goodbye w20 :(

Marek Varro

Aww, its been a long time since I left myself. Well, I knew I wasn't the only one to go.
I don't know if you still check this rand, but I say hi!
Nobody would recognize me with my new pseudonym though.
I played as -SoldierX- before but I grew out of the name.

king ziggy the 2

Goodby and go round and round.. Rand( alias 'NERO').. because like Nero, you burn Kiltom. Unfortunatly for your plan (and other people behind that plan), since Rome survive also core strong of Kiltom found a way out and is alive.

Rest will remain in history.. Rand - as player = a failed duke that try kill his own tribe.

On the other hand, best of luck in RL.

I thought you said at one time that you'd never post here again.... :icon_evil:


What I want to know is who the hell is stupid enough to keep giving nonsou accounts on w20.