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I love those spiderman pictures. They always make me laugh.

My favorite is the one where he's in a car and he's all like "what am I doing?"


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I once used Lord Hellz' signature thing 'I am the all-powerful and extremely good looking Lord Hellz' (or whatever) once and I claimed I produced that sentence on the spot from nowehere. I am ashamed of that moment.


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Function: Noun/Verb
Pronounciation: Ne'c-row-ma'n-cy'
Etymology: Old English
1: The bumping of long dead threads onto the front page. (Necromancy is frowned upon in both real life and in the forum and is usually only used by the most unoriginal or annoying spammers.)

fidel I

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Great guide! This will help me a lot, since I tend to make mistakes, from time to time. You should be given a medal :D


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I wonder how h0llygh0st is doing :-/

Also, awr my poor dead signature what has time done to you? ;-; RIP old buddie.