Group dynamics.

Kustard King

Why did I bother trying to change the World 5 forums, seriously? It was never going to happen :lol:
In the month or so I was banned, we've had more posts during a dead phase in W5 than we've had in over a year. I think that by trying to change everything, I've been the one dragging this forum closer to its extinction.

You all love your flaming and personal insults, and you love your silly, non-sensical rants about the same old topics. Trying to encourage a change to more sensible and intelligent posting styles has only silenced the remaining posters. It's time to accept the changes of the times, and throw in the towel.

I'm retiring from W5 P&P, and will be maintaining residence in Off-Topica. I might post here from time to time, but just random comments here and there. More to the point, I won't be slapping wrists for inappropriate conduct. We have a mod for that. For now.

Yeah, so... Bye guys. It's been fun :)


It's just that there's nothing to talk about anymore on the forums. Pks familied up with Sci to make W5 a gimme win. It's like playing any game with 'god mode' enabled in the cheats.. sure, you can beat the game, but no one wants to tell their friends about it. It's just boring stuff. See ya around kusty:)