Gunz vs NL

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Hi, we have another alias hoe, I am going to guess as much as you have been influenced by the lies that have been spewed and will leave you to bathe in your own lack of self esteem and hard facts, I was a whole K away from BIB, what the hell was I meant to do? I've send support as requested, I've even send the frigging nukes, cleared the villages, funnily enough none of the tribesmates had taken the village that I was told to nuke.

He lost 6 villages to Gunz and turned tail from NL, cowering behind the whole "I got them back where they were, so I am in the safe" argument, before coming on here, without even posting your real nick under which you've played/playing, you begin to slag me off? 6 villages sure as hell amount to 100k, considering that the villages grow to 16k in the kindergarten version of the TW you seem to play.

I was at ignorant? Oh please grow a bollock and re read your own post, yet another hypocrite, as I said, at least post under your real name to be honest.

Before posting all kinds of drivel please bother reading, the "Barb nobling" bashing was started by him, he was the first to begin the argument and I merely retaliated by calling him hypocrite and providing facts, now unless you have something else "intellectual" to say, please kindly leave the forums and never come back. Kthx.

And the leader himself was dealing with Gosid, after I was made Baron I contacted him personally, as I said before, please do not post unless your IQ is in the double figures or you know the truth for sure, now shoo.

I do not deny that I have a low grasp on politics, seeing as I am just NOT that interested them, however the intellect insult is just an insult in itself, fabricated by your own imagination, seeing as you are unable to do a simple thing such as read a few pages back, if you can go as far without attaining a headache that is. I am willing to bet you're Sarki.

another blah blah blah by proto. Meh proto why cant you accept your noobness I did accept and got and PF award by sarki not its your turn for your basless facts and skills to turn of not answering One question has That great Proto (what you pretend to be) has accepted gunz victory over you (* see my post in which i questioned about why Gunz NAPED with NL now ) and you did nothing in IH VS BIB when i with some more guys were in BIB and we had some god vlalges in k38 so you suck for that matter that you even cant see a map properly proto. Meh and who are you to tell some one not to answer in PF . Proto its not only me saying you'r lies are not up to standard as it used to be and now not only me but many guys are started to say that and thats why when you got in NL only thing to happen was NL went in to gunz . Thats it thats what a council member /co-duke you are :D

The only guys nuke which were coming were from sarki le syd playeer bistiger and more you and shadow sat and nobled teh noobs inactives from brb dont let me open the file . :)
And man you dont know my history.
And yea i even doubt you really are proto because he didnt posted so many post was rally upto the mark and point on a single post or you really are unaware of the things around you ?.


moar whining.
ROFL, you gotta be kidding me! I am Sarki! I take that as an abuse though. You want to know who I am ? I was in BIB in IH vs BIB war and I saw your leet tribe's leetness and 10 seconds trains. When I said that gosid lost 100k points at that time he did, perhaps the low level of intelligence and high level of ignorance in your brain isn't able to grasp it, but meh. 6 were nobled by Gunz other were by Sp/PnP. :lol:
Here is the link --

Got the picture? Go play your Xbox now. :icon_twisted:


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Oh lmao priceless, I nobled the inactives from =Brb= now? Indeed, considering i didn't know 100% of them, I nobled actives most of the part until Shadow went barb and Hells went inactive. Do I brag that I have skill? No I don't, I take note where others seem to lack it.

I am co Duke? Nope. I wanted to become one, Luke decided to proceed with merge, as did the rest of the council. I would have attempted to lead but he did lay out the situation and I have realized just what kind of a pickle you have got the tribe in and then conveniently went mia.

Open the file for all I care, all players were assigned 3 villages to nuke, I nuked my villages, one of them was taken by Master Gray just before the nuke hit, killing his troops in the village, thus resulting in him posting on the forums about it.

Hi, I looked at the map you were the only one close to me in BIB, thanks to your sensai there no one would have participated in the op that would have been set up, so that was a pointless idea to begin with. I could not care less for your history, for all I know it really began after you've quit Ancient.Mariner or w/e and started playing Gosid, conveniently as your ancient was about to be wiped out. I now spew lies? Yet again Gosid, you prove your hypocrisy and lack of understanding of basic English language interpretation.

Moron #2;

gosid lost 100k worth of his villages to Gunz but your ignorance seems to be more domintating in you than your intellectuality.
That's what you said, idiot. Sp/PnP nobled around 5 and Gunz nobled 6. If you would have said that he lost that many villages in general fair enough, but you said Gunz in particular.
When I said that gosid lost 100k points at that time he did, perhaps the low level of intelligence and high level of ignorance in your brain isn't able to grasp it, but meh. 6 were nobled by Gunz other were by Sp/PnP.
Reading before posting, try it.

You make it too easy for me when you contradict yourself.

So who is the mighty smiter behind his little mask? Aren't you going to tell me so I can know which one of the nubbies that were eventually rimmed by the "leet" tribe as you called it. Chances are, I probably don't know you and you are one of them, dumb and mindless followers of Gosids that he seems to attain as he graces us with his godly presence(Seeing as you can't interpret basic English, that was sarcasm.)

And thank you, I will go and play it later.

Do post more, I wish to be entertained by your foolish attempts at making a negative forum image for me.

Hi, gosid call more reinforcements please, these ones seem to be even worse than you are, it's like police officers calling in community officers as support, meanwhile tell that moron to grasp his English in the hands, strangle it, then release it. Apparently that way it is more obedient, thus making his posts more coherent.

Making a new forum account just for me? I am touched.
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You guys are getting a bit out of hand with this arguement. Keep it civil please...

And is this war even going on still? :3
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