Guide To Living In Australia

Cpt. Marryat

The first video needs and account, and I'm too lazy for that shit. But it took them 13 seconds in the second video to make a mistake; you don't drink beer from a glass. And 10 seconds later they have some try-hard wog trying to act cool. I expected better from you Mark, but then again you are just a "cool hipster from Melbourne" :icon_razz:


On Australia- I like TopGears review of Holden, except they can't pronounce any of it properly:

Top Gear - Bathurst & Maloo

"Basically it's a place where Holden and Ford fans go to have a massive fist fist, and then in the interval when the paramedics go in, sometimes a car race breaks out" haha.

PS. My god Maloo's are sexy :icon_redface: