Goodbye W5

Discussion in 'World 5' started by Serb1a, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest

    You let me down Wanzo I was hoping you could help me with my issue.
  2. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest

    I am not sure if it to late now I would still like to do it tho should be very fun, anyways I am off to bed long night it was.

    p.s. Gran Torino is a awesome movie, and one of the funniest yes funniest I have seen for a very long time.

    p.s.s Wanzo if your still interested drop me a PM.
  3. Kustard King

    Kustard King Guest

    Much love <3

    Yes, he is. He always has been and always will be.

    Much love <3
  4. elboba3

    elboba3 Guest

    hay old friend how are you doing?

    contact me on w23 if you still like to play and kill some sci :)
  5. vojd

    vojd Guest

    To summarize - you did not get support from V V V, because you did not ask for it, because you did not like V V V. And that makes you surprised and unhappy? lol
    You just did not need support, I guess, and preferred to plot against ally rather than fight enemy ;)

    Your choice, it does not matter anyway
  6. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest

    After going through my threads I come upon this old thing, sadly I use to be a wee bit immature and flamed a bit too. In my defense I still say I never plotted once against any allies, although I never liked the other two SCI tribes so maybe I can't say I never plotted but surely never attacked them. How are we doing W5? I am giving 10 PP to who ever rims Metaller!
  7. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    You know that even joking about putting a bounty by premium gets people permanently banned. However that might only be for for a few.
  8. bicky team

    bicky team Contributing Poster

    Sep 29, 2008
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    oh no what a shame... [/sarcasm]
  9. pk3rz 30

    pk3rz 30 Guest

  10. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest

    I lol'd :)
  11. ghettogirl07

    ghettogirl07 Still Going Strong

    Oct 9, 2007
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    ill rim him for 400 premium points? :D
  12. Serb1a

    Serb1a Guest