Greatest Dukes/Leaders of all time in Tribal Wars


Blast from the past - Sam (Damageboi) from the W29 days gets my vote.


W17 Integritous Except for the lying, cheating and delusions of grandeur.


Tuzain, Growth W74

Although Growth may loose the world but he is an interesting personality.


CharlieFive <w23> funniest bastard i had the privilege playing with..
RedNecks <w53> very smart fulla..
Sgt@Arms <w66> TW GOD!..simples..
Garrock <w79> exceptional people person.. most respectful/loyal tw'er i know.



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I remember the best duke ever... oh shucks sorry it was.... damn hes gone as well.. now co playing with four other guys... oh damn... that profile is also gone... not sure who he is co playing now. But he manged to lead his tribe through 7 merges and kill off and absorb all his old friends.... What was his name again... oh shucks doesnt matter.... They all do that.

Unless thye are bad leaders then they dont like merging and abusing old members.


i agree with this assessment. regime overrated tribe (hybrid is cool guy hear nothing but good things) but they were outclassed and outled by dest and sin leaderships respectively.

Sin leadership was run differently to the normal tribe. Probably how we survived so many dire situations and rank up the dominance like aa machine as soon as the opportunity arose.

I will lead alongside Angelo and Amanda any day, and I hope to have the opportunity again in the future. WGGF/SIN was and is the highlight of my TW career.

Stay classy people. While many consider a lot of aspects of this game is dying, class does not need to.