Goodbye. A happy new year.

This world keeps going on, while i got better things to do in life .

My last goal, was to become rank 3: i think i deserved it by dedication. I'm proud to say I always had to fight big time, took many caps against enemies off apoc. I did very well against Apoc. Never cheated or abused sitted accounts or had any privs to suit my personal goals .

Anyway these are my stats:

1st one to be top 15 in everything:

Dominance 1st: 10,6 mill in k56
Growth 3rd: 2,28 vills/day
Points rank 5th: 19,8 mill ( Best rank nr 3)
ODD 10: 95 Mill
ODA 11: 138,9 Mill
ODT 11: 233 Mill

A quick and short goodbye.

Players that I liked very much and that are gone for a while:

Msbella, lord bad, slupmi, zurtle, joann, swordy, provonsha, agenroe ,korlik, stealthmode, LLT, cadara ...

A special thanks to my super loyal neighbour. Poppinette , you're pry the best friend of me from w18.

Nice people: Awesome respect for dufusut, freya of vanir. Kickass players and not afraid to tell what's on their mind.

Nice leaders: Zain, david, you boys did it. cheers for that
0u1ncy: Orsio: Rashelle: toledomike :MEChicks quite fun and reasonable and likeable persons. Liked the interactions with you guys.

Some stuff:

BA: In my opinions the leechers of this game (there are some exceptions like soup dragon and ....) . You were lucky to be a nice buffer for apoc. Apoc-d did all the hard work in defeating the enemies.
I'm also quite disappointed about the mass hugging and recruiting that this world had known.
Resulting in bad players, who'll see the end of w18.



Thanks babes
been a pleasure and honor to play with you and get to know you also :)
will join ya back in w6 real soon when my connection is sorted, should in theory be a matter of days now :)
Then fun can continue there :)

Take care babes and as allways keep smiling :)


oh and a very happy new year hun :)
hope its the best year yet for you :)


Congratulations on your achievements Concrete. It was truly an honour playing with you and the rest of our -MM- friends. All the best to you in all your future endeavours.
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Farewell concrete. Take care and may RL treat you well.


have fun in RL :) I didnt know you were quitting world 6 as well :(


Good luck concrete... wish I had known you sooner...

To all I have played with (fnarr.....) ally and enemy, good luck for the future in game and in real life, have enjoyed my first world, thank you! :icon_cool: