Guide To Living In Australia


The first video needs and account, and I'm too lazy for that shit. But it took them 13 seconds in the second video to make a mistake; you don't drink beer from a glass. And 10 seconds later they have some try-hard wog trying to act cool. I expected better from you Mark, but then again you are just a "cool hipster from Melbourne" :icon_razz:


On Australia- I like TopGears review of Holden, except they can't pronounce any of it properly:

Top Gear - Bathurst & Maloo

"Basically it's a place where Holden and Ford fans go to have a massive fist fist, and then in the interval when the paramedics go in, sometimes a car race breaks out" haha.

PS. My god Maloo's are sexy :icon_redface:


Mark - you still alive?