BillyNoMates

sure thing but didnt you quit w94 because you couldnt take the heat which then obviously made reece merge into someone because he doesnt like being alone


Kind of poetic that you got to go out taking a final swing at BillyNoMain

You're a top bloke chris, shame we can't finish this world together but i know this decision is the best for you.

I know this isnt a goodbye because we will stay in touch but just wanted to say thanks for all that you've done for us boys.

Its been a good run. Nex. for lyf bby


Pleasure to play with you FC, and always nice to see your write ups. Hopefully you may find an interest to post up some more stats for us going forward and always welcome to message me if you so wish :)

Good luck getting away from all this!! ;)


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So wait your tribe is about to win the world and you're quitting right on the steps of winning ?
That's good for your enemies

If you have a valid reason wish you good luck in RL
I left tw for a year and half too but returned eventually so maybe you will too if you're really leaving

Fleezus Clyde

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First off I have an announcement.


Second, the reason i'm back is
Paddy Daddy
has culled me back to his services until we win this world so to the haters happy when I quit


And finally to my loyal friends in SCREW I apologize for taking you on this rollercoaster ride but I promise you I am now fully committed to help ensure our win as quickly as possible


Once we win this world however I am done for realsies :D That is a promise; I don't easily break those which is why I can't quit until the world is done.