Greyscale 55 - World History From my Perspective


This is a long thread. If you are not prepared to read, do not read further. Or read in pieces. I don't really care what you do. :p

A player that had retired from tribalwars a few months earlier is convinced by an old friend to play just one more world – give things one last dance. Just for the lulz. Such a small and common episode, and yet this one time it probably played one of the biggest roles in making world 55 happen exactly the way that it did. This is a story of world 55’s history from my perspective. It will only contain information on events that I was involved in or had knowledge of. And it won’t contain all of them, as this is already going to be way too long as it is without including everything. It is the story of the tribe that won this world.

World 55 opened on January 27, 2011. The –Noir. Account was created specifically for world 55 and joined on January 28[SUP]th[/SUP]. Our first village wound up in K34. We did not see any tribes that particularly interesting to us, and were planning to solo for a while. Later that day, I saw a post from a player I’m good friends on these external forums and asked where he was playing. It turns out he was on an account called Underwater. On January 29[SUP]th[/SUP], Underwater. formed a tribe called 4ZL? as a tribe to solo in and screw around in, since he found none of the tribes in his area in k66 appealing to join (there was even a tribe called Fray!). He invited myself, and VPCRR, who was in k43 and also friends with him, to join and mess around. Three players, three continents. None of us felt like restarting to be closer to the others, so that is what we had. It was not meant to be a serious long-term tribe. Over the next few days, our membership gradually went up as players that we knew started appearing and getting in contact with us. This was by no means a premade, people were scattered all over without any logic. But we invited people regardless of location – the point of the tribe was, as the name entailed, the lulz. People were meant to have fun and play as they liked.

4ZL wasted no time in having fun and making a storm in the public forums. When a bunch of players tried to gangbang Underwater, all by his lonesome in K66, we found that militia were actually very broken units and easily abused by players that know what they’re doing even though they’re meant to be a failsafe to help players that are new. In a public declaration of amusement, Underwater easily hit rank 1 ODD using nothing but militia to clear several players. If one looks at the earliest posts in the top 20 players thread, 4ZL? had two of the top 6 players already. I guess this gave us some sort of ‘elite’ look, having almost no members but multiple top 10 players, because we started getting a lot of recruitment requests even though we weren’t anywhere close to the top 20 tribes in terms of size. People only got in if they were up for the challenge and had a good sense of humor. Our recruiting was not elitist, since that wasn’t the kind of tribe we were building. Although we were still very spread out, we started making a solid core in southeast k34 and eastern k44. As we started to grow a bit more, we began to become a topic of discussion in several forum threads. Would we stay or would we go? What was our purpose? Everyone wanted to know.

By late February, nobles were starting to come out in force. This led to the first serious conflict of the world for 4ZL? We began to make coordinated efforts at area, which was determined to be the primary threat in k34. The first few waves took out a few players with success while they were still on the single village stage. This required co-trains and the k34/k44 core of –Noir., One Last Dance, and players8 to chip away at area influence near us. This wound up taking out several players that would ultimately be in 4ZL later on down the road, but it also might have been the most competitive fight of the world for us (I don’t say that lightly, either, sorry people we fought later on.) Early game there is little margin for error in any operation and setbacks can destroy accounts completely. It was a battle between two groups of equally skilled players, but we had the advantage of hitting nobles first.

In late February, however, we had a few of our isolated players start getting rimmed. Some of these died from poor tactics (pure O, agitating the wrong crowd, knowing they were too far to get support), others just had bad luck. This group included one of the original 3 members, VPCRR, all by his lonesome in K43. He was tricked by Evil-Git while they were coordinating together to take out a player, and nobled out by Zip. Nobody was close enough to support him. It was sad seeing people get taken out, but this was a reality of our spread. There were very few areas where we had enough people to support each other on a large scale.

In early march, Underwater left the tribe for Fray, hoping they would be able to help him out in operations going on against him in his isolated area. He said he would be back, but he never returned. At that point I was no longer a co-leader, but the lone leader of 4ZL?.

When many area players reached the multi-village stage in mid-march a counter-operation ensured and was the first major threat to the tribe’s strength. It also provided our tribe a great opportunity to show what we were capable of. The conclusion of this counter-operation set the tone of what would guide the tribe for quite a while. Even with our spread, with these players, teamwork will lead to success. Pulled from the archives of 4ZL:

Hey guys ;)

area launched an OP on those of us in K34 last night. We only had 8 hours to react to any of it and teamwork made an outstanding defense possible. Everyone in the tribe between the 300 and 200 Y coords had something to do with this success. This is the kind of teamwork that will sustain this tribe.

This is what happens when you give us 8 hours... ;)

Attacker: OperaGhost
Origin: 527002-Quarm (424|354) K34

Quantity: 0 0 4437 0 2531 0 250 21 0 0
Losses: 0 0 4437 0 2531 0 250 21 0 0

Defender: One Last Dance
Destination: Legend (439|359) K34

Quantity: 11273 517 6 127 3 3534 0 593 3 0 0
Losses: 1434 66 1 16 0 450 0 75 0 0 0

Damage by rams: The wall has been damaged and downgraded from level 15 to level 13

Multiple villages were stacked this big. The guy that was scouting around for a target and ditched the landing time was afraid to launch at anything but one he already knew was empty. And why was it empty?

013 Cajun Chicken (432|389) K34 3,447 krle [area] krle [area] 2011-03-15 08:13:57
013 Cajun Chicken (432|389) K34 3,447 krle [area] krle [area] 2011-03-15 08:13:56
013 Cajun Chicken (432|389) K34 3,447 FireRamenDrillNoodles? [4ZL?] krle [area] 2011-03-15 08:13:56

But how did he overnoble if his nuke took it first you ask? Well the team decided to time an attack right between his first and second nobles, so it looked like this:

Attacker: -Noir.
Origin: Golden Darkness (456|387) K34

Quantity: 0 0 0 10 1600 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 0 0 0 0 1061 0 0 0 0 0

Defender: krle
Destination: Chicken (432|389) K34

Quantity: 0 0 5381 0 1564 149 269 100 1 0 0
Losses: 0 0 5381 0 1564 149 269 100 1 0 0

Nothing like a dead nuke and 3 wasted nobles that you can't even get back cheaply :O They later took this village that had pretty much no troops of its own in the first place since it was brand new, at the overall packet cost of 4 nobles and a full nuke without even harming our turtled up defenses ;)

jjbmma contributed by sending some support and making our local Ds more flexible.

Trollologist contributed to this by letting us get another bonfire in the area.

Outstanding work to all involved, let's keep it up :)

It is this type of teamwork that would need to keep happening if the tribe was going to go anywhere long term. This skirmish continued only for a little bit longer, however. In the midst of another OP we were launching, we heard news that Motive had betrayed their alliance with area (ironically, led by the same person that betrayed VPCRR, Evil-Git). Zen. informed me of this and wanted to know if an NAP was possible so that they could deal with it. The OP in progress continued as it was planned, but area managed to successfully defend every target. Following that operation, a ceasefire began and an NAP between area and 4ZL? was formed. This was the first major diplomatic step towards the ultimate fruition of what our tribe became.

By this point we had recruited a player on the western rim (DoIKnowYou?). The isolated players in the south were mostly gone by this point, either quitting or joining Fray. As such, it made it the best course of action to expand westward to meet them and finally have one big cluster, the strategic advantage that our tribe had long been lacking.

As we were planning to move on, we were approached with an offer for recruiting many of the players from Man Up! which was based primarily in k45/k46. We had no interest in expanding east as a tribe at that time, so merging was a better option than being friendly, especially since we still had well under 40 members. We accepted these players and finally had some more presence around the k44 players. These players would contribute a lot to our tribe over time, unfortunately the only ones that made it to the end of the world was SleeplessAce.

At the end of March, we made one final recruitment binge. Several members from [R] (who had broken away and formed CARN) joined us on March 29[SUP]th[/SUP] and some k45 players unhappy with the tyranny within Dirty approached us and were also brought in on April 1[SUP]st[/SUP]. One might say “holy crap, that’s a lot of merging”, but all of this recruitment clocked us in at 39 members. Still less than 40 that TW uses for tribe ranks and less than almost every other tribe in the top 20. It was at this point that we really had the ‘core’ membership that would be 4ZL? for the rest of the way. After this, people asking for invites as individuals had very little chance of getting in.

In the face of all of these new members, I decided to put the tribe rules into words. These words have always been the guiding principle to what was going on inside our tribe from start to finish.

Hey guys :3

It's been pretty much unspoken rules for a while but with our numbers swelling a bit I just want to get it down in writing somewhere for reference.

1) The goal of this tribe is fun first and foremost. I'm open to any and all suggestions about making this more fun than it already is, though just the community in itself is what makes it fun for me =)

2) This tribe is a community! Not just a community, but I look at everyone here as family and treat you as such. Nobody here is more important than anyone else, myself included in that (but you all mean the world!). I might have a hand on the steering wheel but I'm the same as everyone else here at the end of the day :) I expect you guys to treat your tribemates with the respect and love they deserve.

3) Everybody that is here can hold their own, but I would never ask anyone in this tribe to fight alone. We are a team, work with people as often as possible, not just when you need support. You'll see how much easier and enjoyable things get :)

4) If you are here, I trust you and will put pretty much anything on the line for you if it comes down to it. And there is no middle road with trust. Don't break it.

5) Internal bickering is the one thing I don't tolerate. If you have an issue with another member for whatever reason, just talk it over like adults. If you need more people involved to help resolve it, that's ok. But don't act like children and dramaqueens, please. That is my one pet peeve.

6) Everything is done for the lulz. Everything. Just have fun guys! it's a game!

7) All of the above should apply to situations involving people in allied tribes as well. We're all on the same team.

Once again I'm glad you're all here and proud to call you tribemates :) Let's keep this tribe as awesome and thriving as it's been from the start of the world.

Ah, but let’s take a step back for a moment. Near the end of march, we began our operations to take over k44 in earnest. We declared war on the black rose family, which was the dominant tribe at the time. This tribe was lead by people who had won w27 and had many members of the tribe that one w27 (the others were in RP, which had a falling out with them over diplomatic hypocrisies and the like). It was a real test that could involve even more of our members, and start building a foothold in a K we did not dominate. The first OP went as well as we could hope, quickly taking 14 villages and having several people abandon the tribe. The leader of Black mailed me asking for a merge, wanting to abandon the academy, and such nonsense. The answer was a resounding ‘no’. The processions of this mail created the foundations of the first PnP thread I posted on this world as a public declaration of war. We rarely declared, despite having conflicts with tons of tribes. We only declared at important moments. 3 days into aggression we were already up 29 villages to 0 on the war score. They finally launched back and threw the entire kitchen sink trying their best to do something. Thanks to spectacular communication and overwhelming tribal response for supporting each other, after Black’s first OP, we had 4 of the top 15 players on the ODD rankings and a war score of 42-1. Everyone was helping with support. Everyone in the area was helping noble. It was a beautiful thing to see, the tribe starting to click. Although none of them lived to see the end of the world, I would extend a special thank you to FireRamenDrillNoodles?, m-azad, Irishmetal, and Lochem18 for their ability to stand tall, help everyone support in the best way, and ultimately be key in making Black collapse with their offensive efforts. Black did not last long. By April 5[SUP]th[/SUP], they were a tribe of the past. We took in a few of their players to solidify K44, and turned our heads towards the next goal. This wasn’t the only place teamwork was being shown though. At the same time the black war was going on, DANGER tried to gangbang LadyAndJuicy, who was isolated in K64. The teamwork and great individual defending also helped them triumph. Things were starting to look powerful indeed.

On April 14[SUP]th[/SUP], we made the next major move that would solidify the future course of our tribe. After extensive talks with NiZell an alliance was formed between our two tribes. The terms of the alliance were pretty straightforward, but the productive sort that allows for a strong long-term alliance. Neither tribe was to move into the other’s own existing territory. The tribes would help each other if a massive threat manifested itself. And, though kept between myself and NiZell, at some point down the line the two tribes would merge. It is somewhat funny that nobody ever seemed to know the relations between our tribes, as many times throughout the world we would get messages from tribes planning to hit us to help them take out the other. But it was all for the best. NyX could expand where it wanted to knowing its southern border would always be safe. 4ZL? had the same knowledge that they would not have to worry about a gang-bang from the north. Without the stability of this alliance, the path to where our tribe got would not have been so clear, or simple.

Only a week later, we continued our war-faring push to the west, declaring war on Motive. Motive was a top 5 tribe and had complete dominance of k43. We went right for the jugular, attacking their highest ranked player (W55 Noob) and giving him over 2000 incomings within 20 minutes of the declaration. It was pretty clear from the get-go, but 4ZL? had the advantage in this fight. 3 weeks into the war we had already had solidified an 86-14 lead, and during that timeframe while our tribe had taken 850 villages, Motive had only mustered 192. Their growth was seriously stunted by this battle, ours was not. This was also the first conflict where we had a mutual target with our NAP area, whom had been fighting motive since the betrayal that lead to the formation of the NAP in the first place. Both tribes were performing well, and motive was clearly overwhelmed. By mid-may Motive disbanded and was, yet another tribe had collapsed under the weight of war. However, we were quickly pulled right into another conflict as Fremen insisted on recruiting Motive leftovers.

Ah, but you guys must be bored about hearing only what we were doing, so I’ll let you in on some stuff that I knew at the time, but we had no hand (or troop) in, so to speak. Fray was starting its war-but-not-really-warring in earnest, and it wasn’t long before little birdies in PMS informed me of certain actions that Fray was constantly seeking backing from PMS for ‘in case we really piss off 4ZL’ before doing things that, as a matter of fact, upset a large proportion of our tribe. Not really the kind of stuff one looks for in tribes you have diplomacy with. Between that and talking down to some tribes trying to convince them to merge, Fray actually propelled to us a very valuable set of players. AxP was the name of this tribe, a small one based in K63. Several of them had worked together with our members in the south, such as Kangaskhan, so I had been in a few conversations with them. It turns out that in trying to bully them into merging, Fray had also been doing it with the intent of making things go bad for us in spite of their diplomacy with us. They did not take kindly to this brazen dishonor that the leader of Fray was more than happy to display, and ultimately ended up merging with us in early June. Of the 8 that came over, 3 of them made it all the way to the end of the world. They have been some of the strongest and most loyal players I have ever encountered, and I was happy to be able to fight with them. Right around the same time, PMS was also fed up with Fray’s shenanigans and declared war on them. The world was finally heating up, and Fray’s constant disregard for honor was beginning to catch up with them.

Around the same time, our NAP with RP was beginning to dissolve with them making quite a few diplomatic mistakes and generally getting out of hand. A few players joined us, and the remaining began to attack us, forcing a conflict. The ones that did join, many were strong and loyal players that made it all the way to the end. For the next few weeks we cleaned up the remaining RP remnants and finally had complete control of K44 and an increasingly high percentage of k43. It was time to make our next step westward.

At this time there was a big alliance forming. The two major tribes remaining out west, Reboot and Horde, had formed a pact to back each other up if either wound up warring our tribe. Tampara and myself got into some heated mails and like many wars in TW’s past, gigantic egos make it particularly easy to dislike someone and start a war with them. As summer came with earnest at the closure of June, things heated up. With area jointly involved, we declared war on Horde and hit them hard. There was no public forum declaration, but it was a major enough conflict that it deserves mention in this post. However, it was a relatively one-sided conflict. According to the in-game stats, by the time Horde disbanded in October, we had nobled 402 villages from them. Many more were taken from players that were kicked from their tribe. It was another relatively one-sided conflict. Fighting this war together, it was the second war that 4ZL? and area had fought together since making a ceasefire several months earlier. It was the coordination in this conflict that led to the NAP being upgraded to an alliance. Similar to the NyX alliance, Zen. and I agreed that the tribes would merge somewhere down the road when it was tactically appropriate. Merging too soon would make us seem like a big threat and likely invite a gangbang. It is worth noting that NO members of horde were recruited into our tribe.

On July 6[SUP]th[/SUP], a very expected move happened. For the first (and only) time in the world, a major tribe declared war on our tribe. Reboot declared that we needed to get the boot for attacking their allies in Horde and launched on us in earnest. They did manage to do a nice bit of damage to Mode23 at first, but their fortune was reversed almost immediately. A counter-operation launched right away and reboot never had the lead in stats even for a single day. They were a resilient tribe, but disbanded by September. The war score ingame (not counting dismissed people) was 724-72. We continued nobling all of their territory. NO members of reboot were recruited into our tribe.

Well, you’re probably bored of hearing of dominance again, so let’s go back to foreign drama. Although PMS ultimately collapsed against Fray because of inactive leadership, very few of the players that Fray recruited actually had any stomach to join Fray. They knew this was a problem. They asked me if they could join 4ZL, but unlike Fray’s leadership I don’t have it in me to blatantly disrespect diplomacy like that, so I told them they would have to wait. This led to several new members of fray becoming my informants, providing me endless streams of invaluable entertainment of all of the shenanigans going on within Fray, and getting to hear what Fray’s leadership thought when I wasn’t the one being spoken to. While we continued pushing west without abandon, Fray was basically stalemating in the eastern rim. The internal conditions were not good. They were not working together. 5 separate factions within Fray, including one led by the leader of Fray herself, all approached us hoping to try to get away from Fray and into 4ZL? All 5 were declined.

In late august, Fray collapsed when a disagreement in leadership led to Davy Crockett booting a very large portion of the tribe. Fray quickly reformed into ‘Temp’, (it never got a real name) declaring the remnants of Fray their enemies and swearing vengeance. At the same time as this, my long-befriended informants formed BAWLZ, quite happy to be away from the misery that was Fray. We immediately allied them, and there was again an agreement that they would eventually join us (although at the time, they were only 2 members). Temp leadership wanted diplomacy with my tribe, but our diplomacy was with Fray, not Temp. And very many of my tribemates were unhappy with the way Fray had treated our diplomacy over the preceding months. I was unhappy with the things I saw and heard from PMS and AxP and the like. I gave Artemis the opportunity to answer for these problems, but the answers were not even close to satisfactory. There would be no diplomacy to bail out Temp any longer. It wasn’t long before they recruited the people that were still in Fray that they had branded as traitors and deadweight (aside from Davy Crockett). As Temp was continued to be denied diplomacy, they continued to do increasingly stupid things. One of these was recruiting a player in k51 that was reboot AFTER I publically declared all reboot players refugees in response to their first recruitment of reboot. It was the final straw that dug their grave to its deepest point. After Temp continued to fail to exact their vengeance upon Davy for a prolonged period of time, we recruited him as soon as war broke out.

That war was supposed to be the biggest war in the world. Rank 1 vs. Rank 2. Good players against good players. But it was instead possibly the biggest let-down of a war in the history of not just world 55, but TW in general. Fray, whom had spent months talking themselves up on the forums, collapsed within 6 hours of the declaration. The leader, rather than fighting, wished for my death (in reality, supposedly she wanted me to be hit by a bus) and after cursing out Cheshire with language that would make a sailor blush declared that she would rim every 4ZL member she ever encountered….on future worlds. She wasn’t going to fight here. There was no fight. The war was over before our first OP landed. Many players that were supposedly good deleted without putting up a fight, fleeing from high incoming counters. Within 3 weeks we had taken over 1000 villages of territory from Temp. They had managed 3 caps on us in those 3 weeks. 3 caps. Many of their highest ranked players deleted their accounts. It was a disappointment.

With Temp gone, it seemed to be the best time to make strides towards endgame. As October began, the first of our endgame merges was executed as our longtime collaborators in area made the move over the 4ZL? It was at this time that we changed the tag and the name of our tribe, to A-4ZL! After this merge happened, we continued our mop-up of the western rim taking former Reboot and Horde territory. Finally the vision of one large cluster where nobody was isolated had been achieved, and we were in the strongest position to win the world. We had a rim for a backline, and could continue our business. We continued cleaning up the remnants of Temp in earnest.

As 2011 started coming to a close, the last major war began. We started attacking INNOV. It was not as big of a disappointment as the Fray war, but we quickly jumped to a huge lead in the stats that would never be relinquished. The conflict moved on for over a month before we actually declared war in game. There was not a single 24 hour period in this war where INNOV had an advantage in caps on us.

From our war archives:
DetailsAlly Area For Ze Lulz!
-Nyx- (disbanded)
Proclaim Nub Status (disbanded)
Enemy INNOVATION (disbanded)
Here we go again (disbanded)
Alexander the Great (disbanded)
Mine (disbanded)
Title Misguided Creativity
Start on 29.01. at 16:34:23
End on 25.10. at 19:40:23
Duration 270 days 2:06:00
Forum thread
Explanation For ze stats!

Side 1:
Tribes: A-4ZL!
Side 2:
Tribes: INNOV
Players: nimrod maximus

Timeframe: 06/12/2011 00:00:00 to 29/01/2012 17:19:17

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 496
Side 2: 57
Difference: 439

Have fun.

Rank Name Conquered villages Lost villages Defeated opponents while attacking Defeated opponents while defending
1 Ally 5.240 361 1.057.468.276 527.063.755
2 Enemy 361 5.240 270.839.115 1.531.850.397

That was the final war, as it was. Many players deleted, but the sides were set. As the war continued, we completed our endgame merge promises with first NyX in April, and then BAWLZ over a period of time between July and August. At that point, everyone knew what was going to happen.

That is not to say that INNOV was a pushover. Wozzicus and the team defense surrounding him was the most resilient target ever to fight our tribe. If there is any enemy player that deserved to make it to the ending, it was probably him. But he did not make it. When wozzicus fell, INNOV quickly began deteriorating and it was much easier to push the front. Nobody in INNOV had a chance at the endgame. It was our policy not to recruit from enemies in any notable quantity and that is exactly what we did. The final war was no exception.

After the fall of INNOV, the vote came up for how to finish the world – set dates or 100% dominance. Although most of the tribe seemed to want a set date, it turns out 100% was the vote winner. Thankfully, when that vote happened, morale was immediately dropped, restarts were turned off, and nobles were made even cheaper. We began the final pushes. And here we are today. The world is 3 days shy of its 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] birthday, and A-4ZL! has managed to hit 100%. Conveniently close to the middle of the dates voted for (January 6[SUP]th[/SUP] and February 6[SUP]th[/SUP])

To this all I can only say, I am proud to have gotten the chance to lead this tribe. I am proud of what they have accomplished and I am proud to say everyone that was in this tribe was a tribemate of mine. We took the philosophies of teamwork and fun and pushed them to get something special winning this world. Good work by all of you. There was some craziness going on over the last few weeks, but just like the family community we’ve always been, differences were sorted and we worked through them all. Now we can say good night to this world. Never forget….

It was all for ze lulz.

Whowantstobemyfarm – Dunn/Nicole/Justin, you three always worked so hard for the betterment of the tribe, and were following the war fronts all the way to the very end. On top of fighting, you were there to help organize things too. You earned and deserve the top spot of the world.

Incomings – Lat/Ruby you guys were always more than willing to do what was needed to help the tribe, and kept the diplomacy that NiZell and I created strong long after he was gone. Without that, things might not have gone so smoothly.

A1bonner – I know you were at the center of a bunch of drama at the end of the world, but you were a good soldier when we needed you and did a ton to beat down INNOV.

DoIKnowYou? – When we first talked, you two never expected to actually get in, but you did. You proceeded to be a great tribemate and always a level voice in our forums.

Saint311 – You were always a major force down in the southwest and were a huge contributor in getting the 100% condition wrapped up as fast as we did. Despite what you may think, I’ve always been happy to have you in the tribe.

Marian74 – The beast of the northwest, was a monster in picking apart our opposition in that region. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Uzak – You were one of the few that managed to get in our tribe that were ever part of Fray, but you’ve always been a loyal tribemate and were ever-reliable as time passed. It was not a mistake to let you join. Taking over K65 with you was fun :3

Rufio888 – It was your first world, but you were willing to learn and have always been tribe-first from the minute you got here. Nuke, nuke, nuke, there were never enough for you. You did a great job.

Abductor – Despite what happened in the last few days of the world, you did a lot of work for the tribe and were a reliable force up in the northeast.

Reveille7a – I am never going to forget those long days in our little BAWLZ + Noir chatroom haha. You’ve always been a joy to talk to and a great player down south. You deserve this win as much as anyone.

Lthiker – You were always going above and beyond with sits and coordination the whole way, but even moreso during the final few months in this world. The lulz is forever in your debt for that. Thank you.

GypseyGirl – Yet another player whom was ever reliable. I greatly enjoyed our talks and your work in securing the core and beyond will never be forgotten.

Toby7304 – When I think ‘involved’ you’re one of the first people that comes to mind. You’re absolutely everywhere. You chased every warfront and fought right until the end. You should be proud of it.

Ducphu – Many people doubted you were a wise recruitment decision when I first brought you in, but you did not disappoint. Nice job staying until the end.

Gromleg-I – We had arguments in the past even in the public forums, but you’re a great guy and a strong player. You are one of the few players that spent a significant amount of time as an enemy to the tribe but gained my respect. Well played.

We3noobs – although you left a long time ago, we would not have done so well taking over the western rim so quickly without your efforts.

Aliss99 – Whether it was .7., INNOV, or world cleanup, you were always doing something positive while you were here.

Mattahari – Carol (hug) You have always been an amazing helper and I’m so glad you made it to the end with us and fought all the way.

Jedi Obi Wan – It’s kind of funny that I helped rim you early in the game, but I’m glad I got to play with you on my side as well. You and electroe both did a lot from the moment you got here.

*Meh* - Having such a strong player on the rim made life so easy when we were taking on ReBoot. You cleaned that place up like it wasn’t anybody’s business and kept cleaning right until the final stages.

Tootejuht – “Show me the target” Nothing else need be said haha.

Rabidwolff – Your nobling record says it all. You did a lot and it paid off for the tribe.

Chief Wiggum – You were always another voice of reason in the council. I am also indebted to you for giving us so much information about Fray’s dishonorable intentions. I hope that in your time with the tribe I was a leader worthy of you.

Ollie. – Like Jedi, it’s kind of funny that you’re here considering you were the second person that I nobled on this world. But you were one of the best tribemates I could have asked for and I wish you could’ve been around more to see the end.

Mikestuntz – Like toby, who joined our tribe when you did, you chased the war fronts around the world and did everything you could right until the end. Be proud of it.

Krle – You did a ton of work in securing the northwest and also provided a great opponent when we clashed early on in the world. I’m glad you’ve made it this far.

Czucza – You’re like toot and rufio with those nukes, haha. They don’t call you a devil for nothing.

Xmaliber – Snapping turtle is indeed a fitting title for you. Always reliable right until the end.

Nanness – You were pretty quiet in the earlier months but you always provided support everywhere it was needed and played a huge role in making the tribe succeed.

-Noir. – Furball.

gl17 – Poor .7., having to deal with you hahaha. You’ve done an excellent job.

Yuki. – The most epic of all turtles, and a bottomless well of support when it was needed.

Phalloz – You did a great job cleaning up all over the south.

Meganluvsme – You fought hard at one time when you weren’t a member of our tribe and proved your mettle. You never disappointed from the moment you joined.

Butcher of Brisbane – Butcher you’ve done so much for organizing from the moment you’ve joined, you’ve been an immense help.

Ming Emperor – Yet another world win for you, eh? :p

BellTasty – Great job on helping clean up ALF

Raycarla – In taking out 30 STM and EDWR in the north, you did a great job.

Maximus PL – What wozzicus was to INNOV, I feel like you were to us. They tried to take you out many times and they never succeeded. Well played.

Tsunade24 – You tore up .7. until they had nothing left. Tenacious effort and well done.

OLD-GOND – Gondie shouldn’t have gone inactive :x You beasted up the east when you were motivated though.

Hale Storm – After a modest start in the core, you were a huge force in the south as time went on and could always be counted on for support.

Slavi2010 – You chased conflict all over the map and were always a big help with support.

Auris – Your efforts were huge in locking down the southwest, especially during cleanup when fewer and fewer people were motivated.

Radical Tremors – No matter what the situation was, you were always ready to pitch in and get involved. You made the war fronts you were fighting on so much easier.

NiZell – Although the original NiZell was unable to see his vision come to pass, the replacement players made him proud.

KingArthur08 – You fought hard until the end all over the map and never let .7. rest

Paulyboy29 – You kept pushing east hard as the INNOV war progressed and were always one of the first to send and pledge support when people needed it down there.

S7528965J – Despite the stupidity of letting an INNOV-sympathizer coplay you for a day and as a result getting yourself banned, you’ve been here forever and worked hard.

Sabazi0s – I remember fighting this account early on and had a lot of fun. Even when the northwest was pretty well in hand you continued to fight INNOV and friends in k37.

Dan138 – Although you stopped expanding a while ago, you stayed around to help with support and the like, even though you didn’t have to.

Vanljk – After the west was won, you moved to the east and kept on fighting. You were a big help on INNOV and friends over there.

Rechinaulbastru – Much of the victory in K12 belongs to you, good job.

PR ONE – Although some were hesitant to welcome you, given that your main connection that got you in was being Yuki’s PA, you wasted no time in getting to work and getting involved when you joined.

Hamish83 – Despite not being the fastest grower, you were here for so long and always contributed whenever and wherever you could, to the best of your abilities. Few were as reliable and consistent in their effort as you.

Peaches4free – You jumped all the way from the northeast to the deep south to get involved against INNOV and friends, and it paid off.

Sdr113 – Oh, you and your humor haha. .7. never had a chance.

MikeMajernik – I’m not sure where you disappeared to down the line, but you were always selfless when you were active.

Merrypotter – The longest distance noble in the history of w55. Good work :p

Zen. – What 4ZL? became was a product of our mutual vision and your honor. I’m glad I was able to consider you co-duke of the tribe.

One Last Dance – Ah, when chefo and co. quit this account I was sad. Thankfully the most trustworthy player I know was able to pick it up and play it until the end. You earned the win, swiper.

Luis Mourao – You held your area down well and didn’t let INNOV try backline shenanigans in the north.

1Smilined – The third person I nobled on the world. You did a great job bouncing back and ultimately making it to the end.

OldODLovers – Silent supporter.

King hanaan – Despite your size, you gave your enemies fits.

SleeplessAce2540 – The last one standing from Man Up! You haven’t nobled in forever but you never let anybody move into your territory and take you out, even when they thought you were an easy target.

Tellwright – You had left us once to deal with life. We brought you back when your account was so small, but you still fought until the end. I’m glad you had the opportunity to come back and earn the win with us.

This is A-4ZL! This is why we won. Everyone in the tribe contributed. These people made the tribe what it was, the community that it was, the force that it was. They have all earned this win, just as much as anyone who has ever won a world. It was done at their own pace on their own terms.

This tribe has always been the greatest I’ve ever played in, and the one I had the most fun leading, out of any group of players I’ve dealt with. I’m very happy that the world turned out as it did. I regret nothing. All of you are the best.

Special thanks to those that did not make it to the end:
Advice Dog – You were the first mascot of 4ZL?

as well as...
[spoil]Underwater. – If you had not formed this solo tribe and invited me here, I would not have joined it, which means I would not have led this tribe, which means I probably would not have led any tribe, which most certainly would have drastically altered the way this world went down.

VPCRR – For encouraging me to remain on this world even after you were gone.

m-azad – If there was any one player that ever fully embodied what our tribe was about, it was you. I wish you could have been here to win it with us.

FireRamenDrillNoodles? – For being the lifeblood of the k34 group when you were around and active.

Lochem18 – Like FRDN, the lifeblood of k44 when you were still around, during the time when the tribe had the highest probability of dying.

Disarm Yourself – The biggest force in the east for the longest time, I don’t know why you disappeared, but the eastern front would not have been nearly as strong and secure while we were expanding west without you there.

Kangaskhan – Always a valuable opinion in the council and one of the best players to ever play the game.

Rattlerfc78 – One of perhaps the most reliable players I’ve ever dealt with. Unfortunately you disappeared after you merged with -=X=- :/

Davy Crockett – This picture says it all…


Now the lights are off. My rant is over. This world is over. There is nothing else I have to say, nor anything else we need to do. Just remember why we did it…



It was an enjoyable ride. Unfortunately my attention span means I never made it to the end but I enjoyed my time in area and A-4ZL?. Despite being continually dismissed as lucky escapees and 4ZL?'s puppets I'm incredibly proud of what we managed to do at area. I'd certainly be up for doing that again. :icon_wink:

Was a pleasure working with (and re-working with in the case of the old W9 boys and gal) all of you, glad you rounded off the world in style.


Great post Noir. Great historical account. It really brought back some memories. I could see in the fray section that you still get a little mad thinking about them. lol.

Noir, your leadership in and outside of your tribe has been nearly perfect. As an ally, you were always interested in the mutual benefit of both tribes. The culture you fostered in your tribe made it easy for -Nyx- (not NyX lol) and 4ZL to share a border, with virtually no conflict, and even good feelings. Contrasting with the leadership I did in drama-laden W3, you were always a downright pleasure to deal with diplomatically. In a non diplomatic sense, I have always found you to be quite enjoyable to talk to as well, even if you probably think I'm just a pain-in-the-ass forum troll half of the time ;)

Noir made me feel like offering a few public shout outs of my own. These people really made the difference for me. I became rank 2 in the world instead of being some back-from-a-long-break washout because of these people.


Ruby, my beloved co - You are obviously the most important person I have ever played with. We learned a lot about the game together, we fought hard together. You are the greatest person I have ever had the pleasure to play with, and I am extremely happy to have met you. I would have quit a long time ago if I weren't playing with you. You made the game fun. Your advice about girls was pretty helpful too :p

meganluvsme - I would have fizzled out early on if it weren't for you. W55 was the first world I played for real since I quit W3. You showed me all of the new features and technology and techniques to get me on my way. Our battles to save me from being rimmed was some of the most fun I had in the game. Our friendship is also the only reason I restarted after (lol) 4ZL rimmed me. That eventually lead you helping me to joining Nyx, merging with ruby, leading nyx, then finally being a part of the winning tribe that rimmed me in the first place. Nice to know I wasn't rimmed by scrubs lol.

GONDY - I never liked you. You suck. :p Not like you will read this anyway, but our late nights plotting and planning was always fun, not to mention our co-playing in w59 and constant operations together. I always appreciated that you had the balls to go with my plan to declare on -E-, ~7~ and Chess at the same time.

Devil, gl17, tsunade - You were always some of the most reliable players I've played with. You guys were always ready to help. Ruby and I would not have gotten nearly as far as we did without your reliable fighting prowess, and your quick support of our ninja caps.


This world has been a pleasure. 4ZL sets the example of how to perfectly balance diplomacy and war to win the world.
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Hey noir.

Nice read, revived some nice memories :).

I will start by appologising to you and all the tribe for my inactivity soon after we merged. It was a cumul of factors but i saw that with or without me things were going great anyway.,..but i always kept a close look on what was going on, if ever my presence had been required i would have been there.

This beeing said...I will add only some short things on your story. Area was made from a group of few friends, good players, who were coming from an older world where we lost the final battle. Morale was pretty low and I felt my responsability as their duke there to try and lead them to a well deserved victory on another world. That's how w55 started. We were doing good and we saw early that 4zl will be our true issue in our area. We had a very restrictive recruitment policy so we remained just a few players, i dont know if we ever got past 20 members, but still we managed to go up to 3th place before the merge. The best war was with 4ZL!, it was a team effort and that war probably sealed our future relations with 4ZL!. I knew from that moment that if I want my members to be on the winning side I need to be on the same side as 4ZL! I worked on this, starting with diplomacy..I have found a very nice person in Noir, easy to talk with, with clear intentions and true to her word. (hopefully she saw the same...otherwise i woulnt be here to tell :D ).
We layed out plans for the future, each tribe with thier own agenda until tactical situation will allow us to merge. And let me say this..after the merge my members started to mutter that we shouldnt merged..that things are too boring, that no real war is left :D..but in time they found other goals to achieve - and we worked togheter to the final victory.

I was a co-duke just in title, i practically did nothing here after the merge (a good deserved relaxing job after the last world :D ). everything is Noir work. :).

thank you for leading us to the victory. maybe you want to come on the next world...even as coplayer :p..i know i could use one :p

I would name some players too fopr their merits..but It would not be fair since I really know only my area members well. Thier are great friends and I love playing with them. Life is not easy on us but I cannot simply disconnect from here. so...TO THE NEXT WAR ! :)
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Brilliant read Noir.

I won't specifically thank people because I feel everyone does deserve thanks no matter how much or little interaction I did have with them. We were all part of a brilliant tribe that stuck together. I think it will be hard for me to join another world as I will always compare it to this tribe and I think nothing will ever be as good.

The few people I do want to mention are the people who taught me the ways of the game. This was my first world and I was a complete noob who didn't know anything about the game. I even remember defending with axes early in the game. These people are:

Upbeatz: who took me into The Unknown and taught me a lot about the game and how it should be played.
-Noir: For taking me in the tribe and teaching me how the enjoy the game and have fun. Always have fun.
Macbeth: For teaching me that nukes are the best for of defense
WWTBMF: For really teaching me how to play, and turning me into the player I am today.
Rabidwolff: For making me laugh through the whole game and reminding me that sometimes defence is necessary.

To everyone else, even my enemies. Thanks. I had fun. I hope to see you all again soon.


Congrats Noir, and to everyone else at 4l?, you deserve it.
The tribe was originally made for shits and giggles, to see it win to win the world is pretty mindblowing. Good luck in your future endeavors


Amazing post Noir. It's too bad this will be your last world :( unless you changed your plans about quitting. As I think this will be my last world for a while (at least until I'm done university). This tribe was the greatest I've ever been in, and you're an amazing leader! I hope to see you in the future leading another tribe! If you do play again. The end of this world will be the end of another chapter in my life (first time winning a world), and it was an amazing one! Btw thanks for the shout out :p



Nice read there Noir

Its great to see that 4zl won this world. I wish i could have had the time to stay around once Riz quit but simply did not have the tw time to juggle this world and world 53. I wish all those in 4zl the best my your days be merry


Ive just ran into this thread, and I must say Im super impressed by the awesome right up. I dont know if anyone will ever read this again though.

But let it be known, -Noir was the glue of the tribe. Everyone loved her (and cheshire too ;)) and I can honestly say she is the best leader I have ever had or will ever have. I would go even further and say that shes in the top 3 of greatest TW leaders ever. Just know Noir, if you ever join another world, count me in, Id love to play with you again and this time Ill finish it :D

Cokie the Clown

wow i miss this world so much noir you are the best duke i've ever had and arguably one of the best dukes in tribal wars all together in my opinion

4zl? was such a great tribe the most fun i've ever had in tribalwars ever and anytime i ever play now 4zl? is the tribe that i compare any tribe that i'm apart of to

if noir you were to ever come back i'd be honored to play alongside you again same with all the other 4zlers everytime i run in to one it brightens my day


wow i miss this world so much noir you are the best duke i've ever had and arguably one of the best dukes in tribal wars all together in my opinion

4zl? was such a great tribe the most fun i've ever had in tribalwars ever and anytime i ever play now 4zl? is the tribe that i compare any tribe that i'm apart of to

if noir you were to ever come back i'd be honored to play alongside you again same with all the other 4zlers everytime i run in to one it brightens my day

I was just thinking about TW days too after running into a TW player on another game.

TW takes up too much time to be top % and I don't like to just make up the numbers, but I do miss days of playing this silly game and smashing through the K's.

4zl was a beast of a tribe!

baz - solo noob of we3noobs :) :axemen: