Goodbye world 33


I really couldnt care less haha, any activity in any topic now is a bonus :p


Why don't u try and see? :p no matter what i answer or promise here u probably not gonna believe anyways :p

Oh i will not dodge if u promise to send real nukes, not lousy ones, not fake ones etc.

I believe you...I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and do it...however if you dodge my faith in you will be lost.

and I promise only real nukes and maybe cats at the very least but all very real attacks.

sounds like a deal then :)

Due to the generally good nature of this forum's members, I've let a number of threads drag off topic, figuring it was harmless, but when threads get derailed to the point that the topic is no longer spoken about I feel the need to step in.

Try to keep things on topic folks, if you have grips about a player, or another topic, feel free to start a new topic, or find one better suited to the rant, but don't derail this thread any further please.

and blue hurry!!!! he's escaped!!! :lol:

love ya drunkie and hurry up and update the top 25 ODA :icon_razz:
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yea i cant be bothered.. its too hard not knowing whose gaining/losing and having to do it all through TWstats :|