Granny: How To Play Tribal Wars

Lord Rudolph

Hello there. It's your dear old Granny again. Hanging back in her Florida retirement home.
How are you sweety? Come give your old Gran a kiss. *puckers up*

A couple of months ago the grand mistress of the wrinkle showed the fine folk of world 87 how to play Tribal Wars like a pro with a thread about her computer workstation thingy.

This is your Granny back with an update on that "Tribal Wars Overkill" setup.

Ladies and gentlemen, nobles and steeds... Tribal Wars in all its glory in an impressive resolution of 19200x3420 on the main system and a bottom row on 9600x1080...
...all at 60 fps.

You might be thinking... "Granny, are you completely mad?"
Yes. Yes I am.
Are you? Show me what you play Tribal Wars on for a chance to win a personalised COA for your tribe or profile featuring your dear old Granny.




I can't post here how i play tw cause there are kids in the room. Anyway, i use one single screen for it.