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  1. Jagerblue

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    Oct 17, 2007
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    Hello, this is a completely different question from the other Greasemonkey thread, so please do not auto-close, hear me out.

    Greasemonkey is by definition a:

    By reading this Wikipedia entry, I am led to believe that Greasemonkey is not a Tribal Wars Hacking tool and was not made for the purpose of stealing your premium, it was made to make life easier for the every day Internet user, not solely the every day Tribal Wars user.

    In fact, on just one site alone dedicated to the advancement of Greasemonkey scripts there are over 35,000 Greasemonkey scripts.. 54 of which are dedicated to Tribal Wars and over 75% of that 54 are Skins. Which, if relative to the global internet, puts the number of Tribal Wars related Greasemonkey scripts to Regular Greasemonkey scripts at about ~2600:1, that is assuming that all sites have the same ratio as this one.

    Now that we have that out of the way, I assumed you already knew the information above, because on A Thread in the Scripts & Independent Tools and Links section of the Tribal Wars Forums, it clearly states, and i quote:
    I am not sure about others, but this post leads me to believe that Greasemonkey is, in fact, a legal add-on for the Firefox browser. However, the action of using a Tribal Wars based script for it is "Forbidden and the use will be punished!", so why was a Premium using Member of Tribal Wars banned for simply having Greasemonkey installed on his computer?

    So where are your priorities, Tribal Wars Administrative Team, can we, the people who pay for your game, get some straight answers? Or will you flip flop on the subject, posting in a Locked, Stickied thread making people think Greasemonkey is legal or ban those very same people for doing something they thought was not wrong.

    P.S. Please do not reply "Greasemonkey is illegal because its used to enhance tribal wars", because if you post that I will assume you have read nothing of my post.
    P.P.S. Please also do not tell me there is already a Greasemonkey thread, I am aware, but this is a different question.
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  2. servy

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    How is the fact that greasemonkey exists for other sites even remotely ontopic? The fact that it isn't completly based around TW means nothing, what does matter is that all of those scripts that are based around TW perform illegal actions.

    Until recently greasemonkey was banned globally. Not that long ago with the rule change that was amended to say that all greasemonkey scripts that weren't approved were illegal. Since then there have been a grand total of 0 greasemonkey scripts that have been approved, so as of this moment all greasemonkey scripts are still illegal, it's just that there is the possibility for that to change in the near future. Since it's a recent change it's not unusual for a few people to give slightly conflicting answers, it simply happens when there is changed. If you had been banned for using an approved GM script you would have an argument, but as you haven't no harm has been done and you can quit your complaining.

    For the record I don't see any different question at all, only the same question in a different wording. If you wish to say more on the topic you can say it in the other topic.
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