Halve the price of coins again!


Here is a petition for the mods to halve the price of coins again. With the world starting to come to a close, there's more barbs and inactives to eat up than normal minting allows. I spoke with one of the mods, and they said they way to get it done is to start a forum post and have people comment on it like a petition.

If we get enough interest, than they'll implement it, like a democracy.

So lets go mods, make those coins cheaper! Many players are out of nobles!

That is all.



More coins pls, gotta have more nobles to kill the enemy faster :D


To elaborate a bit,

there is not many players left in the world and for those of us who are, we want to PLAY not wait for nobles. We are all pretty big now which naturally means a ton of nukes with which we can clear villages and such and then we can noble only a few per day.

The amount of barbs and inactives is not going down fast enough either.

So basically, to keep the fun of the game, please reduce the prices.


No mod comments on this? I would hope someone in charge that could actually make the change is taking notice! We will make this thread another Egypt!